Hello from Story Leather, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Some of you remember that we talked a bit about Coin and their new take on the credit card. This time we figured we'd look at Google Wallet! We know that Google Wallet has been out for a while now, but I finally got around to ordering the card and downloading that app; so lets take a look.   (Image provided by Android Guys) Google Wallet, for the most part, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to do most transactions; however, Google has also provided the option for you to order a Google Wallet card and its free. This card compliments the app because not many places will have a machine that can readily use the NFC tech aside from some fast food chains and convenience stores. I wanted to note that the Google card won't work as a substitute for your debit card, in fact the Google card is linked to your Google Wallet, I will explain that feature a bit more when we go into the features and benefits. With the basics aside lets dive into all the features that make Google Wallet so unique.     One of the first features we wanted to talk about is that Google Wallet can store multiple credit and debits cards on the app for easy access. The one drawback is that your stored cards can only be used with an NFC terminal, which most places have yet to adopt. Places that I have seen with NFC capability are fast food restaurants and most convenience stores which make things a bit faster and convenient. Another feature of Google Wallet is the debit card and the Google wallet account. Google wallet has it's own separate account aside from your stored credit and debit cards and you're able to transfer funds into to use on a daily basis. What's unique is that Google gives the option to have a debit card that is linked to your Wallet. This comes in handy in places that don't have an NFC terminal. One great benefit to using Google Wallet over your traditional card is that you're able to control you're spending. I find myself eating out quite a lot and I never really know how much I spend until its too late. Luckily with Google Wallet I just give myself a month or weekly allowance and once I use it up then that's it for the time being. It's a really helpful tool for those trying to save up as well. One would just deposit money into the Wallet account and let is accumulate until you hit your target.         One last feature we wanted to show off, because there're are way to many to go through in one round, are the offers you can get from using Google Wallet. In the app there's a section that lists special offers for food, clothing, and many other services. This includes special deals or discounts that are redeemable upon check out. This eliminates the need to carry around coupon clippings or printed email offers! This helps me quite a bit because I am able to search for any offers in my area instead of clipping coupons and going to one specific place. Overall Google Wallet is an amazing app that makes saving, paying and shopping much easier; as it says on the website; "Shop, Save, and Pay with your Phone." I don't think it gets much simpler than that.     For more info on Google Wallet you can visit their website, www.google.com/wallet, or if you have a question you can visit their FAQ and see if someone already asked it for you. I hope everyone enjoyed this mini review of the Google Wallet and for more stories please visit our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I hope everyone has a great week and I'll be finding other cool stuff to show you soon! Find Jonathan on Google+