New things have been on our mind so it’s the perfect time to start hearing rumors about the new iPhone 7. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iPhone will have a close resemblance to the iPhone 6 and 6s. Rumor has it that the head jack is going away but we won’t know for sure until it launches. Rumor also has it that it will be a thinner version. The newest iPhone will launch in September. The great thing is that we have the best selection of leather phone cases at Story Leather. We have the perfect looks going on for all the iPhone versions and we’re definitely excited to see what’s next. It sounds like the mega changes are coming the next year in 2017. This will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary so it makes sense why they are saving the mega changes for the next year. In the meantime, the rumor that Apple will leave the headphone jack behind will result in improved water resistance.
Change is great and we’re definitely excited to what great technology flourishes in the future. We pride ourselves and keeping up with the best of technology and creating the perfect leather accessories to accompany new technology. Will you be getting the newest iPhone in September or will you be waiting for the next one?

This rendering of the iPhone 7's alleged design is from MacRumors via WSJ