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  • 5 Leather Accessories Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

    Posted on April 25, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    The bags, the leather strap platforms, the wallet and clutches, the ID card and phone cases; keeping up with season’s leather accessories can take as much time as the prêt-a-porter itself. This season is embraced by the designer-savvy and exciting mix of hues for leather accessories. From graphic leather clutches to cute coin purses and more, the season’s trending colors have entered a mint condition of maximalist spirit. We have curated the top 2016 color trends in leather accessories –consider this your spring accessories cheat sheet.
    Floral Pastels

    Call it rose, peach, taffy, punch, or fuchsia –all the shades of neutral to soft pink are totally going to rock spring 2016 trend palette. Pink has been picked as the pastels of flowers in early spring and a proven powerful color in London Fashion Week. From the first day, it ruled all over the ramp with its floral, sweet, neutral and hot shades. The significance of this candy color have been popping up more into its powder versions and brands like Angel Chen, Bora Aksu and Felder gave it connotation in the form of leather accessories.
    Feeling Blue

    Blue is picked as the color of this year. Designers have the icy shades of blue for spring (still inspired from Frozen) to turquoise, teal, and sapphire –the blue lovers will have nearly every shade possible for this color. The vibrant shades practiced at Tracy Reese and Christian Siriano, it’s obvious that blue is big for spring. Yes, the cerulean speech from The Devil Wears Prada has influenced the fashion scene immensely.
    Earth Tones

    Apparently basic but highly functional and trendy –nothing compliments earth-toned better than leather accessories. After all the madness of fashion weeks revealed the collections of New York, London, Milan, and Paris – it was clearly observed that all top designers including Chloe, Valentino, Hermes and Givenchy, practiced their accessories in earth tones. The color ranges from nude, iced coffee and moss to neutral and khaki.
    Lilac Gray

    The spring/summer 2016 color trends are taken as unisex to apprehend the foregoing tech-savvy culture. The color palette has everything in the plate from vivid feminine hues bringing out excitement to neutral and quite tones to stabilize the overall appearance. Lilac gray is trending in spring/ summer fashion scene as it is the color of sophistication and grace.
    The Evergreen White
    White is the true shade for summers and this year it does not gone from fashion scene. A white faux leather clutch, bag or purse will never get out of fashion. It immediately adds grace to any kind of silhouette.

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  • The Stylish Type Of Guy

    Posted on April 21, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    There is a little something oh so special about the stylish type of guy, a little something that makes everybody look twice, even at the details. It’s A-OK by us to be around stylish guys and we have all the goods to go with it at Story Leather. A stylish type of guy can be seen at the coffee shop where he stops in to get a little pick me up before a business meeting, on campus, a driving stroll that happens to catch your eye, and let’s face it those stylish celebrities are hard to miss.


    An accessory that the stylish type of guy can’t miss and has to start with is his phone. A stylish phone case says a lot about you and protects your phone of course, you can choose which reason you care more about, but we are going with style for now. A Story Leather can fit the bill for every type of case you can think of, but these are some of our top choices. The luxury colored leather brown of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case is pretty stellar and all over cover phone case for the iPhone SE is pretty stellar as well. No matter what style you go with, everything can customized to the latest or oldest style.

    If you’re the busy type of a stylish type, we definitely recommend the Black Napa Leather Long Belt Clip Holster Case for Apple iPhone 6s with Black Leather Back Cover. Our Story Leather customers would agree with us since the item since we sold out of it the first time but had to bring it back.

    Another thing that a stylish type can’t miss is his wallet, it’s an every day thing and attention is needed. You will never have to worry about not having options so don’t limit yourself as we are only showing you a few options, but we must say that we very much like the look of a compact sleek and less time consuming wallet that keeps it simple like the Claris Wallet pictured below. You can even add your initials for extra style points. If you’re not exactly liking the Claris Wallet, see how you feel about the Stockton Wallet which has more of classic yet bold look. This wallet has a Coffee Crocodile Pattern We’re going to ahead and settle this with the last essential that needs to be addressed by the stylish type of guy which is his key chain, it can be forgotten but it’s something that we all deal with everyday somehow even if you have a push to start just in case you were making that argument up in your head. One of our favorite choices is the Carlsson Leather Key Fob which perfectly complements your house key or your car key. The pebbled leather is a classic and stylish, it is nicely differentiated by silver metal. Custom made to order handcrafted genuine leather key holder.

    All of our leather goods are hand made and crafted by our team of leather artisans. All leather goods are made one at a time base on your specifications of color, texture and any additional personalization needs which makes the stylish type of guys stand out even a little more. It’s all in the details.


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  • Keep Your Smartphone Safe with White Leather Cases

    Posted on April 15, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Are you one of those people who buy a new smartphone in every six months because of the excess scratches on it? If so then you need a remedy for it. This is not a big deal to as you can always buy a new phone. But is that okay? Are these new smartphones every month worth spending your budget on? You need to stop buying new phones twice annually. Keeping your cell phone in a good condition is what you should focus on instead of thinking of a new one. Of course, in such a busy life that cares about protecting their phone but a white leather case can do this for you.



    A leather case is an ultimate solution for your problem and it protects your smartphones from scratches and acts as a protectant against any water spills too. If you are looking to buy a smartphone leather case then here are the following things you need to consider before you buy one:


    Style and Exclusivity

    You may have seen people carrying amazing smartphone cases and seeing them would definitely make you want to get one too. A better case stands out in the crowd. Doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone, Htc 10, or Samsung Galaxy S7 amd S7 Edge, you can now get a leather case for your smartphones easily. Save your smartphone from scratches and make it live longer.




    Match your leather case with your everyday look. But here’s a tip for you to avoid getting on the issue of color selection. You can always choose the standard white leather case for your smartphone as it can get along with any kind of dress you are about to wear. You won’t have to stress about matching it with anything as it gets along with everything. Imagine a white smartphone with a black case. That is absurd. Better get that white one.

    Functionality and Utility


    The latest smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone SE have got a sensitive signal reception. If after putting on the phone case you encounter signal trouble then it is clear that you have bought the wrong one. The functionality of your smartphone should not be compromised due to some kind of ordinary phone case. If the phone case leads to better functionality then automatically you will get better utility from the smartphone and the case too.




    One more thing you need to check before buying a leather case is that it should be easy to use. In the case of emergencies, nobody likes to unwrap layers and layers of buttons or straps to get to their phone. Instead, everybody prefers instant use. So always buy a leather case that is easy to use.
    With the abundance of smart phone leather cases available in the market, the standard white ones are always the top best in use, appearance and never affect the functionality of the smartphones if you buy quality ones. Choose carefully and live care freely.


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  • 4 Reasons to Buy Long Wallet Made of Exotic Python Leather

    Posted on April 8, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    A huge number of fashion-forwards prefer functionality with every piece they buy. A long leather wallet of course, has the functionality besides its vintage looks and durability. Just as the smart phones’ length is getting bigger, the demand of long leather wallets is getting higher. Besides this basic reason, there are numerous other motives that are making the long leather wallets a huge trend in fashion scene.



    As much as we consider women’s handbags and shoes as the basic leather accessory in the world of high fashion, the usage of exotic leather has been limited to the said fashion accessories. The Story Leather has taken up the exotic leather fashion to another level and created long wallets in python skin for those who like to stay updated and affluence with a bold status symbol.


    The Prime Craftsmanship
    While creating something premium with exotic leather, the expert craftsmanship is mandatory to deal with it. Python hides are quite popular choice for exotic materials for wallets. This exquisite skin is exceptionally soft making it difficult to yield in rectangular shape. To create sophisticated long wallets, the Story Leather experts use their dexterity to set high standards in the fashion industry, creating exclusive styles that emphasize on distinction and quality in fashion accessories.


    The Diamond Python Hides
    At Story Leather, designers use more unique and popular python skins of Southeast Asian python reticulates –these largest python skins are also known as diamond python. It doesn’t require any processing or thinning with tools that are usually required for scaly reptile hides. The end result of the product is nothing but a piece of art all set to fulfill your high fashion needs.


    Luxury and Style
    These long wallets are designed to carry all your basic necessities such as credit cards, bit of cash, business cards, ID cards, smart phone, and compact kit –yes you can carry all of them in a single wallet. Aside of comfort and style, they are also secure and primed for quick access to your cards and phone.


    The Story Leather long wallet is a stylish design that includes horizontal card slots on each side of wallet interior, and an insert patch pocket on each side of the wallet interior. This entire detail sums up to provide functionality into a sleek and stylish fashionable wallet. Have a look at the python skin Vienna Long Wallet here


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  • Trend Report All-Time Runway Fashion: Leather

    Posted on March 29, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Call out to all leather lovers –exult; the fabric is staying put.


    The new season of the year is right around the corner as fashion lovers spin towards the spring trends, summer 2016 collection have good news in store. Leather, huge for fall/winter won’t be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon. We have seen leather on runways of almost every fashion week since decades. We love how this fabric is adorned with gorgeous designs by fashion gurus.


    Like many people you also might have wondered how you will be able to wear or pull off such looks. Would it ever be suitable for such clothing or accessories? Is it affordable? But probably this didn’t keep you from watching and reviewing all those previous runway looks. Curious what leather pieces are our favorite on the runway? Read on:


    Leather Skirts



    Leather skirts are the realm of pure elegance. There are multiple aspects to this awesome fashion piece. Either it’s a long classy leather skirt, mini, or midi-length piece to can add a quick style to your appearance by wearing it. From Gucci to Victoria Beckham, all top fashion designers have practiced leather skirts in every fashion week to keep it rocking.


    Leather IT Bags



    Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham –they all brought splendid leather bags with so alluring designs that I couldn’t get my eyes off them. These are the latest spring 2016 runway delicacies and are marked as trendiest IT bags for the season.


    Leather Gloves



    The world never gets enough of leather and you will always see leather incorporated in several items that are wearable. The fashion runways are filled with impressive leather gloves with amazing outlooks that the models carry in the finest way.


    Leather Belts



    From thin sleek to thick choker style belts, runways fulfill fashion tastes of everyone. Leather wrap belts are in for summers, so going for thin stylish belts is highly recommended.


    Leather Chokers



    Leather wearables couldn’t get out of fashion. I am amazed how 60s leather neck wrap bolo and 90s handcuffs are combined on runways to form a new millennial trend.


    How do I wear leather this year?


    Whenever leather is spoken about, the first thing that pops in the head is a leather jacket. Well, for your information leather is being used in tons of projects related to the fashion runway. Leather pants, dresses, skirts, trousers and all sorts of clothing is being made from it and no one can do anything about it. The leather is not solely used in the fashion runway outfits rather it has got other fabrics combined with it to create a much appealing look for the outfit. If by any chance you are going to wear the leather pants then put on a wool coat or a black tee to compliment them. This will ignite your look and you will look nothing less like a model.


    Wearing leather, you should keep in mind to keep and maintain the chic and edgy look. Leather outfits can do wonders for you. If going on a cold night out you are confused what to wear then putting on leather can solve all your problems. It is not necessary for you to go for black leather but you can wear leather in tons of other colors, whichever you prefer. While looking for leather items that are used on the runway as well, always pick the clean and tailored pieces that will fit you perfectly. The leather items that fit you exactly according to your silhouette are the ones to buy and keep.

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  • Apple Announces New iPhone SE

    Posted on March 21, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple formally announces the new Apple iPhone SE. This is brands new 4 inch smartphone that looks just like the old iPhone 5s, but what makes this different is what is inside this smaller device. The phone inherits the powerful hardware of the iPhone 6s, and now we got a whole new device that caters to the customer base that is reluctant to give up the smaller size iPhone.


    In summary, we have a very nice new iPhone that is more affordable than ever, and one that doesn't compromise on performance.


    Read here for all the release details:


    With the confirmation that the new iPhone SE will sport the same exterior body as the iPhone 5s, and with Apple further confirming that the iPhone 5s cases will fit the new iPhone SE, we are now confidently taking customer orders for the iPhone SE. Click here to choose a style and begin designing your new leather case for the brand new iPhone.


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  • Chic Leather Fashion Picks at Story Leather

    Posted on March 16, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    It doesn’t get any more chic than one of a kind statement pieces made out of leather. There is something so edgy, modern, fun, stylish, and yet sophisticated about leather pieces. We have plenty of things to obsess about at Story Leather but we’re only going to cover five today.

    First things first, Story Leather can create the most fashionable and stylish handbags. You can become the designer of your dream bag or have Story Leather amaze you.

    The look of this super stylish Story Leather bag is so chic and just in time for the lovely leather backpack trend that is coming in. We love the one pictured below, but Story Leather can custom create any handbag, purse, clutch, and backpack that you would like to have. Each design is handcrafted with premium genuine leather that goes through a rigorous process to ensure quality.

    The next item that is definitely more of a need than a want, is a sleek card holder like the Story Leather Watson Card Holder. Time is of the essence and this makes things simple, precise, and stylish. Select from any color, texture, and place your initial on this card holder if you would like because you are the designer at Story Leather.

    The third item on our fashion picks from Story Leather is the luxury statement of leather keychain to complement the stylish look of your outfits and your car which is a pretty big statement. It tells a story about you and where you’re going. The smallest details express something about you so why not make them beautiful and luxurious? Another great idea for a keychain would be a fringe leather keychain, either style would make a statement.

    There’s something about the rose gold color that just makes you look twice. It is an unbelievably captivating color, especially as a Leather Back Cover style on your phone. The Story Leather Back Cover is modern and sleek with fine lines to stylishly cover your phone. Story Leather has a variety of phone and tablet cases that can be customized by you so if this is not your color or style, we’re all about creating the perfect one for you.

    We can’t forget about having a nice wallet especially not our Langham Woven Long Wallet. This wallet will keep you organized and fashion forward with its compartments for cards and information.These long wallets are built for maximum storage. Choose from over 80 leather patterns and textures for the inside and outside of your wallet.

    There are so many things at Story Leather that are definitely something to obsess about. We love that you never have to feel confined because you can create anything that you want. It’s all about never limiting yourself, evolving as an individual, and making your style and accessories a part of your story. The name Story Leather represents Story Leather’s belief that your personal journey is a unique story and that your accessories should tell your story. Shop your favorite looks now!

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  • A brand new iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE will be revealed next week

    Posted on March 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple's next-generation 4-inch iPhone appears to be coming on March 21. With multiple manufacturers from overseas emailing us with new cases for the new iPHONE SE, we are certain this will be a reality, and not so much a rumor anymore. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much Apple is changing to body of the case to determine how much this phone will excite the Apple fanboys(girls). So far what we are hearing is that it will look very similar to the existing iPhone 5s, but with a slightly curved cover glass around the edges. Courtesy of, below are the expected specs for the upcoming iPHONE 5SE:

    • 4-inch display
    • A9 chip
    • Touch ID
    • Apple Pay support
    • 12-megapixel rear camera
    • Live Photos support, but no 3D Touch
    • Metal casing

    We, here at Story Leather, are ready to custom build wallet cases and holsters as soon as Apple announces on March 21st. Be sure to check back and custom build that best case you can find for the IPHONE SE on Monday!
    Image courtesy of

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  • 7 Most Fashionable Leather Accessories that are Trending for 2016

    Posted on March 9, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Who will say no to the genuine leather fashion pieces? Of course none! Either men or women, we all crave for leather goods and like to accessorize with the unmatched, durable form of fashion pieces. No doubt,leather is loved in every form and the designers have taken the advantage of it to form some exclusive leather accessories that are trending in 2016 fashion scene.

    Alongside to shoes and bags, there are several creative ways to accessorize yourself through leather. At Story Leather, we have brought some unconventional yet most fashionable leather accessories that are trending for the year 2016.

    Leather Cuffs

    Pick a Fendi’s alligator skin cuff or A Detacher’s burnt orange leather cuff, even Celine’s leather cuff pooled with metallic square and hoop –they all taken as the trendiest accessories of the season. Leather cuffs fashion got trendy since last year when the street style got oozed and became the trendiest thing to follow. Apparently, this fashion is going to stay for a while.

    Leather Wrap Bolo

    This innovative neck accessory inspired from the 60s has become a huge trend for the season.The young millennials love to wear it in multiple styles. Wear it with a medallion, pearls or just go simple, you will get perfection to your voguish looks in either way.

    Leather Belts

    Yep! The elegance speaks for itself when a classy belt is designed in leather. A Sleek waist belt that can be worn over skirts, jeans, and dresses would never get out of the fashion. And there is also the newest trend of wrap belts that look awesome on all waist sizes. You can experiment them in multiple ways.

    Scarf Cuffs

    This is another innovative way to show your leather love. They just help you out to stylishly wear a snuggly scarf and add the right amount of attitude in your silhouette.

    Leather Clutches

    The spring/summer New York Fashion Week 2016 runway showed some amazingly tasteful trends in the form of leather clutches. Lanvin’s gray leather clutch is still holding its place and included on the list of fashion must-haves for 2016.

    Statement Leather Earrings

    The obsession with statement earrings has entered the 2016 trends and would be sticking around till next spring season. Not only that, it has taken to next level through leather fringes and feather-like swingy earrings. The designers like Marissa Webb and Tome showed their passion by using leather and created statement leather earrings – and it worked wonders!

    Leather Bucket Bag

    The innovative style that comes with functionality, bucket bags are the newest trend brought by top designers like Zara. You can pair it up with bright spring outfits to get an effortless ambiance.

    End Note

    The story of leather is continued to give you innovative trends. There are several leather accessories that can build a fashion-forward statement of you. Story Leather has accessories for people who are in love with leather. Shop for your favorite leather accessory now!

    Image Source: Pinterest

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  • Types of Leather Used To Make Wallets, Purses, and Bags

    Posted on March 7, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    There are a variety of different leathers used when manufacturing leather goods. From animal hide types to dyes to preparations, the limit is truly endless. Some leathers work better than others for certain products, keeping wear in mind. In addition to durability, style and personal preference play a large role in leather selection.

    Common Types

    Full Grain - This strong and durable leather has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed on the surface so it is not as smooth and lends a natural look. The breathable nature acquires less moister and it naturally patinas in color during its lifetime. This is made from the top layer of the hide. Bags are not normally made from this except for high quality pieces because it is difficult to work with for smaller pieces, this is the most common for shoes.

    Top Grain - This is the second highest quality leather and the most popular in luxury leather goods. The split layer has been taken away and this is thinner and more pliable. This also does not age as well because the strongest fibers were sanded away. It is treated with a finish coat and sanding; due to this there is no natural patina and a colder feel. This leather is stain resistant and these are the strongest popular, easy to find leather goods.

    Corrected Grain - This is a leather that has an artificial grain applied on the surface, so leather no meeting the high standards for vegetable or other tanned leathers. After the perfections are sanded off, there is an artificial grain embossed and pigments applied on top to hide imperfections even more. This can also be referred to as Genuine Leather and is most popular for wallets for affordability.

    Split Leather - This is made from the fibrous part of the leather after the top rawhide has been separated. This is used to create suede, which is tougher than clothed and a great fabric for lining.

    Bonded Leather - This is the collected dust from other leather that are glued and pressed together, used to mix with synthetic leather. This is the weakest of leather.

    Common Finishes:

    Chrome Tanned - This is produced by using chromium salts, blue and other exotic colors can be produced by this method. It is pliable, supple, and keeps shape and form easily. It is also easy to produce in about a day, and makes up 80% of leather goods.

    Vegetable Tanned - This is tanned using tannins from vegetables, bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. Normally the leather results supple and brown with shade variation based on tannins and animal hide. This is not good in water, it will discolor, shrink, and harden.

    Aldehyde Tanned - Using Aldehyde chemicals, this leather is white or cream in color.

    Rose Tanned - This rare, lengthy process is created by using rose otto oil in place of other oils and the leather goods keep a delightful rose scent.

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