If you have the latest Apple software, you probably are aware of the dismal performance of Apple Maps. Being sent to the wrong side of the interstate, the wrong side of town, or just the wrong place in general is common when trying to use Apple Maps.
So you should be pleased to know that Google Maps for the iPhone has finally been released! But will the new Google Maps live up to the old reliable Maps app? (We all know it wouldn't take much to beat Apple Maps.)
So far, it looks like it will.
Google Maps absolutely performs better than Apple Maps when searching for a location by name not address. A quick search on Google Maps quickly pulls up options, while Apple Maps struggles. And of course, we all know that Apple Maps is not known for accuracy, to the point that people are even being warned to avoid the app. The Google Maps app relies on Google's years of map reliability.
One of the best features of the new Google Maps app is the voice guided turn-by-turn navigation. Why is this the best? Because it isn't just for those whose iPhones are Siri compatible. Those of us with older iPhones are able to listen to those turn-by-turn directions too! And if you've missed public transportation directions in Apple Maps, you'll be happy to know that Google Maps still offers the option.

Basically, if you own an iPhone, please stop what you are doing right now and download the Google Maps app. It's free, and will likely save you time, money, and a few headaches.