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  • iPhone X is Launching in 2 Weeks

    Posted on October 17, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    As we get closer to the launch date, the anticipation is high in terms of how well the phone will sell. Looking at the lackluster sale of the newly announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, we are just going to confidently say that the iPhone X, iPhone 10, will be Apple's best selling device in recent years. Even at the $1,000 price tag, we don't believe the Apple die-hards are fazed, there will be a long line waiting outside the Apple store, and there will certainly be a lot of phone cases available for the new iPhone.

    Here at Story Leather, we have lined up our production with a set of back covers, wallet cases and holsters. These items will be releasing in the coming month. Check it out:

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  • We are Now Taking Custom Orders for Apple's iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X (10)

    Posted on September 21, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    With Apple's announcement of the new and powerful iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, our team has gone through extensive testing and are now ready to take custom orders for all three phones!  The iPhone 8 and the 8+ will be released tomorrow, with the shiny new glass body, make sure you get a pretty case to match the phone, or get a holster case custom sized to carry the brand new shiny smartphone!

    We are still hard at work in updating our product photos for the iPhone X, so you may see a slight discrepancy, but rest assured that as you go through the customization process, you are now able to choose the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

    Put your custom order in today and perhaps you will get the case before you receive your new phone from Apple! Choose a style and custom build one now: It's also not too early to start planning for those Holiday gifts...hint...hint...

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  • Apple Just Announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

    Posted on September 12, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Apple just announced the new iPhone lineup for Fall with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the impressive iPhone X, or 10. The iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus are not much different from the previous year. But the phones with its glass body does add a couple extra millimeters to its overall width and thickness. Where as the iPhone X is completely new! FINALLY! Something that is truly revolutionary, and not just another incremental upgrade.


    Image Courtesy of


    All that said, this simply means the new iPhones will all require new cases, and for now we are ready to custom build holsters and pouch-type cases today! The timing is going to be perfect if you order your iPhone X case now, in which it would be ready and in time for your iPhone X. Customize holsters now for your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X today!


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  • Readying for Apple's iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus Leather Cases

    Posted on September 6, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    As we get closer to the September 12th announcement for Apple's upcoming new phones, our team are working on refining our leather cases for the new devices.  With all the major phone companies releasing new flagship devices, this is going to be busy month in preparation for a huge October, November and December!!

    With all the major phones such as the rumored iPhone 8 and the newly released Galaxy Note 8 both going almost bezel-less, with a full front screen, we will no longer be able to build leather frame enclosures around these devices.  So most Cartera, Surrey-style cases would be done in hard shells to keep the phones securely in place.

    We are less than 1 week away, stay tuned as we begin releasing styles for iPhone 8 leather phone cases and Galaxy Note 8 leather cases.

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  • Working Hard on Apple iPhone 8 Cases

    Posted on August 14, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    With Apple's announcement not coming until next month, everyone in the industry seems to have jumped the gun and started the frenzy with the new iPhone 8 cases.  Here at Story Leather, we are also doing our own due diligence and working on "prototyping" for the all-new iPhone 8.

    With leaks about the specifications of the iPhone 8 coming out daily, most industry professionals are certain that the form factor is no longer a secret, and many case makers are proceeding with production on iPhone 8 cases.  At Story Leather, we are planning on taking a more conservative approach.  We are doing our prototyping, but we are not releasing or taking orders until Apple officially releases the phone.  The last thing we want is to make a custom leather case that doesn't fit your shiny new toy! Stay tuned, and we can't wait till the September announcement!

    Stay tuned...More to Come....


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  • We can't get enough of iPhone 8 rumors and news!

    Posted on June 22, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Seems like we can never get enough of iPhone 8 news. But judging by all the emails that we receive from 3rd party casing companies out of China, it looks like the final design of the iPhone 8 is finalized and confirmed, and this information has already been leaked out to the factories. Below are some of the iPhone 8 cases that overseas factories are soliciting for sale:

    and a recent article on Forbes also further confirms our observation that phone case vendors are already beginning to list iPhone 8 cases for sale.

    Here at Story Leather, we will ALWAYS wait until the official release just to make sure the cases that we provide to our customers will be the right and perfect fit.  The iPhone 8 will be a beautiful phone with larger screen, wireless charging, and better water-proofing. Rest assured that we will be taking custom orders for iPhone 8 leather cases and holsters as soon as Apple makes their official announce in Fall.

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  • All New Apple iPad Pro 10.5" and 12.9" (2nd Gen.)

    Posted on June 8, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    The iPad Pro 10.5-inch and the 12.9-inch have been unveiled at Apple's WWDC 2017.

    Image Courtesy of

    The designs are more or less the same, except for the internal hardware upgrading making for a faster and more powerful model. But aesthetically, they remained the same.
    What is new this time around is the introduction of the 10.5-in., and this is getting people excited. Many felt the 12.9 was way too big and heavy, while the 9.7 didn't give a big enough canvas for drawings and real professional work. Taking cues, Apple gave us the 10.5 in., slightly bigger, but more powerful than ever!
    Many customers have already been asking us about custom leather cases for the 10.5. Today we are announcing that we are now taking custom orders for both the new iPad Pro 10.5-in and also the 12.9-in (2nd Gen). The new 12.9-in is the same leather case as the one for the original 12.9, so customers of the old 12.9 leather cases can continue using their existing cases.
    Custom Build Our Hampton Case for the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 | Pro 12.9 Inch

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  • We are seeing more and more pictures of iPhone 8 cases on the market...already!

    Posted on May 30, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    We are seeing more and more photos of iPhone 8 cases leaking on the Internet. We, as a leather case maker ourselves, are also often solicited by factories overseas with iPhone 8 cases ready to ship! Although we are still 3-4 months away from Apple's formal announcement, one consistency that we are seeing is that the new iPhone 8 cases all have a vertically positioned dual camera hole. Other then this, it also appears to be quite consistent that the new iPhone 8 will be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, but slightly bigger than the iPhone 7. At this time, nothing is confirmed but it seems like factories in China are pretty confident about these cases, for whatever reason.
    Image Courtesy of
    For now, we will just take these as rumors, but we would still love to continue to share with our audience on what we can expect from Apple when it comes September for Apple's formal announcement. Rest assured that when the iPhone 8 is officially released, our team will be ready to take custom orders for the iPhone 8!
    Image courtesy of

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  • Story Leather Takes PR into Magnanimity with The Ross Group On Board

    Posted on September 16, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Ever since The Pretty Woman grossed around 450 million dollars immediately after its release, thus making it a big hit in Hollywood and cinemas worldwide, The Ross Group, headed by Mary Hall Ross has been quite a rage ever since. The Ross Group, which has tolerated and catered to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, has been able to prove its magnificence in Public Relations and insightful Marketing throughout the American Coastline.

    Recently, Story Leather started a collaboration by shaking hands with The Ross Group, thus welcoming an adage of experience and an entire era of fashionable success and stories to play with the sleek leather on board. The Ross Group has tons of success stories to tell to, many of which are capable of making your heads turn with their epic furnishings or clothing ventures in the movies they collaborate with, such as Gone Girl, Pitch Perfect 2 and so on.

    The Ross Group has been redefining culture and red carpets for a long time, and has been heartily accepted as an inspirational and philanthropic industry by the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The insights of Mary Hall Ross, the founder of The Ross Group have not only proved to be quite beneficial, but her picks and marketing scores have also been quite welcoming, supportive, and attractive. Mary Hall Ross believes in prejudice, and in keeping herself steadfast while providing her clients with her services that prove to be the best in the short and the long run.

    Story Leather has been quite renowned in the leather industry with an online store that caters to your whims, and delights with the most exquisite customizations, and polite customer service. We, at Story Leather ensure to wow our clients with our leather messenger and tote bags which are hand-woven with expertise.

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  • New Leather News: “Biofabrication”

    Posted on July 15, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Fashion and technology are two industries that are always changing and have surprisingly found phenomenal ways to work together. The use of technology has allowed consumers to have access to fashion trends all over the world and has allowed bloggers to create their own voice and platforms. We are a fan of both industries and both industries have their mark on Story Leather and the brand that we strive to be so when we heard of the new technology news regarding a new way to create leather on TechCrunch, we had to stop and enjoy some reading.
    According to TechCrunch, a start-up based out of Brooklyn called Modern Meadows has raised millions to source leather without livestock and only using a physically and chemically intensive process for leather creations. According to the article, CEO and co-founder Andras Forgacs explains that biofabrication involves the design of cells to produce and assemble collagen and other proteins to yield leather that is “biologically identical” to traditional types. The company is preparing to scale up and expand to serve the fashion industry but faces the challenge of making pricing affordable to the market.
    What are your thoughts on this article? Is it something that you would see yourself doing?

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