Looking for a new Android smart phone but not interested in the large models like Samsung Galaxy? Maybe the HTC One Mini is the right fit for you!
The HTC One Mini is constructed of polished metal alloy, and its compact design makes it easy to use. The 4.3 inch HD screen is smaller than most new smart phones, but that's what makes the phone so easy to use with just one hand.

The HTC One Mini has a dual core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It also features dual frontal stereo speakers that project sound at you, offering extraordinary sound quality. And built-in amps enhance everything so you’ll experience a fuller sound despite the smaller phone size.
This phone has an HTC UltraPixel Camera (rear camera) with a dedicated HTC ImageChip 2, a F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens, Smart Flash (which offers five levels of flash automatically set by distance to subject), as well as 1080p Full HD video recording with HDR Video.The front camera is 1.6 MP with BSI sensor and offers 720p video recording. The Mini also features HTC Zoe™, which offers the ability to create your very own photo gallery, and the phone will even select the highlights of an event and create a 30-second show for you!
The HTC One Mini is available at a lower cost than the original HTC One ($99 with a 2 year contract), making it a more economical choice. It is now available from AT&T, and will likely be available from other carriers in the near future. So if you're looking for a cheaper and/or smaller option than other Android phones, consider the HTC One Mini.