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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Mass Production Plans

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Rick Garvey There have been 0 comments

We are huge fans of smartphones here at StoryLeather. We get to come in contact with a select few phones, and we love to test them out and play with them just to get a feel for each of their capabilities. One of our favorite smartphones that we are excited about is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With so many rumors circling of when it will have an official release, we wanted to discuss some details we know to be truth as well as discuss why we are so excited for this phone to be released this year.

So let's start with this simple question. What improvements are happening to the Note 3 that make us so excited? Well, we have heard some great changes that are happening to the display screen. It will have an even bigger screen while displaying in 1080p HD. These simple improvements are enough to make us excited, and we are sure fans of this phone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will appreciate such improvements.

With that being said, there are finally plans to bring this phone public in August, setting the release for September of this year. After some problems with Samsung's suppliers, Samsung has finally come to an agreement by offering to order mass quantities of parts for production of the Galaxy Note 3. All these plans come assuming the relationship between Samsung and its suppliers stays positive.

So why are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Are you a fan of the phablets on the market today and the improvements that are taking place in the industry? Comment below and let us know what you love about the Note 2! We want to hear your thoughts on the phone and hear about how excited you are for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We will respond with our excitement in response!


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