Want to up your security settings online? One of the easiest ways to opt in to two-step verification on your social media accounts. Below we've covered some of the top sites and how to sign up.

On Facebook: An easy way to make your Facebook profile more secure is to enable Login Approval, Facebook's two-step verification. First, go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals. You'll need to enter your cellphone number, but once you have Facebook will text you a security code any time you (or someone trying to hack your account!) tries to log on from an unknown browser. On Twitter: Twitter also offers a two-step verification process. To use it, start the set up process by clicking the Gear icon in the top right corner. From there, choose the Settings menu - scroll down to Account Security, and check the box requesting a verification code upon sign-on. You will need to confirm your email address, and like Facebook, provide a phone number. Once you do, Twitter will start sending you a verification code when someone tries to log on to your account. What sets this service apart from Facebook is that once you've enabled verification, you will need a temporary password to use Twitter on your smart phone or Tablet, but it's easy and worth it to keep your account secure. On LinkedIn: Enable the two-step verification by accessing the Account & Setting tab. To do so, roll your mouse over your profile icon. Once you're in Account & Settings, select Privacy & Settings. From here, click on "Manage security settings". Simply turn it on, and you're all set! On Google: Click the gear icon on the top right corner of your Gmail. Then select Settings > Accounts > Change Account Settings. From here, you'll click on the link "Google Account settings" and click Security. Next all you have to do is select the option to enable two-step verification. See how simple it is to protect yourself? This won't guarantee your account won't be hacked at some point, but it will definitely make it more difficult!