Go bold with a bright leather case! We love this lime green Spring Creek case, which can be customized for most smart phones, even those more unique phones like Motorola Droids.

The Spring Creek case features a magnetic closure and can be customized into a leather holster or a small phone purse. As mentioned, this case can be customized for all makes and models of smart phones and gadget devices. There are several other customization options as well - the optional diagonal slant of the top magnetic flap, the back pocket can be configured to serve as a convenient place to hold your business cards and ID cards while the side indentations, and the middle curve make it easy to pull your phone out. You can even customize this case with a small opening at the bottom to push the phone out of its secure pocket!

When ordering, please specify the make and model of your device when ordering to ensure your phone fits perfectly. And as you know all our leather cases are handmade by our leather artisans. We use the highest quality fine grain leather combined with the best stitch work to provide you with a premium quality leather case, but that quality does take some time so allow up to 30 days for delivery.