It's been quite a bit of time since we actually showcased one of our own products, but as our customers get more creative we can't help but talk about these amazing designs they come up with.
As most know our Double Decker is known best for anyone toting around two phones and need something to carry both devices. Just a couple weeks ago we spoke about some we're designing the double to hold a phone and a medical device, well it seems that some have taken the next step and designed the extra pouch to hold many other various items.
The first of many items that they designed that second pouch for is to hold an everyday item like sunglasses and reading glasses. This never really occurred to us until one particular person mentioned that the two should go hand in hand. If your one that need reading glasses, generally speaking you would need then when reading texts or anything while in your phone, wouldn't it be simpler to have both those items in one area? We certainly never thought of that, so our amazing customers though of it for us.

Another item that was very popular to add to our double decker is a external battery pack. Sure there are cases like the Mophie Juice Pack and the New Otterbox Resurgance, but what happens when even those can't cut it? Well we've had a few customers who already had a Mophie Juice Pack and they designed the Double Decker to hold an additional battery for those extra long work/travel days.
Our last item, certainly not the least is notepad. Certainly the least common of the three mentioned, but more than other items to date. Most customers are business owners and they liking having a physical notebook or even a mini address book. When ask why they simply said, I'm a bit old fashioned. In a world filled to the brim with technology having a bit of old fashioned is a good thing. Doesn't it seem a bit more personal when someone takes the time to write down your name and number as opposed to storing in a phone? We think it does add a bit of a personable touch because that's why our cases are handcrafted, it adds a bit of a human touch to something that is otherwise to mechanical.
We hope this post helps give a bit more insight on the unique applications of our cases and we hope to see all the uses that our cases can provide.
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