• Story Leather Testimonial: Mark

    Posted on October 20, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello Everyone!

    Halloween is right around the corner and so is Christmas, so we hope everyone is getting a head start. We'll be announcing our cut off date for Christmas orders soon so keep an eye out. Also, our in stock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases will be out in the next week! So sign up for our news letter or stay tuned by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

    Moving on, this weeks testimonial comes from Mark who absolutely loves his case!

    Hi Jerry Lee,

    I am very pleased with the custom leather holster for my iPhone. I can tell the pride of the craftsman who made it by the quality of the work. As seen in the attached photos, I wear it everyday!

    Thanks for a great product and quality customer service!

    Have a great day!

    If you have a case you'd like to share then send in a picture with some of your thoughts!

    For more of our stories you can visit or visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for all of any updates on new styles, leathers, or promo codes. speaking of Promo codes, use SPOOK14 for 10% off!

    Don't forget to check out our recent works section to see past creations, link right HERE to take a look at all the custom designs that others have made. Who knows, maybe there's a design that speaks to you.

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  • Style Stories: Sabina Vajraca the Fashionable Filmaker!

    Posted on August 20, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Summer is coming to a close and fall is quickly making an appearance, I hope. This week we had the pleasure of speaking to Sabina Vajraca. As wonderfully put on her website, she’s a “filmmaker by day and fashion lover by night”; film and fashion, two words that sound too perfect for each other. At a glance Sabina is a New Yorker with a bit of the classic touch; she posts pictures of everyday attire mixed with a bit of her grandmother’s closet. I personally think that in a word so keen on the future should look to the past a bit to see the finer points in fashion. This is why coming across Sabina is such a treat!



    Story Leather: I have to ask, what inspired you to look through the old fashion lady attire?

    Sabina: My grandma Azemina was a product of old European aristocracy, and a lady in full sense of that word. I spent most of my early childhood with her, listening to stories of life before WWII and glamour of old money that her family lost when the Communists came. She never left the house without her lipstick on, and wore only furs in winter. To an impressionable young girl with wild imagination she might as well have been a movie star stepping right out of those old Hollywood films I was already devouring at that point.

    It wasn’t until many years later, however, that I realized that those years with her had a profound influence on me, most deeply in my fashion sense. I love coming up with outfits that grandma Azemina would approve of, and try my best to never leave my house without my lipstick on, even when rushing to a film set at 4 o’clock in the morning.


    Story Leather: How did you come up with your fashion philosophy?

    Sabina: I have to credit my mom on this one. She always had a very unique style and taught me not to be afraid to try things even if no one else is doing it. It took me years to get as confident as she is, though. But at one point I started thinking “what would mom wear” and dared to push my fashion to the realm of my own.

    I’ve been told many times “only you can pull that off” to which I always reply “I am nothing special. Anyone can pull anything off. You just have to dare to do it.” Besides most of the time I am not really doing anything that unusual. I’m just putting things together in a perhaps a more unique or unseen-before way. Anyone can do that!



    Story Leather:  If you had to pick two outfits, new and old, and represent you the best what would you pick and why? I know two is tough.

    Sabina: Oh man. That’s really a tough one. But if I think about it, I’d say these two fit the bill very well:

    The first one is a beautiful vintage gown I wore to a friend’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival a few years back. It’s glamorous and ladylike in that old Hollywood sense that I deeply appreciate, and channel whenever I can.

    For a whole decade before settling into my grandmaesque style I was very much into punk and still love finding ways to add that dash of rebellion to my style. The second dress is a good example of this, allowing me to pair up a dainty dirty pink color and simple pumps with a leather wristband and a cool oval purse that looks like it just might hold a Tommy gun. After all, as much as I love the 1920s for their fashion, music and a general sense of etiquette, had I been alive then, I would have probably been a suffragette.


    Story Leather: On your blog I saw a wonderful outfit that’s in your profile picture, the sailor outfit with white parasol, could you tell us about that one?

    Sabina: Oh thank you for the compliment! It’s one of my favorites! J

    Whenever I visit my parents in Florida, my mom and I hit all the local thrift stores. I love shopping in thrift stores. You always find only 1 of everything so you’re guaranteed to walk away with something unique, like this fabulous sailor dress.

    I wore it many times since then, in various combinations, but this particular photo was snapped at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island. This annual summer shindig has been going on for many years and used to be quite underground. The whole 1920s scene was. I stumbled into it on my search for ladylike things to do some 4 years ago and have been in love with it ever since.

    The idea is that for two weekends in the summer a lawn on Governor’s Island in NYC is sectioned off and turned into something straight out of The Great Gatsby. There is a big band that plays tunes from that time, dance lessons, period cocktails, and dozens of people all dressed in the period attire mingling, dancing and picnicking together. It’s really lovely!

    I always create my outfits for these events from what I already have, turning modern dresses into period outfits with accessories and hair/make-up. I find this to be more authentic in a way and it fits with my fashion philosophy of creating something unique vs buying straight off of a manikin.

    For this occasion I paired it with a white parasol I bought 10 years ago in Chinatown for those painfully hot and sunny NYC summer days. I added a pair of white knitted gloves I got on a whim once because I thought they were pretty (I buy a lot of things with this idea – if you love it, and can afford it, get it - you’ll find a way to wear it, at some point, guaranteed!), put a hair in a bun, donned some pearls and finished it off with my standard white flat shoes for the comfort of walking around on the grass all day.



    Story Leather: What helpful tips could you give to someone trying to find that right mix of style, comfort, and budget?

    Sabina: I say start with what you have. Look through your closet and dare yourself to combine things in a completely new way. You’ll be surprised how many gems are already there, waiting for you to notice them. Just because you wore that white shirt (for example) so many times you can’t imagine it fitting with anything but the pants/skirt/jeans you always put it with, does not mean that it’s old and boring. Put it with something else, something you’d never think goes with it, and see if it makes you smile.

    Also, take the time to get to know your body and your comfort level and be honest with yourself. In my experience if you don’t feel comfortable wearing something, no matter how cool/beautiful/sexy/trendy that something is, you yourself won’t be. I’ve seen plenty of people look stunning in jeans and sneakers and miserable in skin-tight dresses even if the jeans were old and the dress was the hottest new trend. Know yourself and trust your gut.



    Story Leather: Lastly I read that you’re a filmmaker, does your love of fashion influence the types of films you make or vice versa?

    Sabina: That is a very interesting question and one I never really thought about before. I’d say that my love of pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box definitely spans across both mediums, but I have to admit the characters in my films are much less adventurous in their clothing choices than I. J That said, I do believe the clothes we wear can tell a lot about what we’re going through internally, and try to convey that in the films I create. As my costume designers will attest, I am definitely one of those directors who will take the time to work out the entire character arc through their costume choices. Nothing is accidental. Even if all she wears is gray or black, you can believe I thought long and hard why she’s in that particular shade of gray at that point and how that informs us of her journey. Maybe no one else will get it, but I firmly believe that greatness is in details, and I aim for greatness, always, be it in the films I make or in the outfits I wear.



    Story Leather: Are there any last tips or words or worldly wisdom you’d like to add?

    Sabina: Oh, that’s an invitation to open up a Pandora’s box! J Just kidding. Honestly, I think we all tend to overcomplicate everything, fashion included. So I say don’t take it, or yourself too seriously. Laugh as much as you can, learn to recognize what’s important and what really truly isn’t, and do your best to eliminate hate from your life. It serves no one, least of all you.


    I wanted to thank Sabina to finding time in her busy schedule to give us a glimpse at her style and for showing us that items from any era are and will always be in style! Don't forget to check out her fashion blog at: for all her style tips and if you want some extra help you can contact her there.

    For more of our stories you can visit or visit our FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest for all of any updates on new styles, leathers, or promo codes.

    Don't forget to check out our recent works section to see past creations, link right HERE to take a look at all the custom designs that others have made. Who knows, maybe there's a design that speaks to you.

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  • Story Leather: Limited Edition Aspen Cases

    Posted on July 3, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello everyone, it's the day for the 4th of July so we hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. As this weekend is sure to be filled with much fun we wanted to announce the the limited edition iPhone 5/5s Aspen cases are now in stock while supplies last!

    Our first case is the ever amazing Red, White and Blue Aspen.



    The next limited edition case that we have on our site is an Aspen that's adorned in Silver and Yellow.



    Our third and fourth cases are very special as they are designed using Lambskin rather than cowhide. This first case is a bit of a unique color combination: Wasabi Green and Purple Lambskin.



    Our last case is designed using a Plum and Silver Lambskin and is a nice compliment to any style.



    If you want to grab any of these cases they're available in the iPhone in-stock section of our website:

    If you're looking for a more specific color combination then you can always design your own.

    For more of our stories you can visit or visit our FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest for all of any updates on new styles, leathers, or promo codes.

    Don't forget to check out our recent works section to see past creations, link right HERE to take a look at all the custom designs that others have made. Who knows, maybe there's a design that speaks to you.

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  • New! Gold Cross Pattern Book Style Case!

    Posted on February 13, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from Story Leather. We wanted to remind everyone that if you use the Promo Code  PRESIDENTS2014 for 10% off!


    To round out this week we wanted to show everyone our new case that we have available right now! Meet our new Book Style case with the Gold Cross Pattern!



    This case takes the the popular book style and adds a bit of that flare with the gold cross patterned leather on the exterior and the soft brown suede for the interior to give it that perfect accent. .


    For for information on this product you can click on this link or for more information on many of our other products you can visit us at You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter for any new updates or deals coming out in the future!
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  • New iPad Air Case and Discount

    Posted on February 10, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us at Story Leather. We wanted to first mention that with President's day next week, and Lincoln's birthday this week, you can use the promo code PRESIDENTS2014 for 10% off on our products.

    With that, we also wanted to let everyone know that we've added the iPad Air to our custom case family.


    First we introduce the Smart Tablet Case. It uses a full leather frame to encase the iPad for that sleek and professional look.


    As with all our custom cases you can choose what color leather you want for the inside and the outside; you can even add a custom logo as well.


    The second style we introduce is the Smart Shell. This case uses a hard shell casing that snaps on your iPad air. Just like our first case this one is custom as well, so feel free to pick and play with color choices.

     For these products and more please visit us at You can also follow us on Facebook andTwitter for our weekly blog posts.
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  • Story Leather: Belt Clip Styles

    Posted on February 7, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    We hope everyone is doing well this week. It's hard to believe that the new year started and its already February.

    To wrap up this week I wanted to share another video our team did. The previous videos showed off the different phone case styles and how to guides. This time the team decided to make a video showing off the various back clip styles, although not all are belt clips.

    Without further delay, here it is!


    Without repeating too many details from the video:

    Our large metal belt clip is designed to accommodate standard 1.5 inch belts and is as sturdy as they come.

    The belt clip with anti slip is a special design that allows to a small belt clip to work in unison with a leather strap to add just that extra bit of security.

    For the fashion conscious our belt insert is a flushed design that allows for a sleek design .

    Lastly, the belt loop works just like the insert, but it allows a bit more maneuverability with a wider loop while maintaining a sleek profile.


    We hope you enjoyed this short video! For for info on our various phone case styles you can visit our website at To see stories like this and other stories we post you can check out our Facebook and Twitter!
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  • Showcase: Google Wallet

    Posted on February 5, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from Story Leather, I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

    Some of you remember that we talked a bit about Coin and their new take on the credit card. This time we figured we'd look at Google Wallet! We know that Google Wallet has been out for a while now, but I finally got around to ordering the card and downloading that app; so lets take a look.


    (Image provided by Android Guys)

    Google Wallet, for the most part, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to do most transactions; however, Google has also provided the option for you to order a Google Wallet card and its free. This card compliments the app because not many places will have a machine that can readily use the NFC tech aside from some fast food chains and convenience stores. I wanted to note that the Google card won't work as a substitute for your debit card, in fact the Google card is linked to your Google Wallet, I will explain that feature a bit more when we go into the features and benefits. With the basics aside lets dive into all the features that make Google Wallet so unique.



    One of the first features we wanted to talk about is that Google Wallet can store multiple credit and debits cards on the app for easy access. The one drawback is that your stored cards can only be used with an NFC terminal, which most places have yet to adopt. Places that I have seen with NFC capability are fast food restaurants and most convenience stores which make things a bit faster and convenient.

    Another feature of Google Wallet is the debit card and the Google wallet account. Google wallet has it's own separate account aside from your stored credit and debit cards and you're able to transfer funds into to use on a daily basis. What's unique is that Google gives the option to have a debit card that is linked to your Wallet. This comes in handy in places that don't have an NFC terminal.

    One great benefit to using Google Wallet over your traditional card is that you're able to control you're spending. I find myself eating out quite a lot and I never really know how much I spend until its too late. Luckily with Google Wallet I just give myself a month or weekly allowance and once I use it up then that's it for the time being. It's a really helpful tool for those trying to save up as well. One would just deposit money into the Wallet account and let is accumulate until you hit your target.





    One last feature we wanted to show off, because there're are way to many to go through in one round, are the offers you can get from using Google Wallet. In the app there's a section that lists special offers for food, clothing, and many other services. This includes special deals or discounts that are redeemable upon check out. This eliminates the need to carry around coupon clippings or printed email offers! This helps me quite a bit because I am able to search for any offers in my area instead of clipping coupons and going to one specific place.

    Overall Google Wallet is an amazing app that makes saving, paying and shopping much easier; as it says on the website; "Shop, Save, and Pay with your Phone." I don't think it gets much simpler than that.



    For more info on Google Wallet you can visit their website,, or if you have a question you can visit their FAQ and see if someone already asked it for you. I hope everyone enjoyed this mini review of the Google Wallet and for more stories please visit our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

    I hope everyone has a great week and I'll be finding other cool stuff to show you soon!
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  • Showcase: Tech Shows You!

    Posted on February 3, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from Story Leather. Happy February!

    We thought we would do a showcase this week featuring TechShowsYou, a tech blog run by a duo of extraordinary friends, Keegan Donley and Abraham Zuniga. These amazing guys put a great deal of work into their videos, tech news, and their product reviews. In doing so they leave no details out as they meticulously go through every article, how to guide, or product review.



    In this post I want to go over some of the things they cover, but to get all their coverage you can visit their website

    One of the first things you'll notice is they cover a wide array of topics from MAC/PC, tablets, mobile devices, and all the way to any tech related news. They shine in their videos because they review some of the latest products including some products that some might not even know about, I believe they are looking a paint brush for tablets next? Their reviews are also very informative because they give a slight how to in all their videos.

    Another portion of their web content is on tech news, any and all. Keegan and Abraham do an amazing job at being up to date with all the tech know how and tech related products. Not only is their information top quality, but their work looks amazing. Their website and videos stem from a lot of hard work and dedication.

    To showcase their amazing work, we wanted to share a video they did on one of our cases, iphone 5/5s holster with our leather backcover.


    As you can see, their video's are precise in both information and workmanship. We look forward to to seeing more product reviews as well as coverage on new tech and accessories. Thank you to all of our readers and we'll be posting more later this week.

    To keep up with TechShowsYou you can follow their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Channel, or Website. If you're interested in the dynamic duo then you can follow Keegan's Twitter and Abraham's Twitter




    (Photo provided by TechShowsYou)

    For more info on our products you can check out our website at and for more info on our stories or anything interesting you can go to our Facebook or Twitter.
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  • Showcase: Typo Keyboard

    Posted on January 30, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us at Story Leather, we hope this week is shaping up very nicely everyone.

    Today I thought I might talk about something that I think is pretty cool, the Typo Keyboard. Over the past month we've received a lot of orders asking that we make a phone case holster that can hold the Typo Keyboard, so one of our guys thought; "wow that's quite a few orders, we should check it out". Of course by the time I checked it out the pre-orders were sold out, so I'm in line as it were, but I thought I'd take a look and highlight some of the key features of the Typo Keyboard. Before I get into my thoughts, here is a video from Typo that gives a quick glimpse of their product.

    TYPO PRODUCTS - iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

     One of the first things I immediately liked was the design. From seeing the video and pictures it doesn't add much to the bulk. Another highlight of the design is that it gives back the full view of the screen. I've seen other keyboard attachments in the past, but it requires that the keyboard be placed right over the digital keyboard. Pretty sure that defeats the purpose of using a keyboard that will always take up half the screen. With Typo, it allows for a full view of the screen while the device is attached; I think that's pretty unique. Overall, the keyboard keeps the slim sleek design that iPhone users have come to appreciate while keeping the product functionality.

    (Image provided by

    A second feature that was worth mentioning is the dedicated battery they built into the Typo. I originally thought that it would use the iPhone's battery, but Typo has an independent battery pack to keep from draining the phones battery. From the FAQ, they have said that the keyboard would require charging every 7-14 days depending on use, not shabby since texting takes up a majority of my time as it is. Included in the package of course are all the USB charging cables and because it uses a standard micro USB charging cable you won't have to fret if you happen to misplace that cable.

    (Image provided by

    One last detail I wanted to highlight is that the backlight on the keyboard. I know that doesn't seem like it should be something to get excited over, but it's one of those details that when overlooked becomes a problem. So I for one am glad that this detail was not overlooked.

    In summary, Typo Keyboard looks like to does everything as promised: provides a platform for faster typing, minimizes typing errors, simplistic design that doesn't add bulk, allows full use of the screen, dedicated battery, and a backlit keyboard. These are just some of the details I was able to glean on from other sources. I'm hoping that once I get my hands on one I can get a better look and feel as to how the Typo Keyboard works.

    (Image provided by

    This is just one person's view of the Typo, of course others have been able to get their hands on it, like Once the new pre-orders are available then I'll have to make sure that I get in line for one. As of now the current price listing for a Typo Keyboard is $99 and current pre-orders are sold out. For more info on their product you can visit their website.

    Thank you for taking some time to look at Typo and we will be bring you more gadget reviews soon!

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  • Style Stories: Tesia

    Posted on January 28, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us here at Story Leather. We can't believe how fast January has already come and gone and now February is quickly approaching.

    That's why for this week we bring you a slight twist in our style stories. When we interviewed Meg Turney last week we got a glimpse into a very Do it yourself (DIY) person, she made some of her clothes and most of all she made her own costumes! So we thought we'd follow along with that theme and bring you Tesia Trisnadi, a DIY blogger who loves to show everyone the fun of doing things yourself. So lets take a peek into her world:


    SL (Story Leather):
    We love the whole look and feel of your blog, the DIY projects and recipes are some of our favorite. That being said, “How do you come up with these ideas?”

    Tesia: Thank you! I find inspiration from old book stores, walking around the flea market, kind of wherever I go! Anything that looks neglected (antiques, vintage) I immediately start thinking how I can revamp it.

    SL: In keeping with a DIY theme do you also make some of your own clothing to fit your style or do you simply find the pieces you like and mix and match from there?

    Tesia: I’m not a huge sewer, I stick mainly with pillows (haha) but for style, I like to dip my hand in multiple types of style. I can call in my inner grunge, then switch for a chic night look! I definitely mix & match, I don’t really like to stay in one style rut.

    SL: Do you have any recommendations for people looking to get started on their own DIY projects?

    Tesia: Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do. Try out any DIY’s that interest you. Some of the projects will fail & others will succeed! It’s just getting used to failure and rising above it. If one person can do that DIY, you can do it as well.

    SL: What got you started on the DIY projects? Did your friends or family play a role as to how you got started?

    Tesia: Mmm, I started doing DIY’s because I saw a few home décor items that are way overpriced and I thought to myself, “I can definitely make that myself”. From that one thought, it sparked my imagination for trying to recreate things in a different way, through my own style.

    SL: Our last question is just something I think is very fun to get people’s input on; “What are 3 items you think every guy and girl should have. Whether it be on them at all times or jus tin general?”

    Tesia: 1. A notebook & pen: to jot down ideas, sketches, & your favorite words!

    2. Agenda: whether it be on your iphone or an actual planner; organize!

    3. Chapstick/Lipstick: Just to put some color onto your face!

    SL: Thank you so much Tesia for giving us some insight into your DIY life!

    Tesia: Your welcome, its always great to share ideas!


    (Tesia and her pet dog Puggie)

    There are so many ways that we can express ourselves and its great when we're able to share those ideas because  someone somewhere might share in that interest as well. By sharing our ideas we're able to connect and learn more form each other and today we certainly learned a lot from Tesia and hoe she likes to experience life. We'd like to think that by sharing each person's stories we're able to help connect our readers to each other and help create an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged and grown.

    So as always "Tell us Your Story" and visit our blog to see all of our other stories and more.

    If you want to see more of Tesia's work you can visit her Blog, Youtube Channel, or Instagram for more info on her and her DIY tutorials.

    (All photos were provided by Tesia)

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