Remember when we told you about Twitter's option for 2 step log-in? Well, today's Twitter update for iOS and Android lets you enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from your mobile app. No longer do you need a phone number for the verification, and now there is broader international support as well as the ability to access your account even if your phone dies.
To use the verification, go to the Me tab in the Twitter app. Open Settings, then Security. Turn on the Login verification option, then store the backup code in safe place - if something does happen to your phone, you will need this! And after you've enrolled, simply use the Twitter app to approve requests each time you sign in.
Plus there are more features in this update. Search has improved, suggesting social context when a search is initiated. A new photo gallery is available in search mode, allowing the option to view more photos instead of having to click through to find them.
Now you really don't have an excuse to avoid protecting your Twitter account any longer. Update the app and protect yourself.