Many people own multiple cases for their smart phone. I own three for my iPhone; an Otterbox case and two StoryLeather cases. Most of us have heard great things about Otterboxes, so I purchased one after cracking the screen on my first iPhone. (The cheap case I had on that phone did nothing to soften the blow!)

But Otterboxes aren't very attractive - they are functional, not fashionable. They are purchased to protect your phone, which they do very well. The problem is, everyone's phones start to look alike. I noticed at least three other people with the exact same case as me in the same week.
I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a unique case. So when I can, I use my StoryLeather cases. Sometimes though, I need the protection of an Otterbox. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds?
Some of you say yes! We've had several orders for custom cases designed to hold your Otterbox encased phones. By customizing the Spring Creek or Deerhill, you can have a carrying case that is uniquely you!

Of course, Otterbox doesn't just make cases for iPhones, and neither do we! You can customize these cases to fit most popular smartphone models (Blackberry, Samsung, Apple, HTC, and LG products to name a few).
Interested in ordering one of these cases? Visit the Customize Your Own section of our site and get started. Select your exterior and interior leather color and pattern, the types of front and back covers, and all the other little details for your personal case. Be sure to let us know you would like it customized to fit an Otterbox case!
As with all our custom cases, please allow up to 30 days for delivery. All leather cases are handmade by our leather artisans, and that kind of quality takes time. We know you will agree, it is worth the wait!