Ever since Apple's news worthy conference, much has been said about all of Apple's products and the future of what is to come for its products. But much is being talked about regarding Apple's new MacBook Air 2013. The funny thing is, no physical changes have been made to the MacBook Air's appearance, but there is a whole lot of fuss being made about what is going on in the inside of the MacBook Air. Recent studies show that the new device beats every competitor in terms of battery endurance.

This new upgrade to the batter endurance has everything to do with Intel's new 4th generation Core (Haswell) processor and a larger, stronger battery inside. When Apple says these laptops will last all day, they really mean all day. We have heard many brands and manufacturers bragging about their all day use, but we are well aware this simply wasn't true. Be confident now when you take your new MacBook Air out, knowing that it will last all day if needed.
According to the LAPTOP Battery Test, the standard batteries included among 10 competitors shows that the MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) lasts nearly 12 hours. Granted, this isn't at full usage, but you can be sure to get the most out of your MacBook Air by simple tweaks such as turning your brightness down and using apps one at a time. The rewarding thing for Apple is that it beat most of its competitors by double when it comes to batter life. Some competitors got close to apple but this included adding extra battery, which in result adds extra weight to a light-weight notebook. This defeats the purpose of a light-weight notebook we believe. If you are looking for a quick, light, 3-pound laptop to carry around with a batter that will last you your whole work day, the new Apple MacBook Air 2013 is definitely a laptop you are going to want to consider.
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