We hope everyone is doing well this week. It's hard to believe that the new year started and its already February.
To wrap up this week I wanted to share another video our team did. The previous videos showed off the different phone case styles and how to guides. This time the team decided to make a video showing off the various back clip styles, although not all are belt clips.
Without further delay, here it is!

Without repeating too many details from the video:
Our large metal belt clip is designed to accommodate standard 1.5 inch belts and is as sturdy as they come.
The belt clip with anti slip is a special design that allows to a small belt clip to work in unison with a leather strap to add just that extra bit of security.
For the fashion conscious our belt insert is a flushed design that allows for a sleek design .
Lastly, the belt loop works just like the insert, but it allows a bit more maneuverability with a wider loop while maintaining a sleek profile.

We hope you enjoyed this short video! For for info on our various phone case styles you can visit our website at www.storyleather.com. To see stories like this and other stories we post you can check out our Facebook and Twitter!
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