If you have an iPhone, you might have realized that your "Do Not Disturb" feature stopped working properly after the clock stuck midnight, ringing in 2013. If you use the feature, which allows you to pick and choose what alerts and calls come through during set hours, you may have noticed you've missed a few calls or emails this new year.
It's not uncommon for Apple features to have glitches with times and dates. Problems with alarms, clocks rolling to Daylight Savings Times, and other time related issues crop up occasionally. But Apple is usually quick at fixing these issues.
Not this time, though. Apple says the problem should resolve itself by January 7th, but they have no intention of doing anything to speed up the fix. However, if it is really bothering you, just go to the settings area of your iPhone and switch the feature off manually. Then turn it on and off as you need, since the schedule aspect of the DND feature isn't reliable right now.
Despite this glitch, it is a useful feature! Just wait to start using it again until Monday :)