No matter how old you are, what your profession is, what your political or religious affiliations are, and no matter what race you are, we all have this very common problem in our daily lives. We are all experiencing losing a valuable item.

Fortunately, this revolutionary item called the Airtag is available in the market to solve your everyday missing-item problems. Not only that, but Story Leather has given an upgrade by adding a touch of artistry into the product by turning it into a fashionable item. On top of that, this product has a story to tell and a cause that is worth fighting for. This product voices out the sentiments of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders amidst the increasing manifestation of Asian hate.

It might seem overreaching, but you will be surprised how a tiny product can solve one of the major household and personal problems and at the same time contribute to spreading awareness about a complex social issue.

How The AirTags Work

The AirTag is a small, button-shaped tracking device. It has a battery attached to it. AirTags can be managed in the “Find My” App under the “Items”  tab in Apple devices. Each Airtag is displayed on a map in the Find My app so its location can be easily seen. The AirTag and the Apple device are connected by Bluetooth. The items attached to the device can be located by the owner if it has gone missing or if it was stolen.

Valuable items such as car keys, a purse, or even your furry friend can be prevented from getting lost by using this device. Owners can rely on the Precision Finding feature of the gadget to locate exactly where the missing item is.

A Brilliant Gadget Integrated with Fashion and Artistry

Story Leather has embraced the product and added an elegant and stylish leather key chain wrapped around the chip. Each piece of small leather is carefully and intricately hand-crafted by leather artisans using only the finest leather with premium quality. It is available in eleven stylish colors that match different personalities and styles. It is of course made with calfskin leather for product elegance and durability.

Tiny Product Packed with Culture and Meaning

The whole product is not only about high technology and elegance. It has a very timely and profound meaning. One of the variations of the product which is the Dog Tag or Key Ring showcases an Asian design as a support for the AAPI community. It also displays Chinese characters meaning “Luck and Blessings” in English as a simple way to spread positivity and Asian culture as well.

Support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

We are all aware of how rampant Asian hate crimes are being committed in Western countries and in other parts of the world. People of different ethnicity particularly Asians are not just being discriminated against but are continuously humiliated and verbally, emotionally, and physically beaten. This unfortunate truth is happening more frequently nowadays. Because of this, Story Leather has deemed it necessary and ideal to voice out their support for the said community. This symbolizes not only their support for the AAPI community but also the fight against hate, violence, and racism in general.

Whether or not you are from the AAPI community, you are sure to identify with the message that this product is trying to convey. It is not only about protecting the people inside the community, but it is about restoring humanity and contributing to making the world a better place. Story Leather believes that even the smallest acts can make a massive difference.

Advantages of Owning a Story Leather AirTag Case

1.       Prevents valuable items from getting lost

2.       Saves people a lot of time looking for missing items

3.       Can be very useful when traveling or going to other places

4.       The leather saves the gadget from damages

5.       The leather case prolongs the longevity of the gadget

6.       It can match the personality of the owner by choosing the color of their preference

7.       Enables you to contribute in supporting a worthy cause

8.       Pet lovers can now give their pets further security

Product Specifications

  • 11 exciting colors to choose from
  • Made with genuine calfskin leather
  • Expertly handcrafted by our leather artisans
  • Price: $19.99

Story Leather is confident that many will patronize this product. This tiny product is an example of a perfect blend of technology, elegance, and purpose. Not only will this product help a lot of people on a daily basis, but it can add posh and a stylish touch to whatever item that it will be attached with. Grab yours now! Secure your valuables, upgrade your fashion and support a worthy cause!