Knowledge Base & Common Questions

  • 1. I have a Wallet/Purse that has been discontinued, are you able to reconstruct it?
  • 2. Do you put your logos on your custom made cases?
  • 3. I need the case to hold my medical device, can you do it?
  • 4. What type of font do you offer for the Letter Stamping?
  • 5. When you say you can do custom orders, how custom can you go?
  • 6. Where do you put the logo?

Knowledge Base Topics

  • Custom Made to Order

    1. I have a Wallet/Purse that has been discontinued, are you able to reconstruct it?

    2. Can I cancel my custom order?

    3. Can I combine parts of two different cases to make what I like?

  • General Questions

    1. Can I send in my own leather and have you guys used that to make my Case, Wallet, Purse, etc.?

    2. Can I use different color to stitch the leather?

    3. Can you make a case for a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx?

  • Ordering and Delivery

    1. Can I build a side flip case without the tab closure?

    2. Do you do large orders/corporate orders?

    3. Do you have a store where I can view your products in person?

  • Apple iPad

    1. Does your cases work with the latest iPad with Retina Display?

    2. What are the differences between iPad 3 and iPad 4

    3. What are the dimensions of iPad 4th Gen with Retina Display?

  • Apple iPhone

    1. Does the iPhone 4 cases that I bought work with iPhone 5?

    2. On some of the wallets I noticed the credit card slots are facing inward, is it possible to have them facing a different direction, like horizontally?

    3. What are the dimensions of the iPhone 4S without case?

  • Leather Maintenance

    1. Do certain leather types not work well for the interior/exterior/piping?

    2. How do I clean my leather phone case?

  • Shipping and Returns

    1. Can I return my leather case?

    2. Do you ship Internationally?

    3. Do you ship to Canada

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    1. Can I add hand straps and lanyards to this case?

  • Custom Tablet Cases

    1. Can I make a Deerhill case for my iPad/tablet?

    2. Can you make a case for the ASUS Transformer TF300

    3. I want to make zippers around the Hampton case can you do it?

  • Leather Cases

    1. Can I use a phone case with the Cartera (Cartera Connect, Perris, and Surrey’s)?

    2. Can I add a pocket inside a Deerhill?

    3. Can your Double Decker be made to hold more than 2 phones?

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