Happy Holidays from Story Leather!
With the holidays approaching so do all those new fashion trends for winter and spring, but how do you pick and choose what to wear? Would you rather be comfy, trendy, simple or sleek? Why not all of the above! We got the chance to speak to Alexandra and Briana, the founders of Rack It Up, and got the chance to ask them about their style and what they thought is an essential in every persons closet rack.

Five Questions For Rack It Up

1)      How does your personal style differ from that of your business partner Briana/Alexandra’s? Is there any overlap?
Bri: We do have very different personal styles. I would describe my style as very feminine & classic. I love bold colors and classic prints. You’ll rarely find me wearing a pair of pants over a dress or skirt or wearing a pair of flats over sky-high stilettos. Anything with a bit of sparkle or feathers or silk, I’m in love!
Ali:  I love clean lines and simple styles.  I gravitate to neutral colors (blacks, grays, tans) and love a great pair of pants over a dress any day. I’m always looking to layer on the accessories to make a simple outfit pop.  But there is some overlap in our styles. We share a passion for the classics like a perfectly tailored blazer or simple LBD that can take you from desk to dinner.  And, we both love shoes; you can never have too many heels in your closet.
2) What fabrics are worth splurging on and which fabrics can you “get away with” when it comes buying budget friendly alternatives?
We’re all about finding everything on a budget but a girl has to splurge every once in a while! When we splurge it’s usually on genuine leather; a great handbag or pair of shoes- investment pieces that we can wear season after season. But if leather is out of your budget this season, there are other options that are more wallet-friendly like faux leather & vegan leather to help you achieve the same look.  It’s also about where you shop. A silk blouse, for example, may be pricey at a large name retailer, but there are many other stores that sell authentic silk blouses for much less.
3) When it comes to men’s accessories what is the one item that men should focus to make a big impression?
We love when our guys wear a watch. It looks mature and professional and polishes any look whether it’s a suit or simple jeans and a tee.  Also, a great pair of sunglasses can give any guy the “cool” factor they are looking for. There are so many options for guys they should have fun and find the right style for them.
4) You’ve got some great jackets on your rack and in a recent blog post. What are three essential jacket styles for women and three for men? Beside these essentials what’s one outwear trend for those who want to stand out this season?
For women we love three main jacket and outerwear styles. The first is a leather -or faux leather- jacket that adds a little something extra to any outfit you’re wearing. And for the colder weather, we love classic tailored coats for a more structured daytime look & feminine coats for a more fun and flirty date night look.
For men, a leather jacket is another staple. It’s edgy and definitely sexy on any guy. We also love the quilted style for the preppier style guy and a classic structured peacoat never goes out of style. To stand out we’d recommend textures! Try fur or faux-fur collars, sherpa or shearling collars or leather trim and panels. The different textures will definitely help you look trendy & fashionable while staying warm this season!
5) There are a few sites that are somewhat similar to Rack It Up but yours seems a lot more personal, how do you see yourselves in relation to other fashion sites and what’s the one thing that you value or focus on or try to do differently?   
Before we launched, there were a few sites that offered sale alerts but they never quite satisfied us as consumers. We were disappointed by the lack of customization and the colder corporate feel of those other sites. When we decided to start Rack It Up, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to offer our users the most personalized and customized experience out there and really help simplify their online shopping & deal hunting process. In order to receive our sale alerts, users need to enter all of their personal criteria- their size, color preference and the prices that they are willing to pay. Rack It Up only sends sale alerts when all of these criteria are met for each user. We also felt it was important to offer a customized user experience on the site. So, the color themes change depending on female or male users and we’re also very present throughout the site. Any comments or questions come directly to us instead of a team or a technician. It was this personal connection that we felt other sites were really lacking.
Rack It Up also has a large community feature so users can follow each other to see what their stylish friends are racking up, re-rack items in their own size and be able to share the deals that they find. This community also provides a lot of style inspiration. We hope the “Browse The Rack” section of the website, along with our blog and other social media sites, become places that people can depend on for their daily dose of fashion inspiration.

There you have it, some great insight from Alexandra and Briana. To find out more check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. We know there are many others out there with a unique sense of fashion, so why not tell us your story?

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