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  • Apple Announces New iPhone SE

    Posted on March 21, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple formally announces the new Apple iPhone SE. This is brands new 4 inch smartphone that looks just like the old iPhone 5s, but what makes this different is what is inside this smaller device. The phone inherits the powerful hardware of the iPhone 6s, and now we got a whole new device that caters to the customer base that is reluctant to give up the smaller size iPhone.


    In summary, we have a very nice new iPhone that is more affordable than ever, and one that doesn't compromise on performance.


    Read here for all the release details:


    With the confirmation that the new iPhone SE will sport the same exterior body as the iPhone 5s, and with Apple further confirming that the iPhone 5s cases will fit the new iPhone SE, we are now confidently taking customer orders for the iPhone SE. Click here to choose a style and begin designing your new leather case for the brand new iPhone.


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  • New! Gold Cross Pattern Book Style Case!

    Posted on February 13, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from Story Leather. We wanted to remind everyone that if you use the Promo Code  PRESIDENTS2014 for 10% off!


    To round out this week we wanted to show everyone our new case that we have available right now! Meet our new Book Style case with the Gold Cross Pattern!



    This case takes the the popular book style and adds a bit of that flare with the gold cross patterned leather on the exterior and the soft brown suede for the interior to give it that perfect accent. .


    For for information on this product you can click on this link or for more information on many of our other products you can visit us at You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter for any new updates or deals coming out in the future!
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  • Story Leather: Belt Clip Styles

    Posted on February 7, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    We hope everyone is doing well this week. It's hard to believe that the new year started and its already February.

    To wrap up this week I wanted to share another video our team did. The previous videos showed off the different phone case styles and how to guides. This time the team decided to make a video showing off the various back clip styles, although not all are belt clips.

    Without further delay, here it is!


    Without repeating too many details from the video:

    Our large metal belt clip is designed to accommodate standard 1.5 inch belts and is as sturdy as they come.

    The belt clip with anti slip is a special design that allows to a small belt clip to work in unison with a leather strap to add just that extra bit of security.

    For the fashion conscious our belt insert is a flushed design that allows for a sleek design .

    Lastly, the belt loop works just like the insert, but it allows a bit more maneuverability with a wider loop while maintaining a sleek profile.


    We hope you enjoyed this short video! For for info on our various phone case styles you can visit our website at To see stories like this and other stories we post you can check out our Facebook and Twitter!
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  • Showcase: Tech Shows You!

    Posted on February 3, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from Story Leather. Happy February!

    We thought we would do a showcase this week featuring TechShowsYou, a tech blog run by a duo of extraordinary friends, Keegan Donley and Abraham Zuniga. These amazing guys put a great deal of work into their videos, tech news, and their product reviews. In doing so they leave no details out as they meticulously go through every article, how to guide, or product review.



    In this post I want to go over some of the things they cover, but to get all their coverage you can visit their website

    One of the first things you'll notice is they cover a wide array of topics from MAC/PC, tablets, mobile devices, and all the way to any tech related news. They shine in their videos because they review some of the latest products including some products that some might not even know about, I believe they are looking a paint brush for tablets next? Their reviews are also very informative because they give a slight how to in all their videos.

    Another portion of their web content is on tech news, any and all. Keegan and Abraham do an amazing job at being up to date with all the tech know how and tech related products. Not only is their information top quality, but their work looks amazing. Their website and videos stem from a lot of hard work and dedication.

    To showcase their amazing work, we wanted to share a video they did on one of our cases, iphone 5/5s holster with our leather backcover.


    As you can see, their video's are precise in both information and workmanship. We look forward to to seeing more product reviews as well as coverage on new tech and accessories. Thank you to all of our readers and we'll be posting more later this week.

    To keep up with TechShowsYou you can follow their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Channel, or Website. If you're interested in the dynamic duo then you can follow Keegan's Twitter and Abraham's Twitter




    (Photo provided by TechShowsYou)

    For more info on our products you can check out our website at and for more info on our stories or anything interesting you can go to our Facebook or Twitter.
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  • Showcase: Typo Keyboard

    Posted on January 30, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us at Story Leather, we hope this week is shaping up very nicely everyone.

    Today I thought I might talk about something that I think is pretty cool, the Typo Keyboard. Over the past month we've received a lot of orders asking that we make a phone case holster that can hold the Typo Keyboard, so one of our guys thought; "wow that's quite a few orders, we should check it out". Of course by the time I checked it out the pre-orders were sold out, so I'm in line as it were, but I thought I'd take a look and highlight some of the key features of the Typo Keyboard. Before I get into my thoughts, here is a video from Typo that gives a quick glimpse of their product.

    TYPO PRODUCTS - iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

     One of the first things I immediately liked was the design. From seeing the video and pictures it doesn't add much to the bulk. Another highlight of the design is that it gives back the full view of the screen. I've seen other keyboard attachments in the past, but it requires that the keyboard be placed right over the digital keyboard. Pretty sure that defeats the purpose of using a keyboard that will always take up half the screen. With Typo, it allows for a full view of the screen while the device is attached; I think that's pretty unique. Overall, the keyboard keeps the slim sleek design that iPhone users have come to appreciate while keeping the product functionality.

    (Image provided by

    A second feature that was worth mentioning is the dedicated battery they built into the Typo. I originally thought that it would use the iPhone's battery, but Typo has an independent battery pack to keep from draining the phones battery. From the FAQ, they have said that the keyboard would require charging every 7-14 days depending on use, not shabby since texting takes up a majority of my time as it is. Included in the package of course are all the USB charging cables and because it uses a standard micro USB charging cable you won't have to fret if you happen to misplace that cable.

    (Image provided by

    One last detail I wanted to highlight is that the backlight on the keyboard. I know that doesn't seem like it should be something to get excited over, but it's one of those details that when overlooked becomes a problem. So I for one am glad that this detail was not overlooked.

    In summary, Typo Keyboard looks like to does everything as promised: provides a platform for faster typing, minimizes typing errors, simplistic design that doesn't add bulk, allows full use of the screen, dedicated battery, and a backlit keyboard. These are just some of the details I was able to glean on from other sources. I'm hoping that once I get my hands on one I can get a better look and feel as to how the Typo Keyboard works.

    (Image provided by

    This is just one person's view of the Typo, of course others have been able to get their hands on it, like Once the new pre-orders are available then I'll have to make sure that I get in line for one. As of now the current price listing for a Typo Keyboard is $99 and current pre-orders are sold out. For more info on their product you can visit their website.

    Thank you for taking some time to look at Typo and we will be bring you more gadget reviews soon!

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  • 'Tis the Season for Gift Giving

    Posted on November 20, 2013 by Jennifer Bryant

    And a StoryLeather case is the perfect gift for your loved ones! We love the new Bookstyle for the iPhone 5S, and we have several in stock right now.

    What is the Bookstyle? A stylish side-fold leather case with a magnetic closure. It has room for one credit card and cash, allowing the case to double as a wallet when necessary. While we only have a few colors in stock, the case is also available as a customized case, which offers a variety of colors and textures.

    Best of all, StoryLeather is currently offering a 10% discount and free shipping with the promo code HOLIDAY2013. But remember, time is running out! Place your order for a custom case before November 27th to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

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  • Measurement Guidelines

    Posted on October 25, 2013 by cynthia

    Story Leather is proud to be one of the few cell phone case design companies to offer custom-sizing for cell phone wallets and cases. If you are buying one of our products to put on a "naked" cell phone without anything on it then you do not need to give us any measurements. Just select your phone's model and we take care of the rest.

    Why would someone need unique measurement specifications?  

    Perhaps you already have a simple protective case on the back of your phone and now you want to store that phone with that case on it in a holster. We can make sure it fits perfectly according to your unique specifications, down to the millimeter. Or maybe you have a bulky extended battery pack on your phone and you want a case to fit around the phone with that battery attached. It's our pleasure to satisfy any unique sizing needs that may arise.

    Measurement Tips For Special-Sizing   

    For accuracy please do not round up or down when you are measuring your phone with a case on it. We need centimeters and millimeters. So if it's 1.7 centimeters please don't round down to 1.5 or up to 2cm. Even if the cover only adds a millimeter or two for the best results please specify. Here are some other measuring tips to ensure the perfect fit.

    Step 1. Depth


    * This is the measurement that most people forget!

    * Measure your phone's thickness with the cover on it in centimeters and millimeters (ex. an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 1.1 cm)

    *If your phone has a curve to it or a rounded battery pack please measure at the widest point to determine depth as shown in the first picture below



    Step 2. Width


    *Measure your phone in centimeters and millimeters from one side to the other (for example an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 5.9 cm)

    *If the corners are rounded take that in consideration and be careful to measure the widest point


    Step 3. Height


    *Measure your phone in centimeters and millimeters from top to bottom (for example an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 11.6 cm)

    *If your phone has a back cover measure the phone face-down for the best results


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  • The Weekly Story: Plus $100 Gift Card Give-Away

    Posted on October 24, 2013 by cynthia

    To help you gear up for holiday shopping we're giving one customer a $100 Gift Card to spend at

    Everyone who enters will receive a $10 gift card at the end of the drawing. If you already like us on Facebook then you already have 10 entries that need to be activated. It only takes one click! Go to:


    -Share the giveaway link with your friends today!

    -New fans who like us on Facebook also get 10 entries

    -Follow us on Twitter and get 5 entries

    -Tweet the giveaway link for 5 additional entries everyday! That means if you Tweet once a day from now until the drawing you'll have over 80 entries in by the drawing.

    For more great giveaways visit:







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  • Design A Case For Your iPhone 5C

    Posted on October 16, 2013 by cynthia

    Design a custom leather case for your iPhone 5C today. Click the link to get started or scroll down for a preview of our favorite styles.


    Book-Style Case

    This ultra slim case is one of our most popular styles. It has one card slot and an additional semi-hidden slot to store few dollars or second credit card or id, with this book-style case you have the option to skip carrying a wallet altogether for occasions where you just need the essentials.

    Flip-Down Case

    We have three varieties of flip-down cases in a wide range of colors and textures. Below is an example of our quilted flip-down case, we also have a woven leather pattern as well as more classic leather textures.

    Back Covers

    For customers seeking just the basics our genuine leather back covers are an elegant option. Choose from over 40 colors in multiple leather styles from animal print textures to our classic Napa leather.  With the iPhone 5C in particular the original color of the phone shows through the small cut-outs for the camera, charger and buttons, allowing the phone itself to serve as an accent color to compliment the back cover.

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  • Holiday Gift Guide: Something For Everybody

    Posted on October 15, 2013 by cynthia

    To ship in time for Christmas custom orders must be in by Nov. 27th, which means there are only 40 more days to get your order in to guarantee holiday shipping. Get a head-start on your holiday shopping today at

    This holiday season we have one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone, from Mom's to teens to business professionals to those hard-to-shop-for folks that seem to have everything. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for the people in your life.  Use promo code SCARY2013 for 10% off through the rest of October.

    For Teens...

    She changes her outfit five times before leaving the house, why not give her the some options for her cell phone too! With animal prints like ostrich, crocodile, snake and leopard and over 80 colors to choose from it will be hard to pick just one, so buy her two!

    We've also got custom case ideas for guys, choose a bright blue exterior with white interior for the Dodger fan in your life or go for a deep green case with gold accents so that diehard Green Bay Packers fan will stand out from the crowd.



    For The Professional...

    Whether they prefer a holster, wallet-style case or a simple back-cover our high-quality top grain leatherware is sure to make an impression. Then take your gift to the next level with our custom heat stamping--from initials to business names and logos just send us your design and we'll create a one-of-a-kind stamp for that one-of-a-kind employee, colleague or boss in your life.



    For Moms, Grandmas & Wives On The Go....

    She takes care of everybody, runs from errand to errand and can't afford to be disorganized, that's why our luxurious wallet style cell phone cases are ideal for busy women on the go. Keep your phone, credit cards and cash all in one place in one of our durable leather cases. We also carry double decker cases for Moms who lug around more than one mobile device for work or a second device for their kids. Design a gift she'll love and actually use everyday at




    For The Person Who Has Everything...

    Take the guess-work out of gift-giving for hard-to-shop-for friends with a Story Leather gift certificate. Unlike most gift cards Story Leather makes a fun interactive gift in which people use creativity and imagination to design one-of-kind items to express their unique personal style. We take the boring/impersonal feeling out of gift cards and turn them into original, stylish and practical gifts that your friends can design immediately and look forward to receiving.



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