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  • Design Tips When Custom Building Your Own Leather Holster Cases

    Posted on September 7, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    When custom designing your leather holster case (Spring Creek, Deerhill, Murano, Double Decker, Zaza, Montecito, and Montecito 2), please consider the following suggestions:


    1. Picking Your Leather Colors & Textures - Please note that we do our best to render the leather color that you see on your monitor to what the actual physical leather good will look like, there will always be discrepancy, albeit slight!

    Choosing your leather color / texture

    Know the Nature of the Leather Types - Although we only use genuine cowhide, calf skin, and lambskin leather, some of the leathers may not feel like leather due to the embossed texture.

    Saffiano Leather - this is genuine cowhide embossed with a vinyl-like texture that is popularized by designer brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and the likes.  This type of leather is more of a fashionable and trendy-type leather, and not so much the kind of leather if you are looking for one that feels supple, as you would with traditional leather.

    Smooth Fine Grain - this is the traditional leather that you have come to expect.  The supple leather is calf skin leather that is soft to the touch and gives the leather good the traditional classy look and feel whenever people think of leather goods.

    Pebbled Grain - this leather has a more apparent grainy texture to the touch, and with that said, this is also a more durable leather when it comes to scratches and blemishes. This leather gives you a good balance of the traditional leather feel and durability.

    Ostrich and Crocodile Pattern - this is genuine cowhide embossed with animal print. Please do note that this is not real ostrich leather or real crocodile leather. These are trendy patterns loved by people who are looking for something with a exotic feel.  When personalizing on the animal prints, we offer the option of stamping in gold or silver instead of the default blind embossing to give the personalization better legibility.


    2. Specifying Your Device - When building your holster cases, it is very very very important for us to know what device we are building for, and if you are using any protective casing on the smartphone, it is imperative we have the PRECISE dimensions for the phone.  We cannot stress how important this is, as often times we would have customer complain that the case doesn't fit only to find out the customer merely "estimate" or gave approximate dimensions. Please note that a few millimeters will great affect the fitting of the case for your phone!

    Phone Only - If you are just using a bare phone without any cases added to the phone, you would select the "Phone Only" option and then provide us with the device's make and model, be as specific as possible.  Please do not put "iPhone", as there are various sizes for iPhone 5, 6, 7s, 8, etc.

    Phone + 3rd Party Protective Case - If you have added a casing to your phone, whether it's an Otterbox case, a Mophie battery pack case, or just a simple plastic, leather or silicone gel case that you purchased at the mall, please choose this option and provide us with the PRECISE length x width x depth of the device. Be as precise as you possibly can, we suggest you use the millimeter and centimeter side of the ruler when measuring, it's ok to be slightly bigger, just don't under-estimate. As the old saying goes, measure twice and cut once! We recommending measuring three times just to be safe.


    3. Choosing a Front Cover Style & Bottom Opening or No Bottom Opening - The cover style is very much subjective to taste and style preference. There's no functional impact on which option you choose here when picking out a cover flap style.  However, when choosing whether to have a bottom opening.  By default, we would always ask customer to include the bottom opening, as this option does come in handy when you need access quickly to the phone. But some customers prefer to have the phone be fully concealed, again due to style preference.


    4. Choosing a Back Style - This is the most important functional selection when design your holster case.  This determines how you will be using the holster case.  By default the design is to have your wear this on your waist, so the popular options are belt clips and belt loops.

    Back Insert and Zipper Pouch - These are options merely adds extra functionality (storage) to the leather case, but you do miss out on the ability to wear them on your waist.  The back insert allows storage of 2-3 credit cards, and the zipper pouch is big enough to store a house key or some cash.  The size of the storage is determined by the size of your phone. So if you are planning to fit a credit card into the zipper pouch, and you have an iPhone 5, or even a 6, the zipper pouch will most likely not be big enough to fit your credit card.

    Belt Loop - This is the most secure way to wear your holster, as you would have to thread your belt through the holster to wear this. When choosing this option, you will be given the option to enter your largest belt's width and thickness.  Normal standard belts are about 1.5 inches wide and 1/8" thick.

    Belt Clip (large / small) - These belt clips can clip belts up to 1.5 inches wide, they are strong stationary clips; they do not rotate, and no we don't make clips that rotate.  One consideration when choosing this option is that as phones get bigger, these holsters get bigger as well.  Big holsters tend to get in the way when you sit down, and there are times when the holster will "pop-off" of the belt when they are lifted by your lap when you sit down.  This is no fault of the belt clip, but merely the fact that these holsters are just a bit too big.  One easy solution is to wear the holster closer to the side of your waist/body, and not in-front of your waist/body.

    Clip-On with Anti-Slide - This is a combination of a belt clip and a belt loop. You have the convenience of just clipping the case to your belt, and you have the added security of wrapping the leather strap around your belt to securely hold it in place in those events of the case "popping-off" the belt. This is normally the preferred choice when customer has concerns of case popping off, or when customers order a case that is for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus or bigger devices.


    5. Special Request & Notes - This is a text box area just for you to add notes and a phone number for us to call you back on, in case you have questions while placing your order. Here you can also specify some "off-the-menu" options such as stitch/thread color for the case.  By default we use matching thread colors when building your case, but if you would like a contrasting stitch color, please note it here! If you plan to have a monogram or logo stamping included, please note it here as well. Specify where you would like the stamping to go, and we can do it in blind embossing (no color), or gold or silver foil stamping. If you don't specify gold or silver stamping, your stamping is normally blind embossed without color.


    6. Personalization - This is where you finish your custom design with a name stamping or a corporate logo.  Please note that we can only work with logos that you have ownership of, we cannot stamp trademarked or copyright logos such as NFL team logo, College logos, Apple logo, etc.  Stamping by default is heat stamped, blind embossed, on the leather good, however, you can request for this to be stamped in Gold or Silver in the Special Request section.  For most cases, they are normally stamped on the front cover's bottom right corner, unless the style does not permit such a location, they would be stamped on the interior or back side, base on our production team's discretion, unless otherwise noted in the Special Request.


    Here at Story Leather, we encourage you to be adventurous and build something that is uniquely hours, and what we offer is lots of choices and options that may be overwhelming. Please do email us with any questions or use our online chat service and we will be able to help you with your custom order.


    Lastly, please note that although we say these are phone holsters, we have made our holsters to hold medical devices - Medtronic, Dexcom, etc., iPod music players, and more.

    Design Your Leather Phone Holster Now

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  • The Importance of Providing Precise Measurements when Customize Your Case

    Posted on October 20, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Here at Story Leather, we take measurements very very precise. As 1-2 millimeters in discrepancy would result in customer receiving a case that is either too big, or one that simply doesn't fit at all. Below is an except from a discussion post that we found on
    Here's a ruler showing 16ths, with the meaning of each mark indicated:

    Some rulers only go to eighths, and it might be easier to start with that:

    As the marks go down in size, the denominator of the fraction doubles. The biggest mark between two inches is the half; between that and either inch mark the next largest mark is the quarter inch; and so on. To find eighths, just go down the scale finding 1/2, then 1/4, then 1/8. All the marks that are that size or bigger are eighths: 1/8, 2/8 (which is the same as 1/4), 3/8, 4/8 (which is the same as 1/2), 5/8, and so on. If you want, you can just count all the marks that are the same size, counting by odd numbers: 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 7/8.

    Try doing the same thing on the 16ths ruler above; the only hard part will be to ignore the smaller 16ths marks while you're looking for 8ths. To find 5/8, for example, find which size marks are 8ths, then count 1, 3, 5/8 until you find it.

    Now you should be able to work out 32nds yourself:


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  • Places Fashionistas Visit For Tips:

    Posted on June 1, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Let’s face it, being a fashionista takes work and we love being fashionistas. We love being inspired and we know that our fellow fashionistas love to stay inspired too. With the growth of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and social media, it’s easy to stay inspired. Here are the three top places that we have selected for fashionistas visit:

    There has been so many changes at Story Leather and we love it! Our website went through some changes and has a fresh look and our love for fashion is being seen through our blog. We’re all about creativity and the fashion has no bounds wit our blog. The Story Leather blog has become a place to visit for fashion trends and this can be seen in our blogs that cover color trends and seasonal trends. Did you see the blog about leather handbags or coverage on the rose gold color, leather mini skirts, and Story Leather iPhone cases? So many fun things, so little time!
    InStyle Magazine:

    Many of our fashionistas will also visit InStyle for style inspiration and so do we! We loved seeing Gwen Stefani on their front cover back in December. We especially loved seeing her on the front cover because that woman can rock a red lipstick and leather look! If you’re not feeling InStyle, you can try GLAM. Just picturing yourself by the beach with a lovely leather handbag with your magazine in it. Live life freely and openly but fabulously of course.

    The visual creativity that comes as part of the Pinterest community is endless. We love that you are able to build visuals and dreams. It’s all about the power of vision and empowerment. You can take into any direction that you want and discover so many trends, styles, and start building your own visual go to of what you want your life to be like. Some our favorite accounts to follow are Pop Sugar Fashion, WhoWhatWear, BlogLovin’, and MISSHOLLY, among many others. Get to pinning and while you’re at it, pin a few Story Leather items or find something that you love and let us help you create it!

    As you know Instagram has taken social media by storm and is fun easy way to quickly get inspired. Instagram has a new and fresh look which is a nice way to get into summer! Finding the account that you love is key and we love following Gigi Hadid for fashion inspiration as well as Kourtney Kardashian for celebrity fashion inspiration but we also love Fashion Bomb Daily, Spring and Fifth, OOTD, and for luxury we love to see what FashionLuxuries has going on. Here at Story Leather, we love the finer things in life. Check out Instagram account too, @story_leather is waiting for you!
    There are many ways to inspired and we hope that you have fun staying inspired. It’s the best way to live because it allows for creativity. We believe in expression and fa-shion because it says a lot about you as an individual, it is the reason that we allow to our customers to run with an idea and create their own Story Leather items or choose from already inspired collection. Don’t be afraid to explore and see what websites, people, and places inspire your the most and start living the way that inspires you.

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  • Types of Leather Used To Make Wallets, Purses, and Bags

    Posted on March 7, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    There are a variety of different leathers used when manufacturing leather goods. From animal hide types to dyes to preparations, the limit is truly endless. Some leathers work better than others for certain products, keeping wear in mind. In addition to durability, style and personal preference play a large role in leather selection.

    Common Types

    Full Grain - This strong and durable leather has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed on the surface so it is not as smooth and lends a natural look. The breathable nature acquires less moister and it naturally patinas in color during its lifetime. This is made from the top layer of the hide. Bags are not normally made from this except for high quality pieces because it is difficult to work with for smaller pieces, this is the most common for shoes.

    Top Grain - This is the second highest quality leather and the most popular in luxury leather goods. The split layer has been taken away and this is thinner and more pliable. This also does not age as well because the strongest fibers were sanded away. It is treated with a finish coat and sanding; due to this there is no natural patina and a colder feel. This leather is stain resistant and these are the strongest popular, easy to find leather goods.

    Corrected Grain - This is a leather that has an artificial grain applied on the surface, so leather no meeting the high standards for vegetable or other tanned leathers. After the perfections are sanded off, there is an artificial grain embossed and pigments applied on top to hide imperfections even more. This can also be referred to as Genuine Leather and is most popular for wallets for affordability.

    Split Leather - This is made from the fibrous part of the leather after the top rawhide has been separated. This is used to create suede, which is tougher than clothed and a great fabric for lining.

    Bonded Leather - This is the collected dust from other leather that are glued and pressed together, used to mix with synthetic leather. This is the weakest of leather.

    Common Finishes:

    Chrome Tanned - This is produced by using chromium salts, blue and other exotic colors can be produced by this method. It is pliable, supple, and keeps shape and form easily. It is also easy to produce in about a day, and makes up 80% of leather goods.

    Vegetable Tanned - This is tanned using tannins from vegetables, bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. Normally the leather results supple and brown with shade variation based on tannins and animal hide. This is not good in water, it will discolor, shrink, and harden.

    Aldehyde Tanned - Using Aldehyde chemicals, this leather is white or cream in color.

    Rose Tanned - This rare, lengthy process is created by using rose otto oil in place of other oils and the leather goods keep a delightful rose scent.

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  • How To Tell The Difference Between Real Leather and Fake (PU) Leather

    Posted on February 20, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    When shopping for leather goods, having a background knowledge in quality and authenticity is important for ease and an overall positive experience. When examining the item, there are a few important indicators that distinguish real leather from fake leather, or PU (polyurethane), or for animal loves - vegan leather. Leather is made from organic materials while fake leather is synthetic and much cheaper. Some fake leather items are made with part real leather and marketed as full genuine leather, so technically they would still be advertised as real leather and normally these are what are called bonded leather.
    Generally, real leather is going to be more expensive than synthetic leather. The source of the leather itself causes variation in price, such as buffalo leather being cheaper than cow leather. There will also be a distinct smell to real leather, one that is earthy. The texture will be rough, not smooth, and real leather will not stretch with force like synthetic materials. While synthetic leather may feel quite cool and hard, real leather is warm to the touch like skin and supple. As the product ages, there will be a glow and natural tanning of real leather, while synthetic materials always remain the same.

    Another way to test leather is through fire. If real leather is put to a flame, it will burn and smell like burnt hair rather than catch into flames. On the other hand, synthetic leather will melt easily and smell like burning plastic. An additional, more destructive test is through saliva. Real leather is absorbent, and a bit of saliva on the product will absorb while on synthetic material it will just bead on top. This test is a bit less reliable because some real leather has a weatherproof coating to prevent water from absorbing. One last extreme test is to scratch with your fingernail or pierce with a needle. Real leather will scratch easily and kick up a fine powder onto your nail. A needle will not pass through real leather as easily as synthetic materials. Although we are listing some ways to verify the authenticity of leather, we are not suggesting you to burn or put saliva on your Story Leather goods!

    Looking closely at the pattern of the leather and the assemblage of the product also reveals authenticity. Real leather should have a geometric, pebble like surface that is not uniform, the imperfections of the natural product as well as the random, uneven pores show the real nature of the leather. Synthetic leather will show uniform texture and even pores. At the seams, man-made leather, will be thin, plastic like, and have threads exposed. Real leather is thick and has rough, grainy edges. The lack of suppleness of fake leather will reveal needle holes, while real leather will have uneven holes close to the thread.

    The lining of the leather is important as well. Many products attach a small tag with their logo, so the back is the perfect place to check. A suede lining indicates real, while a cloth or plastic lining is a dead giveaway of fake materials. Real leather goods will feel heavy in your hand, never feather light.

    Sometimes, materials are made so well that it truly is hard to tell. In the end, it is best to buy your leather goods from a reputable seller to assure you are getting authentic, high quality, products.

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  • The Next Big Accessory: Your Phone?

    Posted on January 25, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Are you questioning the title of this article? You read right, the next big accessory is your phone. It’s normal to take an immense amount of time picking your next purse or briefcase, or debating hours over what watch to purchase, but a phone is just as important.

    Cell phones are constantly being use. When they are not in your pocket or bag, they are out with other people or assisting you while you go through your daily business. Just as people notice what is on your wrist, they will notice what is in your hand. For these reasons, you need to treat your phone like the fashion opportunity it is. Any professional would love to take advantage of another way to improve your image. Here’s a list of the three things to consider when transforming your phone from a gadget to an accessory.

    1. The Screen
    Cracks, dents, and smears are easy to spot and not nice to look at. To keep your phone fashionable, start by trying to protect the screen by not dropping it and putting on a clean protector. Then, give your phone at least a once daily polishing to eliminate smudges and smears from your fingers. To keep it clean, try to avoid touching with greasy hands.

    2. The Background
    The minute you light up that screen, not only you, but also others will see the background you have on the front. The best way to be stylish with your phone background is to choose both something that makes you happy, and something tasteful. Try switching out that photo of you and your pals making the duck face after work to a picture of a memory that makes you happy and is not too revealing. That serene beach you visited appeals to you and everyone who sees your phone, or that view from your hike portrays a healthy and lively lifestyle.

    3. The Case
    The most important component to transforming your phone into a professional fashion accessory is your phone case. This importance is based in the fact that the phone case is the first thing anyone notices about your phone. Just like a purse or watch, your phone case should be an investment piece made from high quality materials, highlighting sophisticated silhouettes and your personal style. Just as you can switch up accessories, you can change your phone case to go with your outfit. Use the flip wallet style for dinner parties and the normal hugging hard-shell case for daily endeavors. Choose a versatile neutral to match your daily attire, or incorporate a bright pop of color. With the customizable options available in today’s phone case market, there’s no excuse to have a boring phone that does not accentuate your style. Accessorizing is fun, and let it go to the next level with your trusted side kick, your phone.

    Image Source:

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  • The Increasing Popularity of Smartphones and Their Effects

    Posted on January 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    In the US, smartphones have become the most popular device around. This year, a drastic increase of smartphone ownership was observed, resulting to 68% of adults having one. Ownership of tablet computers have also increased.

    Why have smartphones become popular in the US and many parts of the world? There may be a number of reasons for this: First, smartphones are portable. It is a product of the trend where more computing power can be done in a smaller area, thus the smartphone's capability to perform a lot of functions.

    Second, they are capable of many functions a desktop computer, mp3 player, camera and other devices combined. It is like an all-in-one product where you can do all these things in the palm of your hand. Third, big companies like Apple and Samsung have become so popular that every time they announce a new device, everyone gets to know. And in between them, many other companies have joined the competition, bringing in their own version of smartphones.

    We cannot deny the popularity of these devices. It has been integrated in our lifestyle - we use them to help us in our daily routines. And in the coming years, more people will get to own their own as smartphone technology continues to advance and tech companies continue to bring in something new on the table.

    In every event, there is always a positive and negative effect that go along with it. What are some of these effects in the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones among users?

    Easier communication and connection
    With the internet, communication has become way easier, and with the rising popularity of smartphones, creating connections with friends and loved ones who you cannot physically become possible and convenient. When you need to see your friend or relative, you can video chat with them with a few taps. Through the smartphone, the world has become more connected than ever.

    Useful in studies, career in business
    With many accessible applications which aid in studies and business, smartphones have helped students and professionals in their daily lives. Students can access the Internet and easily find information and use applications to help them be organized. Professionals can do the same things and much more with applications that are specifically catered to their field.

    Helps in emergencies
    When an emergency situation happens, smartphones can be really be of great use. You can set your smartphone to make the emergency numbers like the police, fire and other departments in your area accessible even when it is locked. You can also download applications like pMonitor (Android) and Neighborhood Watch, which are useful for monitoring the location of your loved ones or reporting an incident. Response has become easier because of smartphones.

    However, with inappropriate use and addiction, smartphones can be detrimental to a person. Here are some negative effects of smartphones when they’re not used properly.

    Serves as a distraction
    Smartphones may easily distract individuals because of its accessibility to a lot of applications. A study shows that smartphones become more of a distraction than of help among students. Without proper use and limits, smartphones can lead you to become unproductive in your school or work.

    Using the phone while driving is one of the leading cause of car accidents in the country. And although it is strongly advised not to use the phone while on the wheel, a lot do not follow still. With inappropriate use, smartphones can lead to accidents and death not only to yourself, but also to others as well.

    Disconnect from real life.
    It’s ironic that smartphones, which paved the way for easier connection, cause disconnect for some people. Because of addiction to social media, some of them care more about their life and image there than on real life.

    The key to maximizing the functions of smartphones while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is moderation. Smartphone addiction can happen because it is easy to happen. We are expecting more devices to emerge in the coming years, and if we do not train ourselves not to become dependent on our smartphones, they will be more detrimental than helpful in our lives.

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  • Graphene as the Possible Solution to our Battery Problems

    Posted on January 4, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    For many of us, we have already integrated our smartphones in our daily lives. From messaging, sending emails, or a quick browse on the Internet to playing games and taking selfies, our smartphones has become something that we can’t live most of our lives without.

    But we always face a gut-wrenching issue with our phones - and it is their battery life. When you open apps, the Internet and even the media player at the same time, don’t be surprised that your fully charged phone has become low in battery in an hour or so.

    This is also an issue for smartphone manufacturers. As more advanced phones are released in this year and in the previous ones, only a few companies actually did significant improvements to the smartphone’s battery life. And even so, we still struggle in keeping our phones up and running for longer times. Was there a time where you really need your phone but it doesn’t have enough charge? We think everyone shares that experience.

    Of course we have found our way around the problem. There is the car charger and the more popular power bank. To some, bringing several phones might be a good choice. But not everyone would want to bring a bulky power bank or even multiple phones.

    But don’t fret as top tech companies are coming up with research on a material called graphene. Scientists are looking at this material in the previous years because of its amazing physical and electrical properties. It is thin, strong, flexible, and has great conductivity. Thinking about these properties gives us a wide array of possible applications for the material. And in the issue of smartphone batteries, graphene may be the answer.

    Typical smartphones are run by Lithium-ion batteries. Although it is by far the best choice of a battery, it clearly still has some problems. Jon Lettow, president of Vorbeck, a materials company, identifies them - short battery life, long charging times, and its tendency to overheat, causing short circuit which may affect the phone. Using graphene as a substitute to the present Li-ion will be the solution to these issues.

    Li-ion batteries recharge by the transfer of these ions along the batteries’ electrodes. Because of the high conductivity of graphene, these transfer will be faster, resulting to faster charging times. Also, there is less resistive heating due to its high conductivity, so there is less tendency for the material to overheat. By improving the electrodes and the ion-storage material, the graphene battery will be functional and it will surely solve a lot of problems on our phone’s batteries.

    Although this technology is still in the works and is not yet available in the public, it is one reason to be excited about smartphone tech next year.

    Photo credit: Pixabay

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  • Give Your Smartphone a Treat as the Year Closes

    Posted on December 31, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    As the year closes,you should never forget to reward yourself for all the things that you accomplished this year. Whether it’s a new gadget, clothes, or even a house or a car, the last days of this year are a great time to treat yourself after a year’s worth of sweat, blood, and tears. It’s a great time to be thankful for a lot of things that happened. Giving yourself that reward as the year ends will surely give you a reason to look forward for the next one.

    But along with you, your phone has worked equally hard. It has been taking care a lot of tasks in our daily routines, like messages from our boss and workmates, reminders, and even apps, which relieve us from the stress of our everyday jobs. Our phones have been working hard as we are, and like us, we think they also deserve a treat.

    We always take care of our external (physical) and internal (mental, emotional, even spiritual) health, and rewarding ourselves as the year ends would almost always involve both of them. And just like our bodies, our phones also need external and internal checkup, maintenance, and a reward.

    Maybe a lot of data have piled up in our phones, causing them to perform more slowly as compared to the time we got our hands on them. Messages have piled up, cached data from applications have left unchecked, and unnecessary pictures and videos have stuck up in our memory cards. Or maybe our phones need a new screen protector, or a new external case because it has worn out from its daily work.

    We believe that maintaining both the external and internal features of our phones not only increase their lifetime, but also will be beneficial to you because they would be useful for you for the years to come. Here are some ways to treat your phone as this year ends:

    Delete unnecessary messages: Messages in your inbox, when left unchecked, can clutter your phone, pile up free data space and cause your phone to slow down. This is the perfect time to sit down and delete these cluttering messages in your phone. It will free up some space and restore some performance in it. Checking your inbox for past messages can also be a great time to remember a lot of things that you’ve done in the year.

    Uninstall unused applications: It’s a tendency for new smartphone users to download a lot of apps and forget to delete them. This is forgivable since it’s amazing how many apps that our phones can have. But if you want to regain some space, delete those apps that you didn’t use anymore. While you’re at it, you can organize the apps that you want to keep. This will help in decluttering your phone.

    Delete cookies and temporary files: These are stuff that gets saved in your phone as you browse the Internet. You can manually delete these by manually going to your browser’s settings and deleting them, or download applications that do so.

    Buy a new screen protector and other accessories: Although not really necessary (unless your phone has really worn out), having a new screen protector and phone cases would really be a great treat for your phone. It would look like it’s new, even though you have it for some time. Our wide array of phone cases would just be the best thing that your phone should have.

    The purpose of rewarding ourselves is for us to be refreshed and be prepared for the coming year. And by doing these to our smartphones, they would be like new this 2016, ready to help us in our everyday lives. Besides, if our phones can talk to us, they’ll be grateful for the treatment that we will give them.

    Have a Prosperous New Year!

    Photo credits: Pixabay

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  • Top iPhone Apps for Business Professionals

    Posted on September 23, 2015 by Kelsey Jones

    The world of business is a very demanding place - pressure to perform well and climb the corporate ladder is everywhere, schedules are hectic, and we are prone to be disorganized if we don’t plan things well. Our schedules need to account for a lot of things for the business, travel to meetings, and to grow and maintain our network of clients, suppliers, and other important people.

    This is the second part of our top iPhone apps series, and in this article, we will share some of the top apps business professionals can use to make their lives a whole lot easier:

    Building a network is one of the most important steps in being successful in business, and LinkedIn is one of the best sites for professionals. The app has the same functions as the website has, like discussing in your groups, and checking out people’s profiles, but the platform and format is tailored for the iPhone so it is more easy and comfortable to use. Whether you are a new college graduate or a seasoned vet of your industry, the LinkedIn app is a must have.

    This app helps you store and organize your business cards. By utilizing the iPhone’s camera, it recognizes the information on the business card and stores the data to its address book. All you have to do is take a picture of the business card, and Camcard will extract the name, address, and other contact information. It’s useful when you have a lot of business cards and you do not want to bring them everywhere you go.

    If you are managing business expenses, or you just want to effectively manage your budget and resources, Expensify is a great app to use. It can store and track your receipts and easily make expense reports. It also tracks mileage for business or personal travel.

    For expenses, you take a picture of the receipt and then choose the report where the receipt will be accounted (in which report and category). It is the most convenient app for creating expense reports and will save you from a lot of stress.

    One of the best apps for business professionals who regularly travel, TripIt in itself is very unique. You send an confirmation email to and it will send you a detailed itinerary of your trip before you leave. This app can locate and manage hotel check ins, car and other rental services and all the things that go along with travel. You can also sync your trips to your other organizing apps, and edit them. There’s a paid and free version of TripIt, but either way, it is highly recommended app for business or personal travels.

    This app does one of the most important things in business - which is enabling you to easily and conveniently put your signature to documents such as contracts, receipts, reports, agreements, and papers in PDF. SignEasy saves you from a lot of headaches on having to scan your signatures and place them on documents because you can do it directly through the app. This is for every business professional who wishes to sign documents and store them in a fast and easy way.

    Some of these apps are free and some have a price, but one things is sure - these apps will surely be of great use as you continue in your business. Life will be more convenient and you can focus more on doing great in your company and other important things.

    Stay tuned as we unveil more top iPhone apps for more types of professionals.

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