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  • The iGo Charge Anywhere

    Posted on April 23, 2013 by Jennifer Bryant

    Smart phones tend to die at the worst possible moment and even if you keep your phone's charger with you at all times, you don't always have access to a power source. The iGo Charge Anywhere Power Extender allows you to charge your smartphone in two different ways. The iGo Charger works as a battery and as a wall charger! For a quick recharge, simply use a USB cable to connect your phone to the Charger. Then when you are near a power outlet, simply plug the iGo Charger in and the internal battery will recharge. Best of all, the iGo Charger can charge two devices simultaneously.

    The iGo fits in your pocket and best of all, it works with with multiple devices, including most smartphones, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, portable gaming devices and more! Now you and your friend can charge your phone on the same device even if one of you is an Apple fan and the other is a Samsung devotee. And no need to worry about needing an adaptor for the new iPhone 5, since all you need is a USB cable!

    And if you were thinking of purchasing a charger for travel, the iGo Charger works worldwide without the need of a voltage adapter. This version of the charger is available from Amazon.com for only $26, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Travel Hacks: How to Make Travel Easier for Less

    Posted on July 9, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Tis the season for travel! So here are a few travel hacks to make your travels easier.

    Have you ever had a bottle of shampoo open up in your suitcase? Then you probably started putting all your liquid toiletries in ziploc bags to ensure your clothes stay clean and shampoo-free. But there is an easier and cheaper way to keep those bottles from leaking. Just place some plastic wrap under the cap, and screw the cap back on! No more wasted Ziploc bags.


    Going on a road trip? Buy a cheap remote control organizer from Ikea, and you have a handy organzier for your things!


    Many water bottles you can buy for travel contain BPA and other possible hazardous chemicals...and those that don't can be pricey! This blog tells you how to make your own travel glass and straw.


    Board games are fun to play, but rather difficult to play in a car! But this blog gives you step by step directions to make your board games travel friendly.


    And, of course, an iPad is always a handy travel tool...though it isn't exactly "for less"! But if you already own one, consider getting a custom case for it. The Hampton iPad case is customizable, and offers little extras to make it even better for travel.


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  • Best Travel Apps for the iPhone

    Posted on July 3, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Summer is peak travel season, so today we are sharing some of the best apps you can download to help you make your travel as easy as possible.

    1. Flying to your destination? Most major carriers have their own app (Delta, American, Southwest) and most are free! Some apps are better than others, but all are useful, especially if you are making connecting flights

    2. Whether you're flying or driving, Urban Spoon is a must-have app. It's a free app that offers multiple ways to find exactly what you are craving. Search for a specific restaurant, or search for anything in your general area. Or let it choose a restaurant for you!

    3. Road trip? Download Sit or Squat. Sounds a little gross,  but this free app helps you find the nearest restroom. Not only that, it also gives you reviews of the restrooms so you know which ones are the cleanest.

    4. Another great app for a road trip is GasBuddy, a free app that shows you the nearest gas stations. And it shows you the price of gas at each station! Now you won't beat yourself up for paying 15 cents more a gallon at the station a few miles back.

    5. Flying or driving, either way you're spending money to get to your destination. Why not download Skype to make free calls to your loved ones back home? You just need a username and WiFi, and you're in business!

    Whether you are flying, driving, or staying put this holiday season, we hope you have a safe and happy one! 

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