Over the course of this new year we've seen a ton of new trends that have come and gone, but one seems to be here to stay, the Wallet Phone Case. This isn't just from our designs, other companies like Vaja, Sena, OtterBox, and many more have really taken the phone wallet designs to a whole new level and I thought sharing the various designs that each company has would really shed light on their popularity.
To start I wanted to mention Otterbox's Commuter Wallet Series. Most of us know that OtterBox's Protection is second to none, I think I heard one survived a car running over it (a few times), and now they combined their amazing protection into a function wallet case. I got to check one out and having a hidden insert in the back is quite clever and handy.

Now Vaja, one of the first, if not the first, to make custom phone cases a thing has their very own version of the wallet phone case: Wallet Pelle. A very stylish cash that uses a gel adhesive, also reusable, to secure the phone and it can also hold some credit cards and some bills as well.

Last but not least we have Sena Cases who make the Magia Wallet and the Antorini wallet cases. Both these cases sport a reusable gel adhesive and have room for bills and a few credit cards.

These are just come other companies out there that make some amazing leather cases even though we make cases ourselves we can't help but really marvel at how amazing these other cases look. If you would like to see some of our cases you can always check out the Cartera, Aspen, and Verano.
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