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  • Our Hearts are With Taiwan

    Posted on February 8, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Tainan, Taiwan at 3:57 AM on February 6, when most people were sleeping. The quake caused 13 apartment buildings in the city of Tainan to collapse, with the latest reports estimate at least 34 people dead, over 500 injured, and many still trapped in the rubble.

    This hits home very personally as Tainan is the hometown of Story Leather founder, and Taiwan is where our production team resides. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Tainan, let us all get involved and help. There are numerous charities that would be grateful for your support. Here at Story Leather, we are donating to the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese non-profit foundation helping the world in need.

    Read more and donate here: on

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  • 5 Must Haves In The Business Woman’s Purse

    Posted on February 5, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Life on the go is demanding and at times frazzling. You always seem to need something you do not have, and it seems like you are always rummaging through your bag. Being prepared is as serious as the business you do, which is why we compiled a list of must have handbag essentials for the businesswoman to make your life a bit easier. Keep this in individual bags in your purse as small, easily accessible kits for all of life’s biggest curve balls.
    1. The Makeup Touch Ups
    Having your life revolve around makeup when you do serious work is not necessary, but having the items you need to touch up during the busy day is. Pack some powder and/or blotting sheets to eliminate oil and look together, as well as mini makeup remover Q-Tips to fix any smudges or eyeliner or mascara from rubbing or accident. If your nails are painted, keep the color along to touch up before a big meeting or presentation to maintain professionalism. Finally, keep a lipstick that gives you confidence when you need that extra boost.

    2. The Freshen Up Tricks
    Feeling grimy throughout the day? Put together a kit of breath mints, portable toothbrushes, sanitizer, and a perfume sample to fix and smells or dirty feelings you may have. The sanitizer will keep you clean, and the mouth care items will eliminate any coffee stains or onion bagels. Nothing should get in the way of your smile.

    3. Your Link to the World
    Your phone connects you to what is going on inside and outside of work, so it should always be on hand. Put it in a wallet leather phone case to keep your cards and cash nearby when you use your phone, so you are linked to others and the assets you need. Make sure to pack a portable charger as well so you are never without contact.

    4. Fashion Mishap Helpers
    When things fall apart, make sure to put them back together. To be prepared, keep fashion tape, a lint roller, safety pins, and bandages in your back. This will make sure blisters do not get in the way of your day, and you always look put together before any important obligations. The pins and tape will keep your clothes in place, and the lint roller is an unexpected necessity to give a final touch.

    5. A Kick Start Snack
    Being tired throughout the day is no fun. Bringing a healthy snack in your bag to keep when you need a pick me up will be the best. Try a small pack of nuts or a granola bar, and replenish as needed. Never fall for the office donuts again!


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  • Packing For Travel: The Essentials

    Posted on February 4, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Packing for business travel is very different than leisure. With leisure, you are forewarned, have plenty of time, and have a good idea on what you’ll be doing. Business is much harder because you have minimal time to prepare, may have surprise occasions come up, and the clothes in general are harder to pack. Here’ we’ve divided your packing into 3 bags and included some essentials to include in each.

    The Garment Bag
    Perhaps the most important, this makes sure your suits and other formal garments won’t be wrinkled.
    Put in at least one good suit, maybe more if you are going to be there for a good length of time. Brown for day and black for night is a good option. If you are not skilled with the iron, it is best to also put any dress shirts in this bag. Bring a simple white, one you can wear alone with a nice pair of pants, and perhaps one with some color.

    Any pantsuit, formal dress, or pencil skirt should go in this bag off the bat. Feel free to throw blouses in as well, depending on your ironing skills and the materials of the shirts.

    The Suitcase

    Besides the basics, there’s a few items everyone should keep in their suitcase to stay prepared.

    The Steamer: Many hotels have irons, but a safer option is a steaming machine that is small, portable, and keeps everything looking fresh.

    Shoe Bags: To keep your shoes from scratching each other, pack them in fabric shoes bags. This will keep everything more organized and safe.

    Accessory Holder: For women, a jewelry holder is key to make sure nothing gets tangled. For men, there are travel tie holders, but if you are in a pinch, rolling the ties like a store will prevent and kinks.

    The Carry On

    In all instances, your carry on will be the vital bag that keeps all your essentials. If something goes wrong, you want to have items that are necessities with you. Also, if you are heading to a meeting right after landing, you may want to freshen up.

    Wallet: To hold all your money, cards, and documentation, make sure to have your leather wallet on hand. This is a no brainer, but is often times forgotten in a rush.

    Passport Holder: Traveling leads to bringing a passport, and protecting this vital document is key. A passport holder is a great way to keep your passport stored safe and express yourself.

    Phone Case: Traveling is hard on your devices, that’s why you should make sure your phone is in a protective case that is personalized to you and will make sure everything stays flawless.

    Phone Charger: Boredom leads to phone use, and phone use leads to phone battery drainage. Fix that with a portable charger handy in your carry on bag.

    Toothbrush: If you have a big meeting after you land, have a toothbrush on board so you can brush up and be fresh before meeting everyone.

    Motion Sickness Pills: It happens to the best of us, motion sickness. Make sure you have the pills along just in case you have a bumpy flight. It is better to be over prepared than sick for the vital first greetings.

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    Customize your passport holder here

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  • The New Outlet-Free MyFCJaq Fuel Cell Charger

    Posted on February 2, 2016 by Diana Vlad

    Picture this. You’re on an important business trip to a foreign city and your phone is about to give up on you right when you’re expecting that important call. What do you do? Why, you reach for your portable charger, of course, because the days when you would otherwise panic in the absence of an electrical outlet are long gone. A great deal of progress has been made in this particular field, and the outlet-free Jaq fuel cell charger announced by MyFC during the last CES is certainly a step in the right direction. It’s quite small, stylish and very easy to use.

    Image source:

    The Jaq what…?

    The MyFCJaq is a fuel cell charger, which means that it allows you to charge your phone without the use of an electric outlet by converting chemical energy into electricity. It mainly involves two parts. The first is a rubberized sleeve roughly the size of a smartphone, featuring a Micro-USB cable socket by means of which it can be connected to your phone. The second and most important is a credit card-shaped “power card” or, in other words, a cartridge containing salt and water. When this cartridge is inserted into the sleeve and locked in place, the chemical reactions take place and you can juice up your phone simply by connecting it to the USB port. No outlet needed.

    How the MyFCJaq works

    Basically, the MyFCJaq uses salt water and oxygen to harness electricity from a chemical reaction. As the two reactants combine in the enclosed space, the saltwater hydrogen atoms pass to the fuel cell and are stripped of their electrons at the anode. These electrons are what provides the current to power up your phone. The entire reaction only results in a completely harmless by-product, water. This means that the Jaq does not only allow you to bring your phone to life in style, but it also takes care of the environment for you.

    The power cards are only available for one use, after which they become unable to produce the necessary chemical reactions. One cartridge produces about 2,400mAh before it becomes unusable, which means it can charge up a phone, an iPhone and even larger devices, like tablets.

    Advantages and worth

    The Jaq is not yet available for purchase, but credible sources suggest that the pouch will set you back about $99, while each cartridge would only cost $2. The producing company is also considering the implementation of a subscription service, whereby you would receive a given number of power cards each month for an advantageous price – say, $1 per cartridge. Multipacks will also be available for the same purpose. Of course, this isn’t as cheap as just plugging your phone in an outlet, but it costs just as much as the AA batteries you’d need for a portable charger and less than its Upp fuel cell charger counterpart.

    In addition, the Jaq is a beautiful thing to look at, with its sleek curves and glossy, bright colors. It is so small that it can easily slip into a pocket and you don’t have to remember to charge it in advance because it generates its own power. Finally, the Jaq cartridges are easily recyclable, combining a significant effort for the environment with a pleasant appearance and ease of use.

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  • The Most Essential First Impression

    Posted on January 29, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    In today’s day and age, even the first encounter with someone unknown involves technology. There’s the obvious first meeting on the Internet, but even in person your technological devices will come into play. You could meet someone with common interests anywhere, at lunch with a colleague, during an educational conference, or even during a business meeting. Most likely, you’ll want to exchange contact information with this person and network. Nowadays, business card exchanges are less frequent, and the immediate exchange of contact information occurs on a cell phone. Rather than pulling out your finely crafted card from your business card holder, you’ll be opening up your phone to type in numbers, email addresses, and social media links.

    Just as people took pride in the composition of their business cards, the appearance of your phone can make a vital impression that speaks to your persona. To exchange numbers, emails, or even make notes to remember for a later date, you will need to pull out your phone. This is an act that should be done in confidence. You want everyone to see you as a professional who is put together and takes care of his or her business accessories.

    In order to make a positive first impression and start out your connection on the right foot, a sophisticated, stylish phone case is necessary. While it is tempting to purchase a cutesy phone case with your favorite movie character plastered on the back, it does not portray an image of professional maturity. While an ultra protective, rugged case shows responsibility, it is not sleek and classic. The best option is one made from a luxurious material, that is both appealing to the eye and fashionable. Not only will you be happy, but also others will be impressed.

    Story Leather phone cases are great for you and for others to see. No matter what kind of phone you have, you can get a phone case to fit your needs. There are options for an open front, or even a chic flip style. The colors and textures are endless as well, making sure you do not have to compromise your personal tastes for professionalism. Even better, when you pull your phone out of your pocket or purse, the person you are with will be impressed by the material and style of your phone. These cases display investment and care in your electronics and your professional image.

    Make the first impression the right one. By having a clean, non-damaged phone kept stylish and protective, you are set for a future of professional relations. Not to mention, everyone you meet will want to know where you can find such a practical, protective, and stylish case. Your phone case is your personal brand, so make it the best you can.

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  • Free Gift with All Custom Made Orders

    Posted on January 26, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    As we adjust our production cycle to 40-45 days, we are compensating our customers with a free gift for the longer wait time. Your patience is very much appreciated, and as a token of our appreciation, we are giving away a free Watson card holder for every custom order you place with us during this extended production period. We anticipate this extended production period will last from January 23rd - March 1st, this date range is subject to change and we will provide an update as the extended period comes close to an end.

    The free Watson card holder will come in 5 different colors, they will be randomly dispatched when your custom order is ready to ship.

    Please do note that in-stock orders will still be processed as is, and we are still here to assist you with your purchase over the phone or via chat. Thank you for your patience, as it is very much appreciated.

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  • The Next Big Accessory: Your Phone?

    Posted on January 25, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Are you questioning the title of this article? You read right, the next big accessory is your phone. It’s normal to take an immense amount of time picking your next purse or briefcase, or debating hours over what watch to purchase, but a phone is just as important.

    Cell phones are constantly being use. When they are not in your pocket or bag, they are out with other people or assisting you while you go through your daily business. Just as people notice what is on your wrist, they will notice what is in your hand. For these reasons, you need to treat your phone like the fashion opportunity it is. Any professional would love to take advantage of another way to improve your image. Here’s a list of the three things to consider when transforming your phone from a gadget to an accessory.

    1. The Screen
    Cracks, dents, and smears are easy to spot and not nice to look at. To keep your phone fashionable, start by trying to protect the screen by not dropping it and putting on a clean protector. Then, give your phone at least a once daily polishing to eliminate smudges and smears from your fingers. To keep it clean, try to avoid touching with greasy hands.

    2. The Background
    The minute you light up that screen, not only you, but also others will see the background you have on the front. The best way to be stylish with your phone background is to choose both something that makes you happy, and something tasteful. Try switching out that photo of you and your pals making the duck face after work to a picture of a memory that makes you happy and is not too revealing. That serene beach you visited appeals to you and everyone who sees your phone, or that view from your hike portrays a healthy and lively lifestyle.

    3. The Case
    The most important component to transforming your phone into a professional fashion accessory is your phone case. This importance is based in the fact that the phone case is the first thing anyone notices about your phone. Just like a purse or watch, your phone case should be an investment piece made from high quality materials, highlighting sophisticated silhouettes and your personal style. Just as you can switch up accessories, you can change your phone case to go with your outfit. Use the flip wallet style for dinner parties and the normal hugging hard-shell case for daily endeavors. Choose a versatile neutral to match your daily attire, or incorporate a bright pop of color. With the customizable options available in today’s phone case market, there’s no excuse to have a boring phone that does not accentuate your style. Accessorizing is fun, and let it go to the next level with your trusted side kick, your phone.

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  • 6 Gorgeous Fashion Trends for 2016 Spring

    Posted on January 22, 2016 by Diana Vlad

    Now that we’ve stepped into the New Year, the season of clearance sales is on once again, flashing its irresistible “SALE” beacons from almost every boutique window. Be wary, however! While some trends are here to stay in 2016, others will not make it to the spring. It’s time to say goodbye to those destroyed jeans and near-naked dresses and embrace the new vivid, glittery colors of 2016’s spring trends. That being said, here are a few gorgeous fashion trends you simply have to try in 2016.
    Image source:

    1. Stripes and color

    According to most designers, graphic stripes are definitely right for this spring. Whether you opt for simple patters or experiment with chopped, curled or scattered lines, don’t forget to choose wide and bright. That’s because vivid, contrasting hues are also in! If you don’t believe us, check out Christopher Kane’s, Gucci’s and Balmain’s Pantone hits in new graphic effects.And speaking of colors, Pantone’s top 10 for the year includes Peach Echo, Buttercup, Lilac Gray, Ice Coffee and Snorkel Blue. Don’t they sound brilliant?

    2. Sexy shoulders

    As you enter the New Year in new colors, forget about cleavage and gams. This spring comes with a fabulous trend that lets you show skin without actually giving away too much. How? By wearing clothing that shows off the shoulder.A more dramatic variation of the 2015 off-the shoulder hit, this year’s trend comes with gorgeous, sexy cutouts and impressive sleeves.

    3. Pajama and boudoir dressing

    PJs dressing is here to stay for 2016, which is really good news. With silk and lace for a fancy look or casual cotton combinations, this outfit can even be brought into the office. And the sexy doesn’t stop here. The sleek slip-on dress is also back, along with other luxurious boudoir-inspired clothing brought to attention by designers like Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang.

    4. Comfortable slippers

    But guess what? Boudoir dressing won’t stop at dresses this year. As a matter of fact, we’ve been rather blessed as the super-comfortable, boudoir-inspired haute slippers made a name for themselves.With variations such as Acne’s woven checkerboards and Balenciaga’s lace slides, this stylish sans back comes with an ease of dressing that says tailored and classic at the same time.

    5. Bold earrings

    When it comes to jewelry in 2016, daring is definitely the way to go. Bright statement earrings that are heavily graphic and structured in abstract shapes are certainly one of the preferred accessories for any cocktail dress. According to Celine or JW Anderson, shoulder-grazing, extra-long earrings are also in fashion, especially if they come in a mismatched pair. All you have to do is buy a few new pairs to clash together or open up the jewelry box and experiment with some of your old favorites.

    6. Bright, graphic bags

    As for our other favorite accessory, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Kenzo are all displaying leather stripes, bright colors and bold prints bags. Patched embellishment is another trendy way to go and a real eye-catcher, especially if you just want to revamp one of your old bags as opposite to investing in a new one.

    Custom build a wallet or a phone case to match with your 2016 wardrobe. Click here.

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  • Production lead time will be increased to 40-45 days starting 1/23/2016

    Posted on January 21, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Just a heads-up, we are temporarily adjusting our production lead time from the usual 25-30 days to 40-45 days.  We do this every year during this time to give our production team a well-deserved break.  Please make a note of this prior to placing your custom orders, and also note that in-stock items will still be shipped within 3-5 business as normal.

    Last minute orders placed on January 22nd, will still be produced and delivered within our standard 25-30 day production cycle.  Place your custom order in today!

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

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  • The Increasing Popularity of Smartphones and Their Effects

    Posted on January 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    In the US, smartphones have become the most popular device around. This year, a drastic increase of smartphone ownership was observed, resulting to 68% of adults having one. Ownership of tablet computers have also increased.

    Why have smartphones become popular in the US and many parts of the world? There may be a number of reasons for this: First, smartphones are portable. It is a product of the trend where more computing power can be done in a smaller area, thus the smartphone's capability to perform a lot of functions.

    Second, they are capable of many functions a desktop computer, mp3 player, camera and other devices combined. It is like an all-in-one product where you can do all these things in the palm of your hand. Third, big companies like Apple and Samsung have become so popular that every time they announce a new device, everyone gets to know. And in between them, many other companies have joined the competition, bringing in their own version of smartphones.

    We cannot deny the popularity of these devices. It has been integrated in our lifestyle - we use them to help us in our daily routines. And in the coming years, more people will get to own their own as smartphone technology continues to advance and tech companies continue to bring in something new on the table.

    In every event, there is always a positive and negative effect that go along with it. What are some of these effects in the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones among users?

    Easier communication and connection
    With the internet, communication has become way easier, and with the rising popularity of smartphones, creating connections with friends and loved ones who you cannot physically become possible and convenient. When you need to see your friend or relative, you can video chat with them with a few taps. Through the smartphone, the world has become more connected than ever.

    Useful in studies, career in business
    With many accessible applications which aid in studies and business, smartphones have helped students and professionals in their daily lives. Students can access the Internet and easily find information and use applications to help them be organized. Professionals can do the same things and much more with applications that are specifically catered to their field.

    Helps in emergencies
    When an emergency situation happens, smartphones can be really be of great use. You can set your smartphone to make the emergency numbers like the police, fire and other departments in your area accessible even when it is locked. You can also download applications like pMonitor (Android) and Neighborhood Watch, which are useful for monitoring the location of your loved ones or reporting an incident. Response has become easier because of smartphones.

    However, with inappropriate use and addiction, smartphones can be detrimental to a person. Here are some negative effects of smartphones when they’re not used properly.

    Serves as a distraction
    Smartphones may easily distract individuals because of its accessibility to a lot of applications. A study shows that smartphones become more of a distraction than of help among students. Without proper use and limits, smartphones can lead you to become unproductive in your school or work.

    Using the phone while driving is one of the leading cause of car accidents in the country. And although it is strongly advised not to use the phone while on the wheel, a lot do not follow still. With inappropriate use, smartphones can lead to accidents and death not only to yourself, but also to others as well.

    Disconnect from real life.
    It’s ironic that smartphones, which paved the way for easier connection, cause disconnect for some people. Because of addiction to social media, some of them care more about their life and image there than on real life.

    The key to maximizing the functions of smartphones while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is moderation. Smartphone addiction can happen because it is easy to happen. We are expecting more devices to emerge in the coming years, and if we do not train ourselves not to become dependent on our smartphones, they will be more detrimental than helpful in our lives.

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