Hello to everyone from Story Leather. Happy February!
We thought we would do a showcase this week featuring TechShowsYou, a tech blog run by a duo of extraordinary friends, Keegan Donley and Abraham Zuniga. These amazing guys put a great deal of work into their videos, tech news, and their product reviews. In doing so they leave no details out as they meticulously go through every article, how to guide, or product review.

In this post I want to go over some of the things they cover, but to get all their coverage you can visit their website www.techshowsyou.com.
One of the first things you'll notice is they cover a wide array of topics from MAC/PC, tablets, mobile devices, and all the way to any tech related news. They shine in their videos because they review some of the latest products including some products that some might not even know about, I believe they are looking a paint brush for tablets next? Their reviews are also very informative because they give a slight how to in all their videos.
Another portion of their web content is on tech news, any and all. Keegan and Abraham do an amazing job at being up to date with all the tech know how and tech related products. Not only is their information top quality, but their work looks amazing. Their website and videos stem from a lot of hard work and dedication.
To showcase their amazing work, we wanted to share a video they did on one of our cases, iphone 5/5s holster with our leather backcover.

As you can see, their video's are precise in both information and workmanship. We look forward to to seeing more product reviews as well as coverage on new tech and accessories. Thank you to all of our readers and we'll be posting more later this week.
To keep up with TechShowsYou you can follow their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Channel, or Website. If you're interested in the dynamic duo then you can follow Keegan's Twitter and Abraham's Twitter

(Photo provided by TechShowsYou)
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