We love taking a look at different mobile device protection companies and the great cases they are making. Today, we will be taking a look at Incipio, one of our favorite organizations as they too believe in lifestyle and designing custom phone cases to fit one's lifestyle needs. Incipio has designed a case for the HTC One called the DualPro Shine and we wanted to discuss this case and let you know why we're loving it over here at the StoryLeather offices!

Incipio claims, "Shield your device in style with the elegant DuapPro SHINE HTC One Case. A shock absorbing silicone core and sleek aluminum finish frame will have your smartphone looking sharp and refined." We have to agree with the claims of Incipio. This case is very sleek and matches the tech characteristics of the HTC One. If you're looking for a case that will match the style and futuristic qualities of your HTC One, then this case is for you!
There are a few features that Incipio boasts including dual layer protection that provides excellent protection. Too many cases on the market appear protective, but typically are not. This case from Incipio is in fact, very protective. This case has transparent sides for added style, letting you protect your phone while remaining stylish and up-to-date. This case does not hinder signal strength, which is a  huge plus for many techies looking for a protective phone that does not get in the way of signal strength.
So tell us your thoughts. Have you owned a case from Incipio? Do you own an HTC One and protect it with an Incipio case? Post your thoughts below and let us know what you think about their products!
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