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  • Summer 2016 Trends For Men:

    Posted on June 20, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Summer time is when the living is easy right? We’ve got some things trending that you aren’t going to want to miss out on. We love our stylish and trendy men. Here are must have’s for the upcoming season -

    So here is the thing, there a few brands that work for both men and women. That synchronicity is pretty special in fashion and definitely one of a kind so we are going to go ahead and list some Ray Ban’s which we also listed as a trend for women. We love the look on both men and women and they are so stylish. All of us need the perfect shades for the summer. We love a gold plated oversized aviator look to compliment the lightness of summer colors. Some silver or black ones would also be pretty amazing especially if it matches your ID holder which we can definitely make happen at Story Leather.
    Swim Trunks:

    Images courtesy of

    You’re going to be outdoors quite a bit and you’re going to need the perfect swim trunks. We definitely suggest visiting a place like Express to see what kind of stylish swim trunks they have or be a little adventurous and check out the new Rolling Stone and Vilebrequin and Rolling Stones swim shorts.
    Story Leather Accessory:

    Our must have accessory for the summer from Story Leather for men is going to have to be a messenger bag! It’s all in the perfect messenger bag for men. Something that is perfect to easily transition from work to a fun adventure ahead. There is many selections and great styles to choose from. Be the guy that has style. Check out one of the messenger bags that we have at Story Leather, but feel free to check out the whole selection.

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  • 6 Best Looking Leather Handbags for Women This Summer

    Posted on June 9, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Hello Ladies! If you are looking for the latest designs of leather handbags, then we have good news for you. This spring the fashion shows featured some of the most stunning leather bags seen over the past couple of years. One look is all they need to melt your hand. Once you’ve seen it, you will want it.
    Ralph Lauren

    With its debonair and chic look, this bag asks for the limelight. Finished with a black strap and top seam, it simply makes you fall in love with it. The asymmetric design, with a combination of different colors of the summer, gives the bag a classy and stunning look.
    Michael Kors Leather Duffel Bag

    This classy leather duffel bag in a dark brown checkered design is stylish and adds color to the wardrobe. It is elegant and spacious so you can put all the important things in and carry it around anywhere you go. Whether it is an outing with friends, or a date with that special someone, this bag will complement any dress you put on.
    Narcisco Rodriguez

    The orange leather clutch is simply amazing. With its textured design and a stylish strap on the front, it completes the look. Pair it up with a simple white dress and find yourself amazed at how easy it is to carry the look.
    Animal Buddy Bags

    If you love animals, and all things that look like animals, then these buddy bags are just what you need. Carry around your pet in an animal shaped bag or simply use the bag to declare your love for animals. This year, the designers decided that having animals shaped handbags are a must. A woven Dalmatian would catch anybody’s eye and you must definitely not go without it!
    Food Shaped Bags

    Do you simply love food, and can’t take your eyes off it? Then here’s some good news for you. Food shaped bags are the latest trend in fashion. Believe us when we tell you that you will see strawberry cake topped with cherry handbags to a movie sized peanut bag. Just don’t mistake your bag for food and eat it. Made with leather, these bags look cute, and can be a unique fashion statement when styled just right.
    Fringed and Tasseled Leather Bags

    Spring 2016 began with some bizarre new additions to bag designs, but we are happy to report that fringed and tasseled bags have remained in fashion. However, you are sure to find some new and fun colors in this category. There is a blend of retro and futuristic designs, and the designers have added some cool new twists. Introducing them in leather with metallic colors that catch the eye immediately, the designers surely have outdone themselves this spring.
    After finding out the latest fashion trends when it comes to handbags, be sure to also check out our latest custom bag collection. It is cool, it is trendy, and it will add a flavor to your fashion style.

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  • 5 Classy Leather Accessories for Men - Timely Post for Father's Day

    Posted on June 7, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Leather –a material that speaks the language of quality! Not only does this material add a style to your wardrobe, but it is used in different accessories to give them a classy style. Here are 5 accessories for men that are not only stylish but also give protection to your things.
    iPad Cover
    Nothing adds more style to your iPad than a leather cover. It’s sleek and shiny exterior gives it a new look while giving your tablet the ultimate protection. What’s more, leather is available in different colors these days, so you can choose from a variety of options. While the usual black and brown add a touch of sophistication, colors light bottle green really gives your iPad an edgy and upgraded look. Custom Build a Professional iPad Cover

    Leather is known for the protection it provides. Laptop bags are simply amazing, when it comes to carrying things around. For businessmen, it is even important to have everything in order. Leather bags for laptops come with their own set of pockets for various purposes. So you can have everything arranged in order.Every time you go out, takes your leather bag in style.

    Belts make the look, as it is said. For every man who wants to look smart, leather belts are just what you need. With an embossed pattern and a gold or silver buckle, a leather belt adds a stylish touch to your appearance. They also come in handy when your jeans are a tad bit loose. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best leather belt to complete your overall look.

    When talking about leather accessories for men, you can’t forget leather wallets. These wallets are of the highest quality and they are considered to be more durable as compared to wallets of any other material. You can find wallets of different sizes and designs, so you can select from different styles and designs. And once you have a leather wallet with you, impress your friends every time you hang out. Custom Build a Wallet Here
    For those of you who like noting things down on paper, then having leather cover for your notebook gives it a unique look. Not only does it look smart, it also makes it easier to carry around. Strap with around with stretchable elastic and you can secure a pen to it as well. Jot down the thoughts that come to mind, or note the important points in a meeting, you are all set to go. Custom Build a Laptop or iPad Pro Sleeve

    These are top 5 leather accessories for men, which will not only add style to your wardrobe, but also provide ultimate protection to your belongings. There are so many ways in which leather can be used to add style to your wardrobe that you will enjoy having fun using them. Its texture is satisfying and its durability allows you to use it for extended periods of time. So, what are you still thinking about? Go now, and buy yourself exquisite leather accessories that speak of class.

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  • Places Fashionistas Visit For Tips:

    Posted on June 1, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Let’s face it, being a fashionista takes work and we love being fashionistas. We love being inspired and we know that our fellow fashionistas love to stay inspired too. With the growth of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and social media, it’s easy to stay inspired. Here are the three top places that we have selected for fashionistas visit:

    There has been so many changes at Story Leather and we love it! Our website went through some changes and has a fresh look and our love for fashion is being seen through our blog. We’re all about creativity and the fashion has no bounds wit our blog. The Story Leather blog has become a place to visit for fashion trends and this can be seen in our blogs that cover color trends and seasonal trends. Did you see the blog about leather handbags or coverage on the rose gold color, leather mini skirts, and Story Leather iPhone cases? So many fun things, so little time!
    InStyle Magazine:

    Many of our fashionistas will also visit InStyle for style inspiration and so do we! We loved seeing Gwen Stefani on their front cover back in December. We especially loved seeing her on the front cover because that woman can rock a red lipstick and leather look! If you’re not feeling InStyle, you can try GLAM. Just picturing yourself by the beach with a lovely leather handbag with your magazine in it. Live life freely and openly but fabulously of course.

    The visual creativity that comes as part of the Pinterest community is endless. We love that you are able to build visuals and dreams. It’s all about the power of vision and empowerment. You can take into any direction that you want and discover so many trends, styles, and start building your own visual go to of what you want your life to be like. Some our favorite accounts to follow are Pop Sugar Fashion, WhoWhatWear, BlogLovin’, and MISSHOLLY, among many others. Get to pinning and while you’re at it, pin a few Story Leather items or find something that you love and let us help you create it!

    As you know Instagram has taken social media by storm and is fun easy way to quickly get inspired. Instagram has a new and fresh look which is a nice way to get into summer! Finding the account that you love is key and we love following Gigi Hadid for fashion inspiration as well as Kourtney Kardashian for celebrity fashion inspiration but we also love Fashion Bomb Daily, Spring and Fifth, OOTD, and for luxury we love to see what FashionLuxuries has going on. Here at Story Leather, we love the finer things in life. Check out Instagram account too, @story_leather is waiting for you!
    There are many ways to inspired and we hope that you have fun staying inspired. It’s the best way to live because it allows for creativity. We believe in expression and fa-shion because it says a lot about you as an individual, it is the reason that we allow to our customers to run with an idea and create their own Story Leather items or choose from already inspired collection. Don’t be afraid to explore and see what websites, people, and places inspire your the most and start living the way that inspires you.

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  • Summer 2016 Trends For Women

    Posted on May 27, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Summer is officially right around the corner and we want to make sure that you are absolutely ready for this time of the year. No summer is complete without some nice sunnies, a lovely pair of strappy heels, and leather accessories. Oh and let’s not forget a lovely swimsuit. Here are must have’s for the upcoming season:



    All of us need the perfect shades and there is one brand that is always in style. Ray Ban’s. We love a gold plated oversized aviator look to compliment the lightness of summer colors. This summer we want to be playful so mirrored frames also sound lovely! These kind of gold tones will pair very well with a Story Leather tote bag or hand bag. For days when we want to be more adventurous, some cat eye glasses will do the trick!


    Strappy Heels:

    Every fashionista needs the perfect summer shoe and this year we are loving the look of a strappy heel. Wear it with some fun summer shorts and a pinstripe top or try some boyfriend jeans for a fun look. We are loving the Olivia Nude Sandal on


    Story Leather Accessory:

    Our must have accessory for the summer from Story Leather would definitely be a summer tote bag! Story Leather’s Mayfield Woven Tote Bag is the perfect bag for all your summer adventures. Pack up for a nice day out and about the city for shopping or a nice beach day. It’s the perfect design but you can create your own perfect design and you can select any color that you want, we’re thinking a sandy color would be perfect!


    Summer is a fun and free time. It’s a time to be warm and light hearted. It’s a great time to be adventurous and get out of your comfort zones. Play with color, play with patterns, play with fashion, play with your style. Merchandise it up, style it up. Make this summer one to remember.

    Images Source:

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  • Rose Gold and Leather – The Perfect Combination

    Posted on May 20, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Over the past couple of years, fashion trends have significantly changed, with designers adding newer colors to their collections. The color of this season is rose gold, and it has been seen in numerous products with even Smart Phones offering it. So, why should leather be any different?

    Here are a few products that dictate why pairing the color rose gold with leather makes the perfect match.

    Watch Strap

    Watches are an accessory that needs no introduction. They add a sophisticated bling to your wrist while keeping you on track with all your meetings and appointments. Recently watches having rose colored straps were introduced and what a match they were. Attractive and trendy, it was the perfect blend of color with leather that spoke of class and style. So, if you are a watch lover, better try out a leather strap in rose color, and just see the difference it makes to your look.


    Rose Gold Colored Handbags

    When we talk about rose gold, not mentioning handbags would be a crime. There are numerous leather hand bags that feature rose gold in their collection. It can be paired with any color, and looks trendy and cool. Pair it up with a dull pink shirt, topped over white pants, and voila! The look will guarantee onlookers to stop in their tracks. This combination does not let you down, and if you are someone who simply loves the color rose gold, then this is just the perfect combo for you.



    Over the years we’ve seen some impressive colors in leather jackets. And it’s no surprise that rose gold has made its way into this foray as well. Rose gold jackets are in fashion these days, and you can pair them up with any style you want. Whether it is a simple T-shirt with denim or a simple dress for the evening, or skinny jeans with a black top, the rose colored leather jacket compliments it all. You will be amazed by how well the jacket suits you.



    No look is complete without having the perfect set of shoes, and when it comes to upping the style game, nothing speaks more than boots. Yes! You guessed it right, leather boots in rose gold color are also available, and you can pair them up with any color. They add a stylish edge to your look, and make you stand out from the rest of the people in the crowd. The durability that leather offers allows the color to shine even more, and creates an attractive and unique look.

    So, these were some of the season’s leather items that feature rose gold and do it well. This color has certainly grown in popularity and preference over the past couple of years and fashion enthusiasts have noticed it. If you are a fashion fanatic, who simply adores the latest trends and updates in the world of fashion, then rose gold leather items are a must for you.

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  • 5 Ways to Wear a Mini Skirt and Look Super Cool

    Posted on May 13, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Bloggers all over the world are obsessing with the arrival of summer so they can wear trendy miniskirts. Some women think that a miniskirt is not always the best choice which is true as sometimes you need to wear something full or just a midi-length dress but this pretty much pulls off every time you wear it. The main thing is the styling. You always need to be upfront and stunning in your fashion game. A dull and boring outfit for work not only makes a bad impact on others but it also affects your own personality too.
    Put in a miniskirt with those boring shirts and upgrade your style. Yes, you heard it. A miniskirt can bring out the style in you and provide you with a pretty chic look. Whether it is daytime, night event or hang out with friends, a miniskirt can save your day. Wear a hot miniskirt to a club and groove for your outfit being on point. You can also wear the same color leggings for the winters. Give that sassy look to your appearance and rock that dance floor. Get that summer street style on the go.
    Here are the 5 ways you can use a miniskirt to enhance your everyday look:
    #1: Mini Tartans

    This is the versatile piece you would never say no to. Wear it in the winter or the summer you will never be disappointed by the satisfying look it gives your outfit. With the miniskirt, wear something loose on top to compliment the tight tartan miniskirt. Buy a neutral colored skirt so it can match all your tops.
    #2: Mini Denim

    Just when you thought those denim days were over. Guess what, a denim miniskirt can be the lifeguard of you this summer. Wearing denim with a white top is always the classy way to flaunt your look. When you are thinking of what to wear for the next day then a denim miniskirt will be the one saving your look. It looks great with everything. No matter what color you choose, denim will be denim and will make your outfit look even better. Just consider the shape of the skirt when you are deciding to buy one.
    #3: Mini Leather

    Who’s up for leather this summer? Leather, in the summer? That’s right. Leather miniskirts are perfect for your regular routine. If not then you can always save one for a casual evening out with friends or a special one.
    #4: Mini Sequin

    An evening without something fresh, sassy and sparkly to wear would not be quite amusing. Adding in different colored fabric with this sequin miniskirt will make your personality pop out. It is always the right thing to wear for a special event.
    #5: Mini Embellish

    An embellished miniskirt makes your glam night fabulous. Pair the miniskirt with a top complimenting its embellishment and get that deliciously charming summer-look.
    Pick out any gorgeous miniskirt and twist things up with your style.

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  • Leather Motorcycle Jacket Alert!

    Posted on May 10, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    We’re all about all-things-leather, here at Story Leather, so when Vogue says that the biker jacket is the trend of the season, we love it. Although we think that it’s always a trend and an iconic trend that is never going to go. It’s got the tough-yet-sophisticated look with the right level of modern and sleek. Leather has long been identified with freedom and personal style which is what matters most to us at Story Leather. It is the reason that we allow our customers to become their own designer or give them the best designs to select from. Leather is more than just an item, it’s a piece of what you identify with, the lifestyle that you want, the lifestyle that you’re creating, it is a sense of freedom at the touch of your fingertips. It’s an intangible feeling and that is why we select premiere leather for all of our items and accessories.

    Here are 4 celebrities that made the look amazing:

    David Beckham, always in style.


    Jennifer Aniston, the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” according to People Magazine in the motorcycle jacket look.


    There’s not a man with more class, talent, and style than Mr. Timberlake


    Angelina Jolie. We aren’t surprised.

    Always be free to your own style. If this look doesn’t work for you, there is something that will.
    Feel free to send a message with any questions or ideas that you may have. We love when our customers become the designer and let us have some fun.

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  • Create a Classy statement with these7 Styles of Leather Bags

    Posted on May 4, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Speaking about style, leather accessories cannot be excluded at Story Leather.Leather is a hot item that is being used in everything that one wears or uses as accessories. This is a one of a kind material that will never go out of fashion. Leather comes in many forms such as full grain, corrected grain, bonded leather, top grain and split grain are used. However, these types have their own finishes such as vegan tan finish, rose tan, chrome tan and aldehyde tanned finish. Every type and every finish has its own charm that light up the style of the leather products.

    When we speak about leather at Story Leather, it’s a passion and handbags are the first thing that comes in mind. No one can say no to a good leather handbag. Have you ever put the effort to explore the styles of the leather handbags and know which one is appropriate at what occasion? Well, if you aren’t then we have got the information you need. Here are the types of stylish leather bags that are used for different purposes:

    Fanny Pack

    The IT bag fanny pack from 70s and 90s is back in high fashion and is the newest trend this year. This belt bag is not only extremely functional, but also helps you stay fashion-savvy and stylish.

    Athlete Bag

    This is a roomy and soft bag that has long a horizontally elongated shape with a small handle to hold. Women usually carry this along to their sports club or the gym.


    A style like this has got double handles and is usually placed at the back or carried on the back. Backpacks can either be carried by one shoulder or both of them. These bags are made from leather and of course handcrafted to give durability. You can use both of the straps or just a single one to carry them. Nevertheless, you can always use the top handle to carry it that depends on the size of the backpack leather bag.

    Beach Bag

    The commonly used beach bags are best for carrying personal items to the beach.These colorful large bags are mostly seen made from cloth materials but if you want a good and sturdy leather one then there is no limitation to that. You can even take this along to gym this Tuesday.

    Baguette Bag

    These rectangular bags are the perfect baguette shaped bags that are bigger in width and smaller in height. Thin short straps come along with these leather bags for carrying and can even rest in your armpits.

    Bowling Bag

    A bowling bag is the major retro style bag especially for younger women. Inspired from the American bowling ball bags these became a fashion item later.


    Clutches are small or medium rectangular handholding bags that can also be tucked under the arms. Usually, a clutch is carried in the hands. Used by tons of celebrities and fashion freaks these clutches are famous worldwide. They are available in plain leather styles or with heavy precious and semi-precious stones too.

    Satchel Bag

    This trendy satchel leather bag is best for outings with friends and fulfills the smart casual needs. Save those clutches for the evening.

    Look drop dead gorgeous in these amazing leather styled handbags and keep rocking.

    Always remember that Story Leather can make any bag or accessory that your heart desires. Any item can be custom made with premium genuine leather if you want the exact look that you had in mind.

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  • 5 Leather Accessories Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

    Posted on April 25, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    The bags, the leather strap platforms, the wallet and clutches, the ID card and phone cases; keeping up with season’s leather accessories can take as much time as the prêt-a-porter itself. This season is embraced by the designer-savvy and exciting mix of hues for leather accessories. From graphic leather clutches to cute coin purses and more, the season’s trending colors have entered a mint condition of maximalist spirit. We have curated the top 2016 color trends in leather accessories –consider this your spring accessories cheat sheet.
    Floral Pastels

    Call it rose, peach, taffy, punch, or fuchsia –all the shades of neutral to soft pink are totally going to rock spring 2016 trend palette. Pink has been picked as the pastels of flowers in early spring and a proven powerful color in London Fashion Week. From the first day, it ruled all over the ramp with its floral, sweet, neutral and hot shades. The significance of this candy color have been popping up more into its powder versions and brands like Angel Chen, Bora Aksu and Felder gave it connotation in the form of leather accessories.
    Feeling Blue

    Blue is picked as the color of this year. Designers have the icy shades of blue for spring (still inspired from Frozen) to turquoise, teal, and sapphire –the blue lovers will have nearly every shade possible for this color. The vibrant shades practiced at Tracy Reese and Christian Siriano, it’s obvious that blue is big for spring. Yes, the cerulean speech from The Devil Wears Prada has influenced the fashion scene immensely.
    Earth Tones

    Apparently basic but highly functional and trendy –nothing compliments earth-toned better than leather accessories. After all the madness of fashion weeks revealed the collections of New York, London, Milan, and Paris – it was clearly observed that all top designers including Chloe, Valentino, Hermes and Givenchy, practiced their accessories in earth tones. The color ranges from nude, iced coffee and moss to neutral and khaki.
    Lilac Gray

    The spring/summer 2016 color trends are taken as unisex to apprehend the foregoing tech-savvy culture. The color palette has everything in the plate from vivid feminine hues bringing out excitement to neutral and quite tones to stabilize the overall appearance. Lilac gray is trending in spring/ summer fashion scene as it is the color of sophistication and grace.
    The Evergreen White
    White is the true shade for summers and this year it does not gone from fashion scene. A white faux leather clutch, bag or purse will never get out of fashion. It immediately adds grace to any kind of silhouette.

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