It's September 9th, 2014 and that means one thing, the #AppleLive event is happening and we're doing a live blog coverage!
10:04 am pst: The keynote started with an amazing video to show Apple's dedication to innovation and Time cook now takes the Stage.
10:08 am pst: Tim Cook unveils the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in all it's glory!
10:10 am pst: Comes in Silver, Space Grey and Gold!
10:12 am pst: the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches.
10:15 am pst: Apple has finally allowed for a better user interface that allows for a rotated orientation. They've made the swipe function much smoother than in previous models. Both models wills have an improved "Retina HD" and "Touch ID"
10:17 am pst: Apple analysts will be looking closely over the next few months at whether these larger iPhones, particularly the 6 Plus, start to eat into sales of other Apple products like the iPad Air. The Mini’s screen is only about 40 percent larger than the 6 Plus.
10:20 am pst: 
10:21 am pst: Super Evil Megacorp is one of the headlining developers being brought on stage.
10:23 am pst: Longer battery life and better LTE bands, up to 20 from 13. Looks like they are trying to hit a larger area now. Curious what will happen with the older models.
10:28 am pst: Added a new wi-fi calling feature in case your reception stinks. No mention on price though.
10: 34 am pst: The 4G LTE wireless cellular chip is 1/3 faster, available from 200 mobile carriers around the world. It has VoLTE—voice-over-LTE. Finally, you can talk on the phone and check the Web on Verizon Wireless. (Other carriers have had this for years.) (apologies for the inconsistent timing, the stream isn't as stable)
10:36 am pst: Apple's camera will have an image stabilizer and work better in low lighting.
10:37 am pst: Takes video at 1080p at 30 fps and slow motion video at 120-200 fps.
10:38 am pst: new keyboard, health app, and new better social media connections. "Touch ID" can now work with third party apps for quick payments.
10: 40 am pst: Pricing is $199 at 16g with carrier, $299 64 gig capacity, and $399 128gigs. Plus $299, $399, $499 with the same storage space. iPhones 5s is $99 and iPhone 5c is free with 2 year contracts. SHIPS Sept 19th!
10:47 am pst: They've enlisted the help of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake and it looks like they are trying to replace the traditional wallet. A lot of talk about payment plans.
11:00 am pst: One more thing....The Apple Watch
10:53 am pst: Apple Pay, Apple's answer to a modern day problem. Quick easy way to pay, no important information is stored on your account and if your iphone is stolen then the information can be wiped in an instant.
10:55 am pst: Cue says Apple will be targeting online commerce with Apple Pay.
11:00 am: One more thing...The Apple iWatch

That concludes the live blog, we'll be sure to give you a full update should anything new come up.
One more thing...we're now taking orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!
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