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  • Free Journey Slim Card Wallet with Purchase of Custom-Made Goods

    Posted on January 16, 2018 by Jerry Lee

    With the increased production lead time on us, we are now aiming to promote our ready-to-ship goods. But at the same time, we understand that customers may still want something custom made to order. To compensate for the extended production lead time, we are giving away one of our Journey slim card wallets as a token of appreciation for your patience and willingness to wait for your custom order.



    Please note that the leather color of the free gift will be distributed randomly at time of shipment.

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  • Extended Production Lead Time Starts on January 16th, 2018

    Posted on January 12, 2018 by Jerry Lee

    Our team has worked long and hard through out the Christmas holidays. Every year during this time, our production team plans for the annual shutdown in the February and early March time frame. This is when our Asian team celebrates the Chinese New Year and finally get to spend a little time with their family. More importantly it is a vacation and a break from work that is well deserved.



    Given the planned factory shut down, we will be extending the production lead time of all custom orders from our usual 25-30 days to 45-50 days. YES! This is a long long wait for a custom made to order item, and to compensate for the extended wait-time, we will be offering you one of our Journey card wallets as a complimentary gift for your custom order. It's our way of saying thank you and appreciating your patience with us.



    During this time, we will also be promoting our in-stock read to ship goods. We have a wide selection of read to ship wallets, phone cases for the iPhone X, and our ever-popular Dakota v2 zipper pocket and Voyager passport holders.


    Lastly, I want to say thank you for all of your support and patience as we look forward to better serving you in 2018!


    Story Leather Team

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  • Design Tips When Custom Building Your Own Leather Holster Cases

    Posted on September 7, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    When custom designing your leather holster case (Spring Creek, Deerhill, Murano, Double Decker, Zaza, Montecito, and Montecito 2), please consider the following suggestions:


    1. Picking Your Leather Colors & Textures - Please note that we do our best to render the leather color that you see on your monitor to what the actual physical leather good will look like, there will always be discrepancy, albeit slight!

    Choosing your leather color / texture

    Know the Nature of the Leather Types - Although we only use genuine cowhide, calf skin, and lambskin leather, some of the leathers may not feel like leather due to the embossed texture.

    Saffiano Leather - this is genuine cowhide embossed with a vinyl-like texture that is popularized by designer brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and the likes.  This type of leather is more of a fashionable and trendy-type leather, and not so much the kind of leather if you are looking for one that feels supple, as you would with traditional leather.

    Smooth Fine Grain - this is the traditional leather that you have come to expect.  The supple leather is calf skin leather that is soft to the touch and gives the leather good the traditional classy look and feel whenever people think of leather goods.

    Pebbled Grain - this leather has a more apparent grainy texture to the touch, and with that said, this is also a more durable leather when it comes to scratches and blemishes. This leather gives you a good balance of the traditional leather feel and durability.

    Ostrich and Crocodile Pattern - this is genuine cowhide embossed with animal print. Please do note that this is not real ostrich leather or real crocodile leather. These are trendy patterns loved by people who are looking for something with a exotic feel.  When personalizing on the animal prints, we offer the option of stamping in gold or silver instead of the default blind embossing to give the personalization better legibility.


    2. Specifying Your Device - When building your holster cases, it is very very very important for us to know what device we are building for, and if you are using any protective casing on the smartphone, it is imperative we have the PRECISE dimensions for the phone.  We cannot stress how important this is, as often times we would have customer complain that the case doesn't fit only to find out the customer merely "estimate" or gave approximate dimensions. Please note that a few millimeters will great affect the fitting of the case for your phone!

    Phone Only - If you are just using a bare phone without any cases added to the phone, you would select the "Phone Only" option and then provide us with the device's make and model, be as specific as possible.  Please do not put "iPhone", as there are various sizes for iPhone 5, 6, 7s, 8, etc.

    Phone + 3rd Party Protective Case - If you have added a casing to your phone, whether it's an Otterbox case, a Mophie battery pack case, or just a simple plastic, leather or silicone gel case that you purchased at the mall, please choose this option and provide us with the PRECISE length x width x depth of the device. Be as precise as you possibly can, we suggest you use the millimeter and centimeter side of the ruler when measuring, it's ok to be slightly bigger, just don't under-estimate. As the old saying goes, measure twice and cut once! We recommending measuring three times just to be safe.


    3. Choosing a Front Cover Style & Bottom Opening or No Bottom Opening - The cover style is very much subjective to taste and style preference. There's no functional impact on which option you choose here when picking out a cover flap style.  However, when choosing whether to have a bottom opening.  By default, we would always ask customer to include the bottom opening, as this option does come in handy when you need access quickly to the phone. But some customers prefer to have the phone be fully concealed, again due to style preference.


    4. Choosing a Back Style - This is the most important functional selection when design your holster case.  This determines how you will be using the holster case.  By default the design is to have your wear this on your waist, so the popular options are belt clips and belt loops.

    Back Insert and Zipper Pouch - These are options merely adds extra functionality (storage) to the leather case, but you do miss out on the ability to wear them on your waist.  The back insert allows storage of 2-3 credit cards, and the zipper pouch is big enough to store a house key or some cash.  The size of the storage is determined by the size of your phone. So if you are planning to fit a credit card into the zipper pouch, and you have an iPhone 5, or even a 6, the zipper pouch will most likely not be big enough to fit your credit card.

    Belt Loop - This is the most secure way to wear your holster, as you would have to thread your belt through the holster to wear this. When choosing this option, you will be given the option to enter your largest belt's width and thickness.  Normal standard belts are about 1.5 inches wide and 1/8" thick.

    Belt Clip (large / small) - These belt clips can clip belts up to 1.5 inches wide, they are strong stationary clips; they do not rotate, and no we don't make clips that rotate.  One consideration when choosing this option is that as phones get bigger, these holsters get bigger as well.  Big holsters tend to get in the way when you sit down, and there are times when the holster will "pop-off" of the belt when they are lifted by your lap when you sit down.  This is no fault of the belt clip, but merely the fact that these holsters are just a bit too big.  One easy solution is to wear the holster closer to the side of your waist/body, and not in-front of your waist/body.

    Clip-On with Anti-Slide - This is a combination of a belt clip and a belt loop. You have the convenience of just clipping the case to your belt, and you have the added security of wrapping the leather strap around your belt to securely hold it in place in those events of the case "popping-off" the belt. This is normally the preferred choice when customer has concerns of case popping off, or when customers order a case that is for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus or bigger devices.


    5. Special Request & Notes - This is a text box area just for you to add notes and a phone number for us to call you back on, in case you have questions while placing your order. Here you can also specify some "off-the-menu" options such as stitch/thread color for the case.  By default we use matching thread colors when building your case, but if you would like a contrasting stitch color, please note it here! If you plan to have a monogram or logo stamping included, please note it here as well. Specify where you would like the stamping to go, and we can do it in blind embossing (no color), or gold or silver foil stamping. If you don't specify gold or silver stamping, your stamping is normally blind embossed without color.


    6. Personalization - This is where you finish your custom design with a name stamping or a corporate logo.  Please note that we can only work with logos that you have ownership of, we cannot stamp trademarked or copyright logos such as NFL team logo, College logos, Apple logo, etc.  Stamping by default is heat stamped, blind embossed, on the leather good, however, you can request for this to be stamped in Gold or Silver in the Special Request section.  For most cases, they are normally stamped on the front cover's bottom right corner, unless the style does not permit such a location, they would be stamped on the interior or back side, base on our production team's discretion, unless otherwise noted in the Special Request.


    Here at Story Leather, we encourage you to be adventurous and build something that is uniquely hours, and what we offer is lots of choices and options that may be overwhelming. Please do email us with any questions or use our online chat service and we will be able to help you with your custom order.


    Lastly, please note that although we say these are phone holsters, we have made our holsters to hold medical devices - Medtronic, Dexcom, etc., iPod music players, and more.

    Design Your Leather Phone Holster Now

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  • New Products in the Pipeline - Leather Key Fob Covers for BMW and Mercedes Benz, More Models to Come

    Posted on August 25, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Here at Story Leather, we are always looking to explore new product categories base on what customers need.  A lot of our customers drive nice and fancy cars, and often times we would be asked if we can produce a key cover for them to match either their custom phone case/wallet, or even the exterior body of their car.

    In the past our response has always been consistent, this is too hard as there are simply too many car makes and models, and what complicates this even more is that every few years, there would be a slight change in the shape of the car key, or car fobs, as they are called nowaday.

    But with constant request and demand, our team decided to explore and we have came up with a few prototypes base on a few car models that have constantly come up with customers' request.  Have a look and let us know what you think:

    Leather Key Fob Covers for BMW

    Leather Key Fob Covers for BMW

    Leather Key Fob Covers for BMW

    The evils are in the details with these leather key covers. The design is to have the key fob remain in the case while you can still access the buttons. Sounds easy, but we have already gone through 10 prototyping iterations to perfect the proper push mechanism so that it is 100% responsive to your touch and effective. More Testing. Stay Tuned...

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  • Travel Light for the Summer with the Our New Line of Ready-to-Ship Goods

    Posted on June 29, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Summer is upon us and we have produced a line of goods for all the travelers out there. More importantly, we are embarking on a new concept to encourage people to carry less and travel light.  With our new line of goods, starting with the Journey, the idea behind it was to not having to carrying a thick wallet, and simply carry the essential with you - credit cards, driver's license, and perhaps a Starbucks card if you still have one! 
    When it comes to consolidation, the all-new Dakota v2 is a keeper!  Loved by everyone, this is literally the end all and be all carrier to consolidate your smart phone, wallet, ear buds, usb cable, etc. Sized big enough to carry everything, yet still slim and minimal, go with the trend and get one of these and stop shoving the iPhone 7 into your back pocket!
    The best part with the Dakota v2, it comes with a removable slim card wallet, similar to the Journey, only even smaller.  The ultimate carrier when you want to just carry an ID and a $20 bill; perfect for night out without having to worry about leaving anything behind.
    Last but not least, we have the Voyager passport wallet, with summer travels, take one of these passport holders with you! Integrating the same slim card wallet design, you can store all your belongings - passport, boarding pass, foreign currencies, SIM card in this all-in-one wallet, and when it's time to get out for a beer, just take the slim wallet and off you go! Happy travels with Story Leather!


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  • New KickStarter Campaign Launched for the Dakota v2 Zipper Pocket

    Posted on May 24, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    We have just launched the KickStarter campaign for the Dakota v2 zipper pocket. We are anticipating to have the item be ready for general availability closer to end of June or early July. By joining our KickStarter campaign, you will be able to get in on the early bird special and receive our first batch of production releases.
    So what have we changed for v2?
    With the feedback received from our customers, we have made the following changes:
    1. We have made the Dakota slightly bigger to house iPhone 7 Plus with a slightly thicker case. We have learned that not all iPhone users use Apple's leather back cover.
    2. We have swapped out the silver plated zipper with a black gunmetal plated zipper for a more stylish and modern finish.
    3. We have made the cash pocket on the inside to allow for a slimmed down version of our Journey card wallet. So when you purchase the Dakota v2, it will come with a separate card wallet that is portable whenever you need to travel light.
    4. Dollar bills can now lay flat inside the Dakota v2.
    The original Dakota phone pocket was well received and liked and we are simply making a great product better! Join our KickStarter campaign today!


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  • We have just launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign!

    Posted on April 18, 2017 by Jerry Lee


    Here at Story Leather, we are embarking on a new journey as we look for a new method to provide a wider selection of ready-to-ship goods. We are often asked why is everything custom made to order? Why does it take 30 days for me to get something with my name on it? Why can't I just buy this nice wallet and get it tomorrow? These are questions that we ask ourselves often as well, and then one of our customers suggested to us why not use Kickstarter as a way to test and see if there's a market for your in-stock goods?


    Well, here we are, launching our first Kickstarter campaign for a new card wallet that we have designed. Our intention is to produce this card holder in mass quantity and price them fairly just so that it's easily approachable by first time Story Leather shoppers, and also serves as a value item for long time Story Leather customers. With these mass-produced items, we are able to achieve a greater economy of scale so that we can price them more competitively to other brands with similar offerings on the market. Again, we strongly believe that the quality of leather goods and craftsmanship truly will make our offerings an attractive and appealing proposition.


    Please come and support our Kickstarter campaign today.


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  • Case Of The Week: Cabrini Long Wallet

    Posted on March 21, 2017 by Krystal Contreras

    Spring has arrived! It's time to be bold and take hold of the new season with bright colors and fresh accessories. Here at Story Leather, we have a wide selection of pre-made, in-stock items, as well as customizable leather goods. This week, we are taking a closer look at our Cabrini long wallet to show you how you can personalize this accessory to fit your unique style.

    Weither you are headed to an 80's themed party, music festival, or if you enjoy rocking a flamboyant style daily, the hot pink hue of the in-stock Cabrini is sure to fit your look! However, if you are looking for something more subtle, you can also choose to customize your wallet with a completely different color, or simply a different shade.

    The color of the wallet is not the only customizable aspect of the Cabrini, however. You can truly be your own tastemaker and choose from a variety of leather textures to make up the exterior as well as the interior of your wallet. Your options range from the ostrich pattern shown here, to pebble grain, crocodile, woven, and more!

    In addition to changing the color and leather texture of the Cabrini, you can also create a completely unique functional design! Let us know the dimensions you prefer, how many card slots you would like, zipper pockets, straps, the list goes on! Visit our How it Works page to get started on your unique creation today! Need help, or have questions? Feel free to contact a member of our team to walk you through the process and help you design the perfect case, wallet, or leather good for you.






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  • More Than Artisans: Qind Design

    Posted on March 16, 2017 by Krystal Contreras

    How do you achieve a sophisticated style without sacrificing character? You take inspiration from Qind Design creative director and founder Victor Nartey. As a hardworking entrepreneur, we were thrilled to welcome him to be part of our More Than Artisans initiative. The Story Leather team interviewed Mr. Nartey to learn more about his brand, products, style, and story in hopes of inspiring other artists and entrepreneurs to find what is unique about themselves and to follow their dreams.

    Qind Design (pronounced “Kind Design”) is a curated collection of polished apparel and accessories with a touch of traditional African design patterns. Reaching this unique style, “was the result of an evolutionary process,” Nartey described about the establishment of his brand; adding that after starting off as Qind Online- a lifestyle magazine- he and his team, “decided to launch an art merchandising brand which included scarves and accessories… in order to generate supplementary revenue.” After launching the online store, the Qind design team found that the best selling items were those that included African print, thus, motivating the team to focus more on integrating those patterns into the brand’s style.

    However, Qind Design is about more than just about selling clothing and popular items. Nartey expressed that the word kind “has always been at the heart of the brand’s ethos, being kind to yourself and the world around you. Through Qind Design we offer our clients opportunities to be kind to themselves through elegant beautifully crafted apparel and accessories.” This is also a part of what makes Qind Design so unique. Nartey explained how sophisticated menswear often comprises of dull and boring colors such as blue, black, and grey. However, Nartey contended that “Qind Design is all about breaking that mould, that men can indeed wear colour and carry it off well.”

    It takes a creative eye to fabricate designs that differ from the norm. That is why Nartey constantly observes those around him to keep a, “look out for trends running through the mainstream and those who stand out and are different.” Taking inspiration from the world around him, Nartey typically spends most of his days either working on designs himself, or with his design team. This is the reason why Qind Design has such a wide variety of apparel, shoes, and accessories ranging from scarves to sunglasses.

    Nartey and his team are busy creating fresh, inspiring designs every day, aiming to one day build Qind Design into an iconic menswear brand known for its elegance, timelessness, and vibrancy.

    “I love what I do and it fits with my strengths. I am thoroughly creative, constantly bombarded by ideas that I want to bring to life. I love people and making them feel good about themselves. These two elements come together in my business.”

    - Victor Nartey, founder of Qind Design


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  • Case of the Week: Golden Montecito

    Posted on March 14, 2017 by Krystal Contreras

    In light of St. Patrick's day coming up later this month, this week's featured case is straight from a pot-o'-gold! This golden Montecito case was customized with this gorgeous metallic color and smooth texture. Additionally, it has been personalized with a stamping along the edge of the magnetic closure.

    This style case, as well as all our other cases, is handcrafted with genuine leather. This particular case, however, is unique because it includes a vertical leather holster case, and a customizable belt clip or belt loop. Plus, the Montecito case is tailor made to order for all smartphone devices and is carefully sized to fit your phone.

    Browse though our selection of customizable cases to design your own golden masterpiece! Not sure if gold matches your style? No worries, we have plenty of colors and textures to choose from! Visit our How It Works page to start customizing your case or small leather good today. Also, feel free to contact a friendly member of our team to help you push the limits as to what you can create!





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