Whether on TV or the internet we always see certain people that go above and beyond to help another person…well Sam Russell is among one of the best there is. He’s a celebrity stylist, television and red carpet style consultant and so much more. Most notably however is his amazing work through his organization The Giving ClosetThe Giving Closet’s goal is to give women who have beaten the odds a whole new wardrobe to help them jump-start their new life. To learn more visit www.wardrobedept.com/the-giving-closet.
Story Leather: “Fashion fades, style is eternal”- Yves Saint-Laurent. This quote is as famous as the designer himself. What is your take on Fashion and Style and what about your style is eternal?
Sam: There is a question I am always presented with that seems pretty universal, “ how do I make my own style?”  Answer: Mix and match established designers with off-the-radar designers in your city. Every city has local artisan creating fashion at good prices, so search them out and support them. This is the best way to start fine-tuning your personal look.

Story Leather: As a stylist you always on the heartbeat of the next big thing in fashion, “Does that affect your own personal style or do you find creative ways to make it work?”
Sam: I tuned out “the next big thing“ long ago.  We used to be fed trends 4 times a year, depending on the season. Now it’s weekly. It’s a fashion trap to convince you to shop, even when your pantry is full. My clients appreciate me more when I outsource something fabulous and flattering that works for more than just a “hot minute”.  Beware of trends and fashion press releases….
Story Leather: Being in the fashion industry you've come across a diverse range of diverse body types. Are there some tips you can give to men and women to find the right fit?
Sam: It starts on the inside first. …Cliché, I know, but it’s true. If you lack self-worth or if someone has manipulated that away from you, that black Donna Karen wrap dress will not matter. Once you fine-tune your inner dialogue, the rest falls into place. The swagger comes wearing anything from that point on……

Story Leather: Speaking of giving, you founded an organization called The Giving Closet with some inspiration from Oprah. Could you tell us more about what how The Giving Closet works and any upcoming wardrobe giveaways?
Sam: Giving Closet was my AHA! moment. I was the king of getting free designer clothes and shoes for my clients. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to start re-routing a portion of this towards women that did not live in million dollar homes. My 10th Giving Closet surprise will be Sept 26th in Houston. I am from Austin and this will be the first Giving Closet I have done in my home state. Uber excited!!  Follow me on twitter to see it all go down: @givingsam

Story Leather: My last question is “what inspires you to do the amazing work that you do?”
Sam: I saw an imbalance in Hollywood and it perplexed me. The more you pay someone and the more your stroke their ego, the more you spoil their humanity. Look at our politicians, and train-wreck celebrity stories…it happens in our churches too. I woke up one day and refused to be a part of that anymore. guess my goal is to prove that fashion does have a heart.
Fashion sometimes get that negative connotation that it's all about get the next best thing, but it's great to see amazing people like Sam who are taking fashion and giving it a new meaning. The Giving Closet is an amazing cause and tune in on September 26th as Sam heads to Houston. Be sure to follow Sam on Twitter (@givingsam) and Facebook.com/pages/The-Giving-Closet/ to receive new updates on his next Giving Closet adventure or to check out his new travel column!
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