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Affordable Tech Gift Ideas

Posted on December 6, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant There have been 0 comments

If yesterday's gift ideas didn't help, here are a few more to consider. These are all affordable, coming in under $50.

The most practical is the Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector. What makes this one so special? The outlets pivot to allow room for unusual shaped plugs, like those on many Apple products.


The iMagnet Mount is a device with a suction cup on one end to stick onto the windshield or dashboard, a short, fixed plastic arm, and a strong, rubber-coated magnet at the phone end. It also comes with one circular and two rectangular metal plates as part of the system, which are essential to use this device. But the magnetic aspect of it make for easy attachment and detachment, super handy when driving!


The LaCie RuggedKey is a relatively new, small flash-based storage device. Essentially, it is just a regular USB thumbdrive. But this one is shaped like a key, comes with a keyring, and supports USB 3.0. This device is super fast and durable, making it a wonderful option for compact storage.


And finally, we have leather cases in stock and available for Christmas! This is one of our premium leather back covers for the iPhone 4/4S, and it is available now for the sale price of $24.99. StoryLeather offers other in-stock items for a variety of different phone models, so check our website for more information.


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