Pamela from Texas loves us and we are happy to be included in her Purrple collection. Her testimonial below:

"I wanted to share my photos with everyone of my gorgeous iPhone & iPad cases.  I have the new iPad Air 2 & the iPhone plus, couple that with my extreme love (heart icon) for the color Purrple .  The quality of material is excellent & it looks even better in person. "

Pamela was also kind enough to share her personal style with us:

What does personal style mean to you? I have very unusual personal style. I ONLY wear, buy & have shades of Purple in my life.   I have created my own personal style & I surround myself & my husband with it as even our home is decorated with shades of purple on the walls and everything that's in it.
What are some style “do’s” and “don’ts” you try to follow? I do what I think looks good on me and I don't follow the trends just to be following them I make my own !!!
Are there any recent trends that you loved or hated? I started dying my hair Purrple 3 years ago before anyone else so I started a trend that is the one i Love.    Girls with their hair shaved on one side, I don't get it. That's the one I hate.
How did you come across Story Leather and what was your first purchase? I googled:  Purple Leather case for iphone 6 plus  and I purchased  iphone 6 plus case, ipad air 2 case & a wallet for my husband

Thank you Pamela for the love and this wonderful testimonial!