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  • Story Leather Takes PR into Magnanimity with The Ross Group On Board

    Posted on September 16, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Ever since The Pretty Woman grossed around 450 million dollars immediately after its release, thus making it a big hit in Hollywood and cinemas worldwide, The Ross Group, headed by Mary Hall Ross has been quite a rage ever since. The Ross Group, which has tolerated and catered to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, has been able to prove its magnificence in Public Relations and insightful Marketing throughout the American Coastline.

    Recently, Story Leather started a collaboration by shaking hands with The Ross Group, thus welcoming an adage of experience and an entire era of fashionable success and stories to play with the sleek leather on board. The Ross Group has tons of success stories to tell to, many of which are capable of making your heads turn with their epic furnishings or clothing ventures in the movies they collaborate with, such as Gone Girl, Pitch Perfect 2 and so on.

    The Ross Group has been redefining culture and red carpets for a long time, and has been heartily accepted as an inspirational and philanthropic industry by the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The insights of Mary Hall Ross, the founder of The Ross Group have not only proved to be quite beneficial, but her picks and marketing scores have also been quite welcoming, supportive, and attractive. Mary Hall Ross believes in prejudice, and in keeping herself steadfast while providing her clients with her services that prove to be the best in the short and the long run.

    Story Leather has been quite renowned in the leather industry with an online store that caters to your whims, and delights with the most exquisite customizations, and polite customer service. We, at Story Leather ensure to wow our clients with our leather messenger and tote bags which are hand-woven with expertise.

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  • New Leather News: “Biofabrication”

    Posted on July 15, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Fashion and technology are two industries that are always changing and have surprisingly found phenomenal ways to work together. The use of technology has allowed consumers to have access to fashion trends all over the world and has allowed bloggers to create their own voice and platforms. We are a fan of both industries and both industries have their mark on Story Leather and the brand that we strive to be so when we heard of the new technology news regarding a new way to create leather on TechCrunch, we had to stop and enjoy some reading.
    According to TechCrunch, a start-up based out of Brooklyn called Modern Meadows has raised millions to source leather without livestock and only using a physically and chemically intensive process for leather creations. According to the article, CEO and co-founder Andras Forgacs explains that biofabrication involves the design of cells to produce and assemble collagen and other proteins to yield leather that is “biologically identical” to traditional types. The company is preparing to scale up and expand to serve the fashion industry but faces the challenge of making pricing affordable to the market.
    What are your thoughts on this article? Is it something that you would see yourself doing?

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  • Are You Ready For The New iPhone 7 ?

    Posted on July 12, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    New things have been on our mind so it’s the perfect time to start hearing rumors about the new iPhone 7. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iPhone will have a close resemblance to the iPhone 6 and 6s. Rumor has it that the head jack is going away but we won’t know for sure until it launches. Rumor also has it that it will be a thinner version. The newest iPhone will launch in September. The great thing is that we have the best selection of leather phone cases at Story Leather. We have the perfect looks going on for all the iPhone versions and we’re definitely excited to see what’s next. It sounds like the mega changes are coming the next year in 2017. This will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary so it makes sense why they are saving the mega changes for the next year. In the meantime, the rumor that Apple will leave the headphone jack behind will result in improved water resistance.

    Change is great and we’re definitely excited to what great technology flourishes in the future. We pride ourselves and keeping up with the best of technology and creating the perfect leather accessories to accompany new technology. Will you be getting the newest iPhone in September or will you be waiting for the next one?

    This rendering of the iPhone 7's alleged design is from MacRumors via WSJ

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  • Perfect Gift Ideas For Men

    Posted on July 5, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Every year we get the opportunity to let that special person know how we really feel about them and with Father’s Day being this month, it’s the perfect time to talk about the perfect gifts to give from Story Leather. We can help you select the most perfect gift or help you create it and customize it. Here are some of the best gifts that you can find at Story Leather:
    Phone Cover:
    Every man needs the perfect phone cover for many reasons, but the one that really stands out is the amount of wear and tear that their belongings go through. How many times do we hear about a broken phone or a cracked screen which can all be prevented. At Story Leather, a phone case/cover is one of our hottest items at Story Leather. One of our favorite designs if the Quilted Surrey 2 but we also have so many designs to select from.

    Messenger Bag:
    It’s all in the messenger bag. With such busy and hectic schedules with so much work, the perfect messenger bag from Story Leather will be the best gift ever. It is fashionable and functional while showing the love for the finer things in life.Our new Delano Messenger bag is the perfect way to debut your appreciation. It is premium lamb skin bag, with 2 front pockets, and designed compartments for storage. Designed with two buckles for great style.

    iPad Cover:
    Technology is everywhere and we’re pretty sure that his iPad might be in need of some leather TLC, especially if he has business meetings. This iPad cover was a part of our coverage for absolute musts for business meetings. We’ve got a premium selection for you. We’ve got a great selection of covers for all electronics and technology. We love the design of the Hampton Pro design for the iPad pro. It is minimal, business acute, and formal. This design has been a top favorite for our leather lovers, but there is an amazing collection to select from.

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  • Top Places To Visit This Summer:

    Posted on June 16, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    It’s that time of the year when we all like to be out and about and the sun is shining a little harder. We made a list of top places to visit this summer and this would have to be based on the amount of great things to do while traveling, fashion, and of course the love for leather. Here are the top four places that we have selected for leather lovers to visit:

    Miami, Florida:

    image courtesy of

    The beaches are sandy, the skies are pretty blue, and the sun is pretty bright in Florida. We have selected Miami as a top place to visit this summer and you can definitely take one of our tote bags or our ID holder there because Miami is pretty well known for loving the finer things in life. They have a luxury driven feel, a love for modern design, and perhaps a slight obsession with the color white which we don’t have a problem with. It’s fresh and soothing along with light and inviting.

    New York:

    image courtesy of

    We all know that New York is known for their fashion and their city views in the summer are stunning. It’s definitely the kind of place that you can create your own messenger bag. We’ve got the perfect style for men and women. Have that little special something that makes you stand out from everybody else. For some reason some fringe always stands out when New York comes into the picture, perhaps it’s because fringe is one of the most fun and fashionable things that’s out in the fashion world and luckily for you, we can have that ready for you at Story Leather. You can also make a pretty big statement with a boho chic leather skirt.


    image courtesy of

    Get your passport ready because it’s about that time! It’s time to visit on the hottest spots around and don’t miss the chance to create the perfect passport holder because we travel in fashion. Story Leather has the best selection of passport holders and you can even design your passport holder to have your initials. After your get a hold of your passport situation, that’s when the next fun part comes in which is have the best time in Ibiza. It is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world along with some of the best nightlife. With this kind of adventure, you have to get ready from snorkeling too.

    Los Angeles:

    image courtesy of

    We can’t forget Los Angeles! We love the glamour, shine, and fashion of Hollywood! Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and the fashion is pretty A-list too! Story Leather is based out of California so we might have a preference for this super sunny city. There are so many fun things to do in Los Angeles. You can see the Hollywood stars, catch a show at El Capitan Theatre, do a hike in Malibu, or dress it up in Beverly Hills.

    Make this a summer to remember and definitely have some fun! Visit new and exciting places and don’t limit yourself to just the cities. In the next few blogs we will talk about outdoor driven adventure and beautiful places to enjoy nature with. We are passionate about learning, evolving, and of course being fashionable in our favorite leather pieces but we never limit ourselves. There are so many great things to experience and beautiful places to see.

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  • Apple Announces New iPhone SE

    Posted on March 21, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple formally announces the new Apple iPhone SE. This is brands new 4 inch smartphone that looks just like the old iPhone 5s, but what makes this different is what is inside this smaller device. The phone inherits the powerful hardware of the iPhone 6s, and now we got a whole new device that caters to the customer base that is reluctant to give up the smaller size iPhone.


    In summary, we have a very nice new iPhone that is more affordable than ever, and one that doesn't compromise on performance.


    Read here for all the release details:


    With the confirmation that the new iPhone SE will sport the same exterior body as the iPhone 5s, and with Apple further confirming that the iPhone 5s cases will fit the new iPhone SE, we are now confidently taking customer orders for the iPhone SE. Click here to choose a style and begin designing your new leather case for the brand new iPhone.


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  • A brand new iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE will be revealed next week

    Posted on March 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple's next-generation 4-inch iPhone appears to be coming on March 21. With multiple manufacturers from overseas emailing us with new cases for the new iPHONE SE, we are certain this will be a reality, and not so much a rumor anymore. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much Apple is changing to body of the case to determine how much this phone will excite the Apple fanboys(girls). So far what we are hearing is that it will look very similar to the existing iPhone 5s, but with a slightly curved cover glass around the edges. Courtesy of, below are the expected specs for the upcoming iPHONE 5SE:

    • 4-inch display
    • A9 chip
    • Touch ID
    • Apple Pay support
    • 12-megapixel rear camera
    • Live Photos support, but no 3D Touch
    • Metal casing

    We, here at Story Leather, are ready to custom build wallet cases and holsters as soon as Apple announces on March 21st. Be sure to check back and custom build that best case you can find for the IPHONE SE on Monday!
    Image courtesy of

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  • 7 Most Fashionable Leather Accessories that are Trending for 2016

    Posted on March 9, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Who will say no to the genuine leather fashion pieces? Of course none! Either men or women, we all crave for leather goods and like to accessorize with the unmatched, durable form of fashion pieces. No doubt,leather is loved in every form and the designers have taken the advantage of it to form some exclusive leather accessories that are trending in 2016 fashion scene.

    Alongside to shoes and bags, there are several creative ways to accessorize yourself through leather. At Story Leather, we have brought some unconventional yet most fashionable leather accessories that are trending for the year 2016.

    Leather Cuffs

    Pick a Fendi’s alligator skin cuff or A Detacher’s burnt orange leather cuff, even Celine’s leather cuff pooled with metallic square and hoop –they all taken as the trendiest accessories of the season. Leather cuffs fashion got trendy since last year when the street style got oozed and became the trendiest thing to follow. Apparently, this fashion is going to stay for a while.

    Leather Wrap Bolo

    This innovative neck accessory inspired from the 60s has become a huge trend for the season.The young millennials love to wear it in multiple styles. Wear it with a medallion, pearls or just go simple, you will get perfection to your voguish looks in either way.

    Leather Belts

    Yep! The elegance speaks for itself when a classy belt is designed in leather. A Sleek waist belt that can be worn over skirts, jeans, and dresses would never get out of the fashion. And there is also the newest trend of wrap belts that look awesome on all waist sizes. You can experiment them in multiple ways.

    Scarf Cuffs

    This is another innovative way to show your leather love. They just help you out to stylishly wear a snuggly scarf and add the right amount of attitude in your silhouette.

    Leather Clutches

    The spring/summer New York Fashion Week 2016 runway showed some amazingly tasteful trends in the form of leather clutches. Lanvin’s gray leather clutch is still holding its place and included on the list of fashion must-haves for 2016.

    Statement Leather Earrings

    The obsession with statement earrings has entered the 2016 trends and would be sticking around till next spring season. Not only that, it has taken to next level through leather fringes and feather-like swingy earrings. The designers like Marissa Webb and Tome showed their passion by using leather and created statement leather earrings – and it worked wonders!

    Leather Bucket Bag

    The innovative style that comes with functionality, bucket bags are the newest trend brought by top designers like Zara. You can pair it up with bright spring outfits to get an effortless ambiance.

    End Note

    The story of leather is continued to give you innovative trends. There are several leather accessories that can build a fashion-forward statement of you. Story Leather has accessories for people who are in love with leather. Shop for your favorite leather accessory now!

    Image Source: Pinterest

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  • Types of Leather Used To Make Wallets, Purses, and Bags

    Posted on March 7, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    There are a variety of different leathers used when manufacturing leather goods. From animal hide types to dyes to preparations, the limit is truly endless. Some leathers work better than others for certain products, keeping wear in mind. In addition to durability, style and personal preference play a large role in leather selection.

    Common Types

    Full Grain - This strong and durable leather has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed on the surface so it is not as smooth and lends a natural look. The breathable nature acquires less moister and it naturally patinas in color during its lifetime. This is made from the top layer of the hide. Bags are not normally made from this except for high quality pieces because it is difficult to work with for smaller pieces, this is the most common for shoes.

    Top Grain - This is the second highest quality leather and the most popular in luxury leather goods. The split layer has been taken away and this is thinner and more pliable. This also does not age as well because the strongest fibers were sanded away. It is treated with a finish coat and sanding; due to this there is no natural patina and a colder feel. This leather is stain resistant and these are the strongest popular, easy to find leather goods.

    Corrected Grain - This is a leather that has an artificial grain applied on the surface, so leather no meeting the high standards for vegetable or other tanned leathers. After the perfections are sanded off, there is an artificial grain embossed and pigments applied on top to hide imperfections even more. This can also be referred to as Genuine Leather and is most popular for wallets for affordability.

    Split Leather - This is made from the fibrous part of the leather after the top rawhide has been separated. This is used to create suede, which is tougher than clothed and a great fabric for lining.

    Bonded Leather - This is the collected dust from other leather that are glued and pressed together, used to mix with synthetic leather. This is the weakest of leather.

    Common Finishes:

    Chrome Tanned - This is produced by using chromium salts, blue and other exotic colors can be produced by this method. It is pliable, supple, and keeps shape and form easily. It is also easy to produce in about a day, and makes up 80% of leather goods.

    Vegetable Tanned - This is tanned using tannins from vegetables, bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. Normally the leather results supple and brown with shade variation based on tannins and animal hide. This is not good in water, it will discolor, shrink, and harden.

    Aldehyde Tanned - Using Aldehyde chemicals, this leather is white or cream in color.

    Rose Tanned - This rare, lengthy process is created by using rose otto oil in place of other oils and the leather goods keep a delightful rose scent.

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  • Treat Your iPad

    Posted on March 2, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    You may deck out your phone in trusty cases and gear, but it is easy to forget about your Ipad. This device is just as useful in your daily life and deserves just as much love. Here’s some great options to encase your Ipad and give it new life. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want something with a different style for different uses. From just traveling, to running errands all day, to using it heavily for various tasks, there’s an option for you and you never have to compromise luxury and style for functionality.

    For The Busy

    If you’re quite busy and on the go with your gear, a back cover case is perfect. It keeps your case scratch free and protected, but it also keeps the bulk to a minimum. That way, you can easily slip your device into your bag and pull it out when you want to read or play a game, but look good doing it.

    iPad Pro Slate

    For The Heavy User

    Just because you use your Ipad frequently doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a genuine leather good to make it more luxurious. What will be most convenient for you is a case with a folding ability that allows you to prop your Ipad at different angles. Try one angle for reading, one for replying to emails, one for playing games, and another for watching movies. This is especially helpful for hands free reading on the go. Rather than holding your device, you can conveniently angle it to your desired level and then read. If you are taking notes, the propping feature is especially helpful to let your hands write while reading. These cases are durable and flexible for all your electronic needs.

    Smart Shell Pro

    For The Traveler

    If you travel a lot and bring your Ipad on the go, you may want a stylish storage case rather than a functional case. A portfolio style case to slip your Ipad into is the perfect option to take your Ipad and keep it safe in your luggage while you’re commuting elsewhere. You can even slide your keyboard in so you have less stuff scattered throughout. Pair with a matching pouch to hold cleaning supplies and your charging equipment.

    Courier Pro

    If you are using the original iPad, the iPad Mini, or the iPad Air, please click here to pick a style to customize a case fit your device. Customize Now

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