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  • We have just launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign!

    Posted on April 18, 2017 by Jerry Lee


    Here at Story Leather, we are embarking on a new journey as we look for a new method to provide a wider selection of ready-to-ship goods. We are often asked why is everything custom made to order? Why does it take 30 days for me to get something with my name on it? Why can't I just buy this nice wallet and get it tomorrow? These are questions that we ask ourselves often as well, and then one of our customers suggested to us why not use Kickstarter as a way to test and see if there's a market for your in-stock goods?


    Well, here we are, launching our first Kickstarter campaign for a new card wallet that we have designed. Our intention is to produce this card holder in mass quantity and price them fairly just so that it's easily approachable by first time Story Leather shoppers, and also serves as a value item for long time Story Leather customers. With these mass-produced items, we are able to achieve a greater economy of scale so that we can price them more competitively to other brands with similar offerings on the market. Again, we strongly believe that the quality of leather goods and craftsmanship truly will make our offerings an attractive and appealing proposition.


    Please come and support our Kickstarter campaign today.


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  • More Than Artisans: Eleet Fashion

    Posted on March 9, 2017 by Krystal Contreras

    With the abundance of social media sites, magazines, blogs, and influencers, it’s easy to find style inspiration from all over. However, what happens when you just don’t connect with anything out there? You take it upon yourself to create your own style, that’s what! And, that is exactly what one stylish young man had to courage and creativity to do.

    Our More Than Artisans initiative strives to support local artists and entrepreneurs by sharing their stories. This week, we focus on Lucas, the founder of the men’s fashion and style brand, Eleet Fashion.

    We interviewed Lucas to learn more about the origins of Eleet Fashion, as well as his inspirations, journey, and goals.

    Story Leather: What influenced you to start your brand? / What is the story behind the establishment of Eleet Fashion?

    Lucas: When I started our page, I was sitting in my anatomy class during senior year in High School, bored, and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I remember trying to get into the "street style" world and trying to learn about it, but I always struggled to find a page that could help me with that, and whenever I found something, they would be posting things so unaffordable, that it wasn't even worth following. And so I started Eleet Fashion, I wanted to help real people to better themselves, while staying realistic in what most people are able to afford. I always wanted to have my own brand and as time went on I realized, I was already building a brand with Eleet Fashion, but I was building it the other way around, and we are still on the way.


    Story Leather: Where do you derive your style inspiration from?

    Lucas: My mom always tells me that since I was a kid, I would always prefer receiving clothes and shoes as gifts rather than toys. Of course, all of us are influenced by our experiences in life, and the cultures we grow up around and the people we grow up listening to, and me being a drummer, always involved with music, made me open to all kinds of arts. But, like everyone else during the time we started the page, I was mainly inspired by Kanye West, Pharrell Williams. Those guys that were around making awesome sneakers at the time. Shoes were always a big passion of mine, ever since I was a kid. Some of the Air Yeezys are still my grails (sneakerhead term), and with the sneakers, came the clothes and the details put together on every outfit.


    Story Leather: What makes Eleet Fashion unique?

    Lucas: I believe the attention to details, and just how serious we take every photo we post, the content we produce for brands, and that attention to detail and professionalism goes into every single aspect of our work, be it our captions, photos, giveaways, anything we do. And my unique ideas, as far as clothes go, are very different, I'm very into the futuristic and unique clothes and shoes, the laceless, zippered, glow in the dark, strapped sneakers, the strangely cut, with unique fabrics and textures clothing, that kind of stuff. I try to slowly implement that into our page, I say slowly because people need to get used to that kind of thing, and be able to wrap their minds around the idea, step by step. My goal is to become a brand that does unique things for unique people.


    Story Leather: What are your short term and/or long term goals for Eleet Fashion?

    Lucas: Short term, I'd say keep bringing things that our followers enjoy, continue producing the content for brands that we enjoy doing so much, and eventually in a not-so-long term, I want to keep producing content for brands, but in a larger scale and I want to make Eleet Clothing line and sneakers, things people will be able enjoy, and afford.


    Story Leather: What motivates you to continue building this brand?

    Lucas: We've come a long way since we started with our 0 followers, but we are not where we want to be yet. We started the other way around of what brands typically do, we are building the brand, and its following,  before we have our physical products available for everyone to buy. Also, the fact that many brands are loving the content we produce for them, motivates me a lot to keep going. Small achievements like, one of the photos we produced for Coca Cola during their Christmas campaign last year, being labeled brand favorite, one of the photos we took for Amazon Video being used by them on a future campaign, True Religion using our photo on their social media, those kinds of achievements rekindle the flame and keeps us going.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.46.59 AM.png

    Story Leather: What does a typical work day look like for you at Eleet Fashion?

    Lucas: What we are doing the most now is producing content for brands. We are always connecting with brands and doing collaborations with our page, and because of all that attention to detail, and the creative eye I developed with time, after seeing so many photos and videos, and reading articles, brands have been enjoying our work, and really appreciating the photos we take with their products, it makes me very happy. In our daily work, we are typically connecting and closing content deals with brands, taking and editing the photos for the brands, curating the best outfits we see and reposting some of the best to instagram, we are always engaging with our followers on our snapchat too, giving them a behind the scenes look, and exclusive information and photos. My mom is my major daily help with the page, she helps on everything we do.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.00.39 AM.png

    Story Leather: Where do you see yourself and your business/ brand is 10 years? 20years?

    Lucas:  I see ourselves producing content for brands on a larger scale, something I have found to enjoy doing very much, and I see our Eleet Clothing as a well established clothing brand, that has its solid fan base, and that people enjoy owning and wearing very much. And the money, as Roman Atwood says, "Money is a byproduct of what you love". If you'd like to join us on that journey, and be part of it, add us on snapchat and follow us on instagram, both @eleetfashion.

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  • More Than Artisans

    Posted on February 23, 2017 by Krystal Contreras

    Our company was built by dreamers; hardworking dreamers who know what it’s like to create something bigger than themselves out of sheer determination and will. That is why, here at Story Leather, we would like to showcase other determined and hardworking entrepreneurs and artists and share their stories. Story Leather was founded as a bootstrapped startup business, so we know how challenging and difficult it is to start a company or pursue a dream from scratch. Our More Than Artisans initiative aims to support other dreamers by letting their voices be heard. Sometimes an innovative artist, brand, or product gets lost within the vast abyss of media today. We strive to work against that issue by promoting small businesses and artists to help provide them with a new outlet and media exposure.

          We strive to share what makes you special, what motivates you, inspires you; and learn more about what challenges you have faced, how you overcome, and where you see yourself and your brand in the future. Our passion is telling stories, whether it be through customizable leather cases and goods, or feature articles focusing on up-and-coming influencers. We hope that in sharing these stories, it will not only inspire the featured artist to keep going, but also inspire others to start working toward what they have always wanted. No matter your ethnicity, class, background, gender identification, or age, you have what it takes to make your dream a reality.

          In addition to promoting artists and entrepreneurs of all types, we also welcome the opportunity to work with designers and young brands looking for a manufacturing partner or production team to help produce premium quality leather goods. We have previously worked with brands such as ifonista and Qind Design to not only provide leather goods for their online stores, but also cross promotion. Their stories can be found on our blog page and throughout our social media.


          If you are interested in collaborating with us and being a part of More Than Artisans, contact us by emailing A member of our team will then contact you to learn more about you and your brand’s story. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to pursue your dream. We are more than a team of leather artisans, we want to help our local community, support local artists, and most importantly - give back.

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  • We are currently on a 40-45 day production cycle

    Posted on January 13, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Our team has worked long and hard to get all the Holiday orders made and shipped for our customers in December, 2016.  We are winding down production for 2 weeks in late January to give our crew a break and spend some quality time with family.  Due to this break, we are extending the production lead time for all custom orders from our usual 25-30 days to 40-45 days.

    We understand it is a long wait for a custom order, and as a token of appreciation for your patience, we are giving away a free Watson leather card holder for each of your custom order.

    Additionally, we during this time, we are offering 15% off all custom goods, please kindly use promo code: CUSTOMMADE2017 from now till end of February.



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  • Laredo – Pure Class in a Backpack

    Posted on October 28, 2016 by Andrea Romero


    Have you ever looked at leather and felt as if it is talking to you? Story Leather has enabled you to witness the most premium leather of all kinds by simply logging on your computers, and choosing from a variety of leather goods from its online website for your wardrobe every now and then. Leather is perhaps a fad that stays true to its name – it is always there, whether it is summer or winter, and will always earn you the attraction and attention that can be brought in by simple and plain accessories.

    The Leather, however, tends to showcase quite an elegant look despite being plain. Perhaps being simple is one of the major attributes of leather, and Story Leather knows several ways to accentuate the finishing look. Ever since Story Leather came into being, we have had a lot of choices ranging from leather phone cases to wallets, and leather cases for planners, notebooks, and diaries. Since bags are a necessity, and almost nobody would be seen without a tote or a messenger bag nowadays, it is time to invest your time and money on The Laredo Bag – the ultimate addition to backpacks.


    In a world where abstract and graphic printed backpacks have revisited the creed and masses, and managed to add color to our vague lives, The Laredo Bag is still proving to be sufficient and eminent than the rest. There are a lot of reasons why The Laredo Bag’s demure leather does not pose a threat to your belongings, some of it owing to its fantastic and soft suede inner compartments, while the rest pointing towards the durability of leather.

    The Laredo Bag is loved for quite a many reasons – the most popular owing to its sleek composure, and the magnificence that the leather backpack resonates through a single touch. Being sleek and svelte in nature, The Laredo Bag can be shipped quite instantaneously, giving you a chance to appreciate Story Leather’s apt shipment services other than just having excuses to rave about its exquisite craftsmanship. The Laredo Bag has a height of 35cm, a width of 25 cm and a staggering diameter of 12.5 cm. This Laredo Bag is the ultimate in Story Leather’s latest leather flicks as it not only gives you a chance to minimize vulnerability while traveling, but also allows you move about in style.

    Story Leather allows you to come forward and choose from a variety of colors and textures of leather for your own distinctive glory. We use the finest of the truest cowhide and lambskin to manufacture your leather products, which you can customize to your heart’s and budget’s content. Assuring the fact that The Laredo Bag provides you comfort and ease due to the straps stitched and coupled on the bag’s behind, allow your troubles to melt away by putting your trust in Story Leather’s exquisite gear.

    Tip: Pair The Laredo Bag with a customized leather phone case, preferably textured by Story Leather, and wow them all!


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  • Coming up with 3 Fashionable Leather Phone Cases of iPhones for Men

    Posted on October 19, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    We are all very excited to hear about the all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We are sure to keep it more protective and use it for a longer. Yet, what is inside the phone is not only important rather what is outside the phone is another greater component. With Apple’s launch of iPhone 7, “Story Leather” is now coming with new customized leather cases giving it a nicer and trendy look and comfortable to hold. The softness of the case enables the users to have a soothing touch. While the leather covering supports it from any kind of dirt or damage. The casing is beautifully designed allowing easy installation for its users. All products in this range are exclusively durable. What more can one want than all of these benefits available in one package?
    Deerhill STYLE ID: SL-8357-W5

    Deerhill is an exclusive leather case that has been piped to make it look fancy. The neatly done stitching gives it an appealing look where high quality is more prioritized. Even after a lot of usage, it is guaranteed that edges won’t have rough surface. Customers especially men do not have to think about what colour to choose as leather is available in variety of colors targeting young fashionistas to sober individuals. It is available in red, orange, black, white, beige, etc. The variety in colors gives a great combination and can be customized according to customer’s demands. Even the leather design can be selected as per customer’s choice whether pebbled grained, ostrich pattern, crocodile pattern or smooth leather is required. They can easily go on with denim or pants. Men won’t feel the bulge while using this case. All items are handmade products and order is completed in 30 days. Whether you use the case while going to college or a formal setting, you nail your selection. The casing has a magnetic closure that enables it to save the phone.
    Double Decker STYLE ID: SL-7261-W3

    Story leather has utilized its premium services for the manufacturing of the Double Decker case and has come up with innovative designs in featuring extensive range of products. The leather case not only prevents the phone from damaging or any kind of rough scratches but also gives a nice leather fragrance. The variety in each leather case and it its capacity of the extra battery storage is another “remarkable factor” that the clients would be most looking forward to. The company is very much responsive in taking care of the consumer needs and demands. Any sort of customization can be made with the finest product produced by co creating the product according to customer’s preferences. This is also first case with the capacity of two phones. The fine design brings more protection in keeping both phones together.
    Zaza STYLE ID: SL-1708-W2

    This slim holder case has been designed especially targeted for men who want more of a tech-savvy product but are light and could easily fit in the pocket. As a result of its quality and performance, it is therefore anticipated to enjoy this customized leather case by trendy fashionistas for years. With the latest trends, we all look for something that has been especially designed for us. Story leather prioritizes in designing products that is especially “made for you” for the fashion followers who are more likely to appreciate these custom made efforts by the company with the perfect workmanship giving a symbol of fashion and class. It has an attached magnetic closing that helps in protecting the phone and can also be personalized as per customers’ demands.

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    Posted on October 4, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Whether leather emerged in the world as a fashion statement or a necessity has been a major gamble at times. However, supporting leather thigh high boots under a rain coat during thunder, and hopping around in puddles is rather a comfortable idea as compared to walking around in the wet weather in flip flops, sandals or wedges.

    Just as denim and ripped off jeans made a huge come-back in the fashion world today, you would see top markets of Milan and Paris supporting leather as if there is no tomorrow. We all know that leather tends to get chic and redefines your status as a huge blob on the social scale, but are these words enough to elaborate what leather goods have been doing to our bank accounts? Let’s take a look.


    As far as elegance concerned, leather phone cases are a soothing sight for the eyes. Ever since the mobile market busted every other living civilian nowadays with Apple’s most handsome IPhones and Samsung’s capable tablets and Note series, we see ourselves setting down a glitch as we see various techniques in order to protect them, or in other words, our hard earned money. Leather phone cases have redefined comfort, safety and beauty as they wrap your phones amenably.

    Nowadays, many people have been shifting their gear towards leather phone cases and ordering them from as they give you the option of choosing from a variety of ready-made existing pieces. Nevertheless, this little California Enterprise allows you to go all trendy and innovative by giving you the option of having your phone’s little clothing customized to the bone.

    Leather is also good for safety purposes in this way that the thick coat helps to save your phone from any resounding collisions, thus saving you a good sum of money that could have been violated in a single crash. One piece of advice: go for leather phone cases this year, and throw the ratty threadbare ones you have been using since the eighties.


    Have you ever witnessed how leather is woven to make the most perfect hand bags and tote bags for you? We haven’t either. However, a wise man once said that it is better to see what is in front of you instead of seeking the consequences of preparations and troubles. Since this wise man is supposed to me today, I will continue to cite the salient feature that leather tote bags, hand bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags and hobo bags will remain efficient and elegant no matter how badly you wish to bring those cotton bags that get ruined even by placing them swiftly on the ground.

    Apart from sporting a leather tote bag to the gym, you can call up your friends and decide to go dutch on any of the leather clutches or wallets in order to keep those fashionable juices flowing and up-to-date. As far as the fashion world is concerned, leather is never running out of time, and will never go obsolete. Anything can end, but leather and its exquisite entrances, and the remarkable satisfaction or pertaining to something so worthwhile despite being pretty – perhaps never.

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  • Is Your Backpack Packed To The Hilt? 3 Much Needed Leather Travel Accessories for Every Move

    Posted on September 6, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    It is a major wonder why men always pack way too less when they decide to go on a business trip or even out on vacations. Being a woman here, I can always think of tons of possibilities that could happen to me while I am out on a trip, and being without my most important accessories, it will be hard to even last a day. We all know that leather has been worshiped for its remarkable coverage for stationery since all these years. However, just as we cannot replace comfort with fashion, we also cannot replace leather with ‘useful’. The Leather is more than just being a useful decree.
    Men and women who work their heads of the entire year do deserve a relaxing vacation at least once throughout the year. However, most of these business clad men tend to extend their work trips to one or two days so that they could avoid the ragweed at home, and get enough rest from a busy conference before they settle down for more work at home. So, what are the 3 must have leather travel accessories that you should not be left without? Before planning a trip anywhere – be it work or a reclining excursion – you need to have this list of must haves pinned to your soft-board so that you can remember everytime.

    Going on a business trip without a leather journal? Did someone hit you with a bat while you were packing your stuff for you to be this forgetful? Leather journals with bookmarks and an index are preferably the second most leather travel accessories that you should not be left without. Pack your bags with your diary, and take it with you wherever you go for work. Today, planners have been designed to be more impressive and beautiful other than the simple cardboard or plastic ones that you see losing pages all the time.

    Sort of makes you replace your child’s teddy bear with a leather clad journal and planner too, right? After all, these two main accessories have been helping us to stay organized all the time. What better option to have leather ones other than those that can be spoilt and ruined easily? It is not always about work, or is it?

    As soon as duffel bags were introduced on the planes, they became easy to be found at every stationery shop in addition to bag stores as well. Leather duffel bags were introduced for ease, that is, they can sport your most important belongings while you go out on a short journey, without getting too stuffed or ironically heavy. Duffel bags are in, and teenagers too sport them when they wish to stock it with towels for the gym, or along with backpacks for school.

    We will keep all leather goodies aside, and this one aside. We all knew that leather has been revamping our stationery to look impressive and resilient other than on wardrobes. gives you a chance to revamp your most important necessity as well. Say it with the accessory that has been quite mandatory and would die if it had ears and heard that we just term it as an accessory above – your phones.
    Since phones too need protection from the scrape that might ruin their casings and have them deal with scratches till the time they don’t get replaced, it is time for us to be utmost caring towards them as well. Have yourself drool over these exquisite leather cases – just for your darling phone – at – and have it engraved with your name or anything else. Story leather pays attention to personalized gifts and customizations as well.

    Image source:

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  • Does Your IPhone Wear Leather? Be Classy with these Fashion-Savvy Leather Cases

    Posted on September 3, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Let us begin with a story today, and we will allow you to decipher its moral at the end of this very paragraph. With technology surfacing our minds, showrooms, wardrobe and necessities, we know how atypical it is to spot anyone on the streets armed without a phone. So, let’s see here – imagine you are walking on the road, or anywhere aimlessly, for that matter, and you suddenly trip, causing your phone to take a massive landslide and crash down on the floor.

    Believe me on this one when I say that you’re going to be more than hurt when you see your phone lying on the floor. So, there is only one way to curb this anxiety and to provide protection to your iPhone. Apart from helping yourself to be really aware of your surroundings and the places where you put your feet on, let’s hope you also roll your eyes on the customized collection put forward by our leather artisans for your phones.
    There is a reason why Apple offers premium leather cases as well with the sales of their phones – it drives the public crazy, not to mention the annoying Apple logo that keeps on following you like the purge. As far as Apple is concerned, the red and soft pink ones are really off the charts, and give the phones a very demure look, not to mention, a comforting feeling depicting safety. Here, at Story Leather, you would get a completely different experience.
    With hundreds of colors to choose from, Story Leather gives you a chance to get the elegant look while swiftly moving through the online aisles for the hunt for a proper cover or case for your IPhones. Check out the in stock iPhone 6s cases here.

    Apart from our usual back covers, Story Leather offers a wide range of horizontal and vertical belt clip holsters that are to die for. With leather as sleek and black as adorned by the Black Napa Leather case for IPhone 6, or the one made to manufacture the Coffee Smooth Fine Grain Leather case, you have quite a few debonair options to resist your eyes on. As a way to "keep things interest", here at Story Leather, we introduce new leather colors and textures and phone case styles rather frequently. So check back often and see what we got in store for you!

    Belt Clip Holsters, Leather back covers and of course, our favorites – book style wallet cases, have always satisfied our customers to the core. We all know how important it has become for our phones to be with us all the time, so why not decide a chic cover for them while we are at it? Story Leather promises to provide you with the most sophisticated yet soft, premium leather, and that too, at your own will, customizations and understanding. Ready for the new Apple iPhone 7 next week? We are!

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  • The Tech Accessories Specialist That is Twisting the Fashion Game

    Posted on August 29, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Who knew that the iPhone covers can become a crucial part of the global fashion scene?
    Just as the IT revolution has totally changed the lifestyle on global, our beloved Apple iPhone cases have become the newest fashion accessory which is been promoted by all tech-savvy fashionistas. A few years back, the iPhone cases were more looked like DIY embellished key chains until the Story Leather took this important accessory to another level and Big Bang-ed it into something extremely significant –the Story Leather iPhone cases are just a class apart!
    This leather accessories maker is winning the scenario by giving elegance to all your important gadgets through their stylish leather covers, cases, and many other accessories.
    With the smart signature range of iPhone cases by Story Leather, you can easily stay ahead on your fashion game. Now with the release of Apple’s new trusty iPhone 7,you can spice it up even more because of the availability of more accessories options.
    Love your Gadgets in a Fashionable way
    Fashion-forwards are looking for more ways to accessorize their technology, and Story Leather is bringing tech-accessories with a twist of high-end fashion,and that too by addressing the needs of every tech user.
    We are living in an era where technology and fashion are crucially important for each other. To cope up the needs, Story Leather is that brand which is bringing high-quality, stylish tech accessories at a reasonable price.
    As of today, along with several designer bags and fashion accessories, Story Leather carries hundreds of designer tech accessories including phone cases, laptop bags, iPad covers, and tablet covers. Each is given the classic style treatment through high-end craftsmanship.
    Suede up your upcoming iPhone 7 with Story Leather’s exclusive iPhone case
    Stylish covers gained significant momentum as the iPhone became the widely used gadget. Previously, people were more focused on protecting their expensive device and showing off the Apple logo, until it became so common that fashion-forwards feel more comfortable to accessorize around it.
    Being the leader in consumer electronics; Apple’s new iPhone 7 that is coming out next month has created quite a hype. So all those who are looking forward to staying ahead in gadget race, but don’t want to lose the style game should consider Story Leather’s iPhone cases for their brand new tech buddy.
    Since your iPhone is the first noticeable thing on your appearance, whatever you use to enclose it becomes a defining personal statement –that is a great amount of pressure to deal with. Luckily, Story Leather has something for every iPhone on the loose. It’s the best option for the grown-up, expensive fashion –and that too in your personalized way. These uber-cool leather iPhone cases have become a sensation for elegance lovers.
    More Story Leather designs are expected to hit the store with the launch of iPhone 7, and they will be rolling out exclusive tech accessories to add chic to your tech-savvy appearance.
    Either it’s your phone, iPad, tablet or laptop – a makeover with Story Leather’s innovative, reasonably priced, suede tech accessories can turn heads for sure.
    Check the items out at

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