HTC has made a lot of news this year with the release of the HTC One. The HTC One created a lot of Hype and was regarded by many as the top release in 2013. We have had a lot of fun playing with the features of the HTC One and we have heard nothing but good things from our customers who purchase a custom leather case for their HTC One. It appears that our customers are such fans of their HTC One that they want to make sure they protect it - protect it in style and elegance while telling their life story! HTC has recently released some information on new models and we are here to discuss these smartphones and our thoughts on their new features!

HTC had recently released the Butterly with some positive feedback, but with the plan to release the S model, fans are excited for the new features that were announced at a recent event in Taiwan. The S model boasts an upgraded camera and higher processing speed thanks to the 1.9GHz Snapdragon model. The phone comes with BoomSound audio, which is the same feature as the HTC One.
The Desire 600 is another phone that HTC has released with positive feedback. This phone is a cheap way for the entry level smartphone user to get the hang of using a touch screen. This phone has a 3.5in display and operates on Android 4.1, making this phone a great tool for beginners who haven't entered the smartphone industry.
What are your thoughts on both these new planned releases from HTC? Do you feel they are playing the industry in a smart way by releasing phones targeted at wider audiences? What are your thoughts on the improvements HTC has made to the Butterly S? Comment your thoughts below and let us know what you think!
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