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  • Newly Released Watson Slim Profile Card Holder - Available for Immediate Shipment

    Posted on July 16, 2015 by Jonathan Ly

    Slim is in! Everyone is looking to slim down the wallet by carrying less.  We here at Story Leather have just released the Watson, available in woven pattern in 4 colors - Black, Gold, Red, and Blue.

    Want something more customizable or not woven? Try to custom build one here:

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  • Customizing now for HTC ONE M9+ and E9+

    Posted on July 14, 2015 by Jonathan Ly

    We are excited to announce that we are now accepting customization for HTC's 2 giant phones - the HTC ONE M9 PLUS and the ONE E9 PLUS.

    The HTC One E9+ with its 5.5 inch display has a unique dual sim card feature and adapts the iconic look of the award-winning HTC One series with new metallic accents and a chamfered edge. Its refined mirrored polish creates an unrivaled look that is one of a kind. House this beauty with a Story Leather case to truly make it one of a kind. Customize Now.

    The HTC One M9+ with its eye-popping 5.2” ultra HD 2K display inherits all the premium qualities of its little brother - All-metal body features polished edges that are ergonomically tapered to effortlessly fit your grip. Its unibody back is curved to achieve the streamlined look and feel of the iconic HTC One series smartphones. Accessorize this with a Story Leather holster today. Customize Now.

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  • A Flash-story About Technology’s Interchangeability

    Posted on June 3, 2015 by Andrew Franco

    During Andre’s break and/ or lunch, he would pull an iPad out of his backpack and give it the same utilization that one does a cell phone. I had never seen that. I mean, I’ve seen my parents use their iPads while their iPhones sit nearby, but their purpose was to do some quick research on a topic. So there was never any reason for caution, until now.

    I later found out from him that he broke his phone, and that the iPad, which he had previously only used for its basic functions, was now “[his] everything!” This example validates that even when one piece of technology breaks, there are other connected devices on which to depend, as the average amount is five devices per household.

    In fact, in a survey of 1,000 American Households conducted by Chetan Sharma, Olga Kharif of Bloomberg’s Tech Blog states, “more than 6 percent of households own more than 15 connected devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs and digital frames. That high number will become the norm for a growing percentage of consumers in the coming years, said Sharma. He estimated that about 70 to 80 percent of these gadgets can access the Internet via wireless connections.”

    The area of accessibility onto which technology has found itself is revealing. Most, if not all, technological devices offer similar functions, i.e. they can be used in lieu of one another or for the same purposes. In the foreseeable future, one can assume that all devices will be nearly interchangeable, with their only remaining differences being shape, size, and style.



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  • 8 Factoids That You May Not Know About Snapchat

    Posted on June 2, 2015 by Andrew Franco

    1. 1. I know, it feels like it’s been here since we have, or maybe that’s just me projecting. Still, Snapchat has exceedingly made its way to the top height of social media. But it was first launched in July 2011. Its safe to say that it’s had a quick rise and is only gaining more popularity with its users.

    1. 2. I don’t know which name I like better, but did you know that Snapchat was formerly known as Picaboo?

    1. 3. Yes, there are many adults that have found their way to the app, with help from their sons and/ or daughters or curiosity. However, they make up only a minority of the users, while  71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 25.

    1. 4. Rather it has any relevance to you or not, it’s something to pontificate that, of the users of Snapchat, roughly 70% are women.

    1. 5. Personally, I go days without posting to my snapchat story or sending any direct snaps to anyone, but, like voting, my number does not matter. There are 400 million snapchats sent per day.

    1. 6. 100 million monthly active users? That’s one seventh of the fraction of the amount of people in this world-- all users of one app. Wow.

    1. 7. Of the millennial internet users, about 30% access Snapchat regularly, the word regularly probably being a vague understatement.

      1. 8. In comparison with the other truths and approximations, this number reads low. Out of all the United States’ social media users, only 18% use Snapchat.

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  • Release of the Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge

    Posted on June 1, 2015 by Andrew Franco

    image source:

    In tandem with the promotion of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel has partnered with Samsung to create a limited edition, Iron Man- themed Galaxy S6 Edge. The limited edition phone was first teased a few weeks ago, with Samsung unveiling only the box which held the iconic Iron Man mask on its front in its recognizable red and gold.

    Image courtesy of Samsung
    Now, weeks later, Samsung has decided to release the phone. It is currently only available in South Korea and by June will have made its way to China and Hong Kong. This Iron Man-styled phone targets a specific demographic, but its sleek appeal of Samsung’s notable Galaxy S6 is sure to make it popular among even to consumers outside the demographic.

    Could there be more limited edition Marvel-Samsung phone collaborations in the future? If this phone takes to the public as its creators predict, there is no telling what characters will come next. But while this one lasts, the popularity of the Galaxy S6 Edge phone is sure to increase along with its value. Story Leather, fortunately, offers a variety of genuine leather cases available for purchase on our site:

    Each leather case is custom made for the Galaxy S6 Edge model, in a plethora of colors to best suit your expression and many styles to most comfortably fit your needs.

    At Story Leather, we hold strong and true that each of us has a story to tell. We each have within us a book; however, for some it is never opened. We want to know who you are and be one of the reasons yours is told. A customized case, albeit simple, is at least one way. and perhaps the beginning, of you opening your book.

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  • A small insight into Google's Annual Developer Conference

    Posted on May 29, 2015 by Andrew Franco

    “Your smartphone ought to be smarter,” Aparna Chennapragada begins. “Why can’t it tell you where you parked your car, why can’t it remind you to pick up the milk your spouse texted you about?”

    Image courtesy of

    Since it’s introduction, Google has helped assist us in ways more than one. It’s given us many, if not all, answers at our fingertips. If ever you wanted to know where the closest place to eat was, within seconds your answer would be granted. If ever you needed a reminder about where you parked your car, (and if you’re like me, you do), Google was there with a simple drop of a pin on your location. What those examples share, however, is the fact that the user had to manually click and close apps to view another. Say, for instance, you were listening to Pandora, or text messaging a friend, and your friend asked, “Hey, do you want to see the movie, Tomorrowland? Can you check local times?” You would have to exit the text message and click on a separate app or perform a separate search for the movie if you wanted to look up its times.

    The implementation of Google Now’s Now On Tap , however, completely changes that.

    Using three key elements to further assist its user, Now On Tap interprets your context, answers your questions, and takes action-- all through the development of a natural language understanding. Google understands over 100 million places, and that refers not only to their layouts and geometry but the places within them. Once it understands the context specific to each person, such as the places you commonly go and at what time, it can then work to effectively bring you the answers you need through Google’s knowledge graph.

    During its annual I/O, Google introduced the new Android M feature, which allows you to get information without having to switch context. Instead, it picks up on the context. In reference to the above example, the user does not have to exit the text message conversation and perform a separate search. With Google On Tap, the user can hold down the home button, and the phone will automatically conduct a search and supply the user with the necessary information without leaving the current window or app.

    “The key,” Aparna, the Director of Google Now, says, “is understanding the context of the moment...and for developers, it’s a new way to reach and re-engage with users.” More details will be shared in the next upcoming months.

    How do you feel about Google’s Now On Tap? Is it a feature that you see as being a great addition to the android?

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  • What’s in your Wallet?

    Posted on May 28, 2015 by Staci Wilson

    custom wallet

    What’s in your wallet? is the question that anyone who’s seen the famous credit card commercials and ads knows well. But what is the actual answer? We looked around online, and here are some interesting answers we found.

    The number one things men carry in their wallets, despite the plastic propaganda, is good old, cold hard cash. That’s right: guys like the green. Most men have at least $30 on them at all times.

    The second-most popular item is a photo I.D. Usually it’s a driver’s license, but those who don’t get behind the wheel still carry school, State or work identification.

    Third – finally! – is a credit card, followed closely by a bank debit card.

    Lastly, fellas favor that little lump of leather to keep safe business cards, grocery and drug store discount cards, loose change, and the occasional stick of gum. Check out our short/compact wallets here.

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  • 3 Silly Cell-Phone Drop Stories

    Posted on May 25, 2015 by Staci Wilson

    We hope you’ve been enjoying our series of cellphone drop stories – it’s not just the calls that drop, but the whole phone, according to, who recently took a survey of over 3,000 individuals and found that 81 percent of parents report that their child has broken their tablet by throwing it; Nearly half of those polled (45 percent) said the most common cause of tablet damage was from getting in and out of a car, or leaving it on top of a car; and 1 in 4 people had to pay to fix their tablet screen in the past year.

    That’s why having a protective case, like the ones we custom make to fit your phone, is such a good idea.

    I have dropped by phone into a garden of wet dirt, into dry dirt many times, into fresh chicken scratch, onto the horse manure pile. I’ve had one that flew into the sand at the beach while horseback riding, flew off the dashboard going around a corner, onto pavement at the gas station, into a shallow puddle, onto my sister’s slate counter top. The funniest drop story was when I was talking with my son on the phone at his Dad’s. He was in the tub while talking to me. Bad idea. I really heard “Bloop” and it went dead. I knew it had fallen into the tub. He called me 2 hours later from Verizon after a new phone had been purchased.

    Monique Prince, New Hampshire

    This is a funny topic quite too relevant for me. I've kerplunked three phones into various bodies of water over the years (swimming pool, toilet) but the funniest was a cup of hot coffee. This was when I was working at Cisco and happened to be working at home one morning. I was on a conference call, upstairs with the phone between my shoulder and my ear. I had a half of cup of coffee and was heading to the machine to top it off. The phone slipped out, remarkably bounced twice on the rim of the mug, and dunked right into the joe. The next thing anyone heard was “Now departing the call - John Noh” (in my recorded voice). Au revoir to that model, that's for sure.

    John Noh, PR Consultant

    I was at a Los Angeles Sparks game - Lisa Leslie's final game - enjoying a few adult beverages. I dropped my poor Blackberry Storm not once, but twice on to the hard, concrete floor. I loved that phone and the first drop didn't kill it but that second one did. I had to get a new phone thenext day. RIP, Storm.

    Apryl DeLancey, Social Age Media

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  • 7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Purses

    Posted on May 18, 2015 by Staci Wilson

    Unless you’re handbag historian – or perhaps a purse pro – you may not know these funny factoids and stunning statistics. If there’s anything we love here at Story Leather, it’s a story… and a leather tote, so it’s our pleasure to combine the two for your amusement and edification.

    7. The term “handbag” was popularized with the advent of the railroad and the sudden ease of travel for women. Leather-smiths and purse-makers were motivated to create easier to carry hand-held bags and et voila! the handbag was born.

    6. The Bible identifies bad guy Judas Iscariot as a “purse carrier.”

    5. There are only a couple of movies about purses out there, and oddly enough they came out one after the other. First there was The Purse in 2011, followed by The Lost Purse in 2012.

    4. The most expensive purse, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is House of Mouawad’s“1001 Nights Diamond Purse” – with a price tag of an astounding $34.5 million. (We’ll wait for it to go on sale.)

    3. Clutch purses were originally called “pochettes” when they were introduced in the early 1900s.

    2.The average weight of a woman’s full purse is 3 lbs.

    And, the #1 fun fact about purses is…

    1. The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, considered a woman’s purse to be a metaphor for her nether regions. In his case study Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1900), the dirty-minded doc concluded that his patient’s playing with her purse during therapy actually meant she wanted to play with herself. (One wonders if there were cigars in the handbag…)

    There is actually one more thing you may not know about purses – we make them to your order. That’s right: we have dozens of fully customizable bags, totes, purses, handbags and carryalls.

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  • Story Leather's Silly Cell-Phone Drop Stories Part 2

    Posted on May 9, 2015 by Staci Wilson

    Welcome back to our ongoing series of cell-Phone drop stories. The phones may be “smart” but sometimes the people carrying them aren’t!


    In previous blogs, we’ve covered the benefits of covered cases for cell phones, especially when it comes to protection from accidental dings and drops, but sometimes it takes a little reminder to drive home the importance of a point.


    According to, who took a survey of over 3,000 individuals:


    * 18 percent of frequent travelers have paid to fix their tablet screen in the past year

    * Over a third of travelers have spent more than $30 on tablet protection

    * 81 percent of parents report that their child has broken their tablet by throwing it

    * One in four parents had to pay to fix their tablet screen in the past year

    * Nearly half of parents (45 percent) said the most common cause of tablet damage was from getting in and out of a car, or leaving it on top of a car


    So now that you have the facts, here are a few more fun stories we here at Story Leather gathered for your amusement, and edification.


    “Yup ... I've dropped my phone. In fact, my first cell phone EVER shortly after I got it. It was a flip phone.


    “I took my dog Cody on one of our very long walks, being very careful to put the phone in my shirt pocket. Curiosity got the best of me and my phone when I leaned down to look more closely at a frog ... we were in a fairly swampy area of Morris County, NJ.


    “Phone fell, frog jumped, Cody could not have cared less and I had swamp goo all over my phone.


    End of story. End of phone.”


    -- Mizar Turdiu


    “I dropped my phone in the washing machine!


    “I have a sweatshirt with a front pocket where I sometimes carry my phone. It’s easy to forget! Twice I have thrown the sweatshirt, with the phone inside, in the wash. Detergent, spin cycle, and all. When I discovered my phone missing, I found it in the washer. Very clean. Both times, I could immediately make a call. It is an ancient flip phone (Casio, 2009). I’ll never get rid of this phone!”


    -- Joe Pinella



    “I certainly have dropped my phone. In fact, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve dropped it. It’s particularly more amazing, because as a nerd, I have my phone in my hands constantly. My girlfriend (now wife) would always tease about having my phone attached to my hand surgically.


    “On this occasion, we were putting both our parents together for dinner at a restaurant for the first time. We drove up, and she was teasing hard about it. Pleading that I keep it in my pocket. No Googling. No emailing. No texting. Just hang with the parents.


    “Well, we arrive at the restaurant, and the teasing continues. I take out my phone to turn it to vibrate, and at the same moment, she goes to hold my hand - not realizing my hand was pulling my phone out. The phone launches forward as her arm hits my wrist and all time stopped as my phone (it calls me ‘Sweetie’ by the way) hurled slow motion through the air, and on to the pavement.


    “I’ve dropped it a million times before and nary a crack. One time, when it was supposed to be in my pocket, I take it out and it shatters everywhere.


    “I kept it that way for more than a year, just as a reminder to listen to the love of my life.”


    -- Lucas


    Stay tuned for more in this series of Silly Cellphone Drop Stories – and please share, if you have one.


    And… don’t forget: We have lots of great phone cases available!



    Pictured: Our “Montecito” Smooth Fine Grain Phone Case in Green (to go with the frog…)

    For more of our stories you can visit or visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for all of any updates on new styles, leathers, or promo codes.

    Don't forget to check out our recent works section to see past creations, link right HERE to take a look at all the custom designs that others have made. Who knows, maybe there's a design that speaks to you.

    Find Staci Layne Wilson on and on Twitter at @StaciWilson

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