September has become the month of smartphones with the highly anticipated iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens are slated to be revealed on the 9th, but today we have Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge, their venture into the world of curved displays! Don't forget that tomorrow we'll also summarize the Motorola release of the Moto G2, Moto X+1, and the Moto 360 from their Chicago unveiling. Now onto the Samsung news.

Starting with the Galaxy note 4 we know that it will be available in October, it's running a 5.7 inch screen the has a slight curve to it. This is due to the enhanced durability of the glass. The rest of the features are similar to that of the Note 3, but their main point is that The Note 4 will be the most advance smartphone in their line up. They took the popular Note 3 and integrated the best features from the S5 and their tablets, along with new innovations, and created a device that will "improve your life". Moving on from the screen we have new software features like smart select. This amazing tool works with the stylus to act like a mouse.

Some of the biggest announcements at the conference is the integration of the curved screen in the Galaxy Note Edge. The Note Edge has an extra screen that runs along the right edge of the phone and is a display that is separate from the main one; this provides for uninterrupted usage of the main screen.

The second announcement is the unveil of the Samsung Gear S which is a significant improvement over the past smart watches as the Gear is stand along device. It can receive and place calls, texts, and even have more information forwarded to it form your smart phone.
Lastly we have the announcement that Samsung is partnering up with third party developers like Oculus and Mont Blanc to help develop new tech accessories that will complement and enhance the user capability.
To get the full live stream of the conference visit Don't forget that tomorrow will be the big Motorola unveiling followed by the Apple Conference next Tuesday!
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