Want an iPhone 5C for only $79? It can happen! Walmart announced they will be selling the 16GB iPhone 5C for $20 off retail price. And more than that, they will also be selling the 16GB iPhone 5S for $189! Both prices require a two-year contract, of course. But this is quite a deal for the latest Apple devices.
Both phones go on sale today. But if you until tomorrow (Saturday, September 21) you could save even more by trading in your current phone!
Want to save more money? If you don't care about having the very newest version, you could snag a new 16GB iPhone 5 for $79, and both the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 4S is only 97 cents. Walmart will even pay you with a $100 gift card if you want an iPhone 4! (Of course, all these prices rely on a 2 year agreement with a carrier, so don't get too excited.)
What if you don't live near a Walmart? Target has announced they will match Walmart's price for the iPhone 5C, as well as providing an additional 5% off for consumers who use their Target REDcard for the purchase.
So if you plan on buying a new iPhone this weekend, you have lots of choices. Where are you going to go?