Do you frequent the Answers section on LinkedIn? You won't for much longer. As of January 31st, LinkedIn Answers is shutting down.
LinkedIn announced recently that they would be closing the forum where users can ask business related questions or answer questions posed by others. Apparently the company feels the function isn't used often enough, though many speculate that's because the function is so hard to find!

So if you will miss the feature, what should you do now?
Well, LinkedIn suggested in their email notifying administrators about the change that "members can still pose questions and facilitate professional discussions through other popular LinkedIn channels including LinkedIn polls, groups, or status update."
If you aren't a fan of the LinkedIn groups, you have a few more options.
First, you can try Quora. Many people have been using Quora along with LinkedIn Answers. It is a site that is experiencing immense growth, though you should be aware that Quora isn't business-specific. When posing questions there, the answers you receive may not be quite as professional.
Next, consider Google+ Communities. While these groups are much smaller than what you'll find on LinkedIn, people in these industry-specific groups joined for a reason. They are more knowledgeable than the generic audience on Quora, and often more passionate than those on LinkedIn.
Finally, consider the classic (well, if you consider a 5 year old tool classic) Twitter. Follow others in your industry, and see what they have to say. Use different Twitter search engines to follow conversation with keywords you're interested in. Or search for hashtags related to your interests, and find Twitter group chats.