Have you heard the hype about the Mailbox app? This app is claiming to revolutionize email with "a new way of looking at your email". But before you can try it out, you have to get in line. (And you must have an iPhone! For now this app is an iPhone exclusive.)

To get in line, simply download the app. When we signed up there were 333,633 people ahead of us.  It took about 10 days before we received notification that we were finally able to access it.
Once you have access Mailbox walks you through the "new and improved" inbox. You can set up multiple email accounts, but only if they are Gmail accounts. (Mailbox is designed to work seamlessly and exclusively with Gmail...for now.) You can also label each account a different name, i.e. work, personal, etc.
Mailbox does work differently than a traditional inbox. This app truly wants your inbox to reach zero, encouraging you to archive or hit snooze on emails you don't need right away. For more info on how Mailbox works, check out the tutorial on their website. But there is a little incentive to reach zero. Each day you'll see a different picture when your inbox hits zero!

We're not sure our email experience has been revolutionized, but we're still learning how best to use the app. We'll share more about our experience soon!