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Measurement Guidelines

Posted on October 25, 2013 by cynthia There have been 0 comments

Story Leather is proud to be one of the few cell phone case design companies to offer custom-sizing for cell phone wallets and cases. If you are buying one of our products to put on a "naked" cell phone without anything on it then you do not need to give us any measurements. Just select your phone's model and we take care of the rest.

Why would someone need unique measurement specifications?  

Perhaps you already have a simple protective case on the back of your phone and now you want to store that phone with that case on it in a holster. We can make sure it fits perfectly according to your unique specifications, down to the millimeter. Or maybe you have a bulky extended battery pack on your phone and you want a case to fit around the phone with that battery attached. It's our pleasure to satisfy any unique sizing needs that may arise.

Measurement Tips For Special-Sizing   

For accuracy please do not round up or down when you are measuring your phone with a case on it. We need centimeters and millimeters. So if it's 1.7 centimeters please don't round down to 1.5 or up to 2cm. Even if the cover only adds a millimeter or two for the best results please specify. Here are some other measuring tips to ensure the perfect fit.

Step 1. Depth


* This is the measurement that most people forget!

* Measure your phone's thickness with the cover on it in centimeters and millimeters (ex. an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 1.1 cm)

*If your phone has a curve to it or a rounded battery pack please measure at the widest point to determine depth as shown in the first picture below



Step 2. Width


*Measure your phone in centimeters and millimeters from one side to the other (for example an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 7.2 cm)

*If the corners are rounded take that in consideration and be careful to measure the widest point


Step 3. Height


*Measure your phone in centimeters and millimeters from top to bottom (for example an iPhone 4S with a basic back case would be written as 11.6 cm)

*If your phone has a back cover measure the phone face-down for the best results


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