We are huge fans of the HTC One and with any news regarding this device comes our excitement to share it with our customers. There have been many rumors swirling regarding the release of a miniature HTC One, but no official statement has been released yet. The only information we have at the moment comes from a website where a user profile was created by the people at HTC. The following information can be gathered as fact as of now, and anticipation continues to climb as we all await an official release from the higher-ups at HTC. With the success of the HTC One and all the positive feedback we hear from our customers regarding the phone, we are sure the miniature HTC One will see similar success.

From the user profile, we can gather that HTC plans to call this version the HTC One Mini. This doesn't come as too much of a shock, but it is still a step in a direction of an official release. The only other information we can gather from the profile is that the phone will have a display of 720p and run on Android 4.2. This is all information that many techies are calling fact, but it remains to be seen upon any official release. So what about the rumors regarding the phone? What fun gossip have we heard here at the offices?
One of our favorite rumors revolves around the dual-core Snapdragon processor and dual front-facing speakers. This would make for an AMAZING version of the mini device, but like we mentioned earlier, we cannot be certain until an official release is stated by the folks over at HTC.
What are your thoughts? Do you like the fact that many phone manufacturers are beginning to implement smaller phones into their line of products? Do you want these mini versions to have similar specs or would you mind them having cheaper parts for a cheaper price? Post your thoughts below and let us know what you think!