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Style Stories: Stacia and Ariana

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Jonathan Ly There have been 0 comments

Hello from all of us at Story Leather, we hope that the week is treating everyone well.

For this week's Style Stories I had the opportunity to interview two very special guests: Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce. This amazing duo has made some time to share some of their tips and tricks to looking amazing while also maintaining that business vibe. Let's see what Dr. Pierce and Ariana had to say about their style.

Hello Dr. Pierce and Ariana, it’s wonderful to be able to interview such a dynamic duo.  Before I start with the questions I want to give our readers a quick synopsis on Dr. Stacia Pierce and Ariana Pierce.

Dr. Stacia Pierce is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country. She’s published over 20 books and has appeared on various talk shows to inspire people everywhere to do great things.

Her daughter Ariana is no exception. She’s the CEO and founder of Super Star Nail Lacquer, author, and an entertainment blogger for

I could go on, but I think it might turn into a short biography. So to get more info on Dr. Pierce you can visit her website at and for more info on Ariana you can visit her page at

Story Leather (SL): To get things started I wanted to ask; “What does fashion mean to each of you and if you had to describe your style in three words what would they be?”

Dr. Stacia Pierce: What does fashion mean to me?  Fashion is a form of self-expression and a channel for new opportunities.  Image is everything.  I explain this to my coaching clients often and even dedicated an entire section of my book, Success Attraction Notes and Quotes, to this concept. Your image educates others on how you want to be approached.  It is also a reflection of your state of mind. We are all moved by what we visually see.  Research shows that we initially trust, buy, and connect based on that. Therefore, it’s always a good practice to look your best.  Doing this, can lead to greater opportunities and higher levels of success.

Three words to describe my style:

  • Glamorous
  • Edgy
  • Sophisticated

Ariana: What does fashion mean to me? Branding. Your look gives your brand an identity in both life and business.  Your personal style and use of fashion is what sets you apart from the crowd.  It’s what makes you memorable.

Three words to describe my style:

  • Modern
  • Luxe
  • Feminine

SL: Dr. Pierce, I’ve often heard the phrase, you should dress for what you want to be; “How true is that statement and does that reflect in what you choose to wear?”

 Dr. Stacia:  It’s absolutely true. My goals and aspirations have always had a direct effect on my wardrobe. I believe in dressing for the role you want. It’s just “acting as if” with a fashionable twist.  For example, you could act as if you’re the CEO of your own super successful company where you make the kind of money you want, drive what you want, etc. Now, get a vivid picture of what this very successful you looks like. Next, think of what you can do to style yourself as closely as possible to the image you just imagined. When I want new experience new levels of success, one of the things I do is fine-tune my image to my current goals. This is what I have practiced over the years and it works every time. It is possible to attract promotion and advance in life by looking the part.

SL: Ariana, what about for young adults? “Is there a type of guide you follow for staying chic while also looking like a CEO?”

Ariana: Yes, I definitely keep guidelines when it comes to my image. Because I am young, I want to keep a fresh, non-stuffy image, but I am always mindful that I represent my brand more than anyone. So that keeps me conscious of how I present myself. My guidelines are pretty simple:

  • Look your best everyday
  • Dress appropriately for life events
  • Never wear anything I would regret being photographed in
  • I love fabulous flats so I can keep it chic and comfortable.
  • I never leave the house without wearing something from my accessories line.
  • My nails are my calling card for my company Super Star Nail Lacquer. I’m always showcasing one of our signature colors.

SL: I also realize that most young adults look to certain models and celebrities to gain insight on their own style; “do you have any anyone that you draw your fashion inspiration from?”

Ariana: I love Olivia Palermo.  She has amazing style.

SL: This next question is for both Dr. Pierce and Ariana. With so many clothing options and styles to choose from; “is there a method in how you pick and choose your outfits?

Dr. Stacia:  Yes. I love all things fashion, but there definitely is a method.  I dress according to my life’s agenda. Depending on whether I’m meeting with network executives, have a session with a client, or hosting a live event; I dress accordingly.  To feel chic and confident in whatever I’m wearing, I have my own uniform of sorts that I rely on when putting outfits together.

My “uniform” almost always includes a blazer collaborating with a dress skirt or pants.  My go-to pallet of vibrant colors for my wardrobe reflects my personality. I’m able to keep everything grounded with always-present black staple pieces.  My accessories help me add edge and glamour.  To keep organized when traveling and doing appearances I have my outfits planned 4-6 weeks ahead of time.  They are hung together in my dressing room, photographed with the accessories and put on a calendar so that it’s easy to pack quickly and stay focused on my other to-dos.

Ariana: I dress for my day as well but I’m slightly more carefree in my daily choices.  I normally choose what I’m drawn to that day then I make sure it’s appropriate for my agenda.  However if it’s a networking event, business meeting or I’m heading to fashion week, I plan everything to the detail.  This way I feel fabulous and can focus on what needs to be done.

SL: To add on to my previous question; “are there certain items that either of you think are essential to every woman’s wardrobe and would you recommend these items to young adults/teens as well or would they differ slightly?

Dr. Stacia:  Every woman should have;

1) An incredible dress that fits well and makes her feel beautiful and empowered whenever she wears it.

2) The right undergarments for every aspect of your wardrobe- a great bra, Spanx etc.

3) Fabulous accessories.  Especially if you are attempting to look amazing on a budget. The right accessories can take a simple black suit and transform it into a stunning style statement.

4) The “power suit.” Every businesswoman needs a properly tailored suit that she can wear with confidence when meeting with top-level executives, clients or attending networking events.


1) Gorgeous flats – to keep moving without losing style points

2) Well-manicured hands.  Your hands are a tell-tale clue of how you care for yourself

3) Dark Jeans that fit perfectly. A pair that you can dress up or down and still look impeccable.

4) The perfect pair of black or nude pumps that you can walk in with confidence and poise.

My last question for each of you is this; “What advice would you give for those trying to find the right style for them?”

Dr. Stacia: When trying to pinpoint your personal style I suggest that you create an image storyboard. Find images of people whose style you admire. Pull pages from magazines and create a collage of how you see your new image.  Then, add photos of accessories and clothing. Through the process of creating the board you’ll discover more about yourself and what you like. Once you take an interest in your personal style you will have a ton of fun putting together winning looks that work. You’ll also be more apt to purchase items similar to what you have posted on your image board.

Ariana:  When working to discover and define your style I suggest you find a muse to inspire your style choices. Everyone needs a fashion muse. Make social media your BFF and use it to seek out your style icon on Pinterest or Instagram. Choose someone who dresses the way you want to dress.  Then follow their photos for inspiration and ideas when putting together your daily look.

Dr. Stacia: Then dress for where you want to go.

Ariana: Yes definitely!  Great style is really the key to your success.

(All photos Provided by Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce)

I wanted to thank Dr. Pierce and Ariana for being a part of our Style Stories and for sharing their style secrets. To learn more about Dr. Stacia Pierce you can visit her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube channel. You can also check out Ariana’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube channel to find all the latest news about her trip to New York Fashion Week and more.

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