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  • A brand new iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE will be revealed next week

    Posted on March 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Apple's next-generation 4-inch iPhone appears to be coming on March 21. With multiple manufacturers from overseas emailing us with new cases for the new iPHONE SE, we are certain this will be a reality, and not so much a rumor anymore. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much Apple is changing to body of the case to determine how much this phone will excite the Apple fanboys(girls). So far what we are hearing is that it will look very similar to the existing iPhone 5s, but with a slightly curved cover glass around the edges. Courtesy of, below are the expected specs for the upcoming iPHONE 5SE:

    • 4-inch display
    • A9 chip
    • Touch ID
    • Apple Pay support
    • 12-megapixel rear camera
    • Live Photos support, but no 3D Touch
    • Metal casing

    We, here at Story Leather, are ready to custom build wallet cases and holsters as soon as Apple announces on March 21st. Be sure to check back and custom build that best case you can find for the IPHONE SE on Monday!
    Image courtesy of

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  • 7 Most Fashionable Leather Accessories that are Trending for 2016

    Posted on March 9, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Who will say no to the genuine leather fashion pieces? Of course none! Either men or women, we all crave for leather goods and like to accessorize with the unmatched, durable form of fashion pieces. No doubt,leather is loved in every form and the designers have taken the advantage of it to form some exclusive leather accessories that are trending in 2016 fashion scene.

    Alongside to shoes and bags, there are several creative ways to accessorize yourself through leather. At Story Leather, we have brought some unconventional yet most fashionable leather accessories that are trending for the year 2016.

    Leather Cuffs

    Pick a Fendi’s alligator skin cuff or A Detacher’s burnt orange leather cuff, even Celine’s leather cuff pooled with metallic square and hoop –they all taken as the trendiest accessories of the season. Leather cuffs fashion got trendy since last year when the street style got oozed and became the trendiest thing to follow. Apparently, this fashion is going to stay for a while.

    Leather Wrap Bolo

    This innovative neck accessory inspired from the 60s has become a huge trend for the season.The young millennials love to wear it in multiple styles. Wear it with a medallion, pearls or just go simple, you will get perfection to your voguish looks in either way.

    Leather Belts

    Yep! The elegance speaks for itself when a classy belt is designed in leather. A Sleek waist belt that can be worn over skirts, jeans, and dresses would never get out of the fashion. And there is also the newest trend of wrap belts that look awesome on all waist sizes. You can experiment them in multiple ways.

    Scarf Cuffs

    This is another innovative way to show your leather love. They just help you out to stylishly wear a snuggly scarf and add the right amount of attitude in your silhouette.

    Leather Clutches

    The spring/summer New York Fashion Week 2016 runway showed some amazingly tasteful trends in the form of leather clutches. Lanvin’s gray leather clutch is still holding its place and included on the list of fashion must-haves for 2016.

    Statement Leather Earrings

    The obsession with statement earrings has entered the 2016 trends and would be sticking around till next spring season. Not only that, it has taken to next level through leather fringes and feather-like swingy earrings. The designers like Marissa Webb and Tome showed their passion by using leather and created statement leather earrings – and it worked wonders!

    Leather Bucket Bag

    The innovative style that comes with functionality, bucket bags are the newest trend brought by top designers like Zara. You can pair it up with bright spring outfits to get an effortless ambiance.

    End Note

    The story of leather is continued to give you innovative trends. There are several leather accessories that can build a fashion-forward statement of you. Story Leather has accessories for people who are in love with leather. Shop for your favorite leather accessory now!

    Image Source: Pinterest

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  • Types of Leather Used To Make Wallets, Purses, and Bags

    Posted on March 7, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    There are a variety of different leathers used when manufacturing leather goods. From animal hide types to dyes to preparations, the limit is truly endless. Some leathers work better than others for certain products, keeping wear in mind. In addition to durability, style and personal preference play a large role in leather selection.

    Common Types

    Full Grain - This strong and durable leather has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed on the surface so it is not as smooth and lends a natural look. The breathable nature acquires less moister and it naturally patinas in color during its lifetime. This is made from the top layer of the hide. Bags are not normally made from this except for high quality pieces because it is difficult to work with for smaller pieces, this is the most common for shoes.

    Top Grain - This is the second highest quality leather and the most popular in luxury leather goods. The split layer has been taken away and this is thinner and more pliable. This also does not age as well because the strongest fibers were sanded away. It is treated with a finish coat and sanding; due to this there is no natural patina and a colder feel. This leather is stain resistant and these are the strongest popular, easy to find leather goods.

    Corrected Grain - This is a leather that has an artificial grain applied on the surface, so leather no meeting the high standards for vegetable or other tanned leathers. After the perfections are sanded off, there is an artificial grain embossed and pigments applied on top to hide imperfections even more. This can also be referred to as Genuine Leather and is most popular for wallets for affordability.

    Split Leather - This is made from the fibrous part of the leather after the top rawhide has been separated. This is used to create suede, which is tougher than clothed and a great fabric for lining.

    Bonded Leather - This is the collected dust from other leather that are glued and pressed together, used to mix with synthetic leather. This is the weakest of leather.

    Common Finishes:

    Chrome Tanned - This is produced by using chromium salts, blue and other exotic colors can be produced by this method. It is pliable, supple, and keeps shape and form easily. It is also easy to produce in about a day, and makes up 80% of leather goods.

    Vegetable Tanned - This is tanned using tannins from vegetables, bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. Normally the leather results supple and brown with shade variation based on tannins and animal hide. This is not good in water, it will discolor, shrink, and harden.

    Aldehyde Tanned - Using Aldehyde chemicals, this leather is white or cream in color.

    Rose Tanned - This rare, lengthy process is created by using rose otto oil in place of other oils and the leather goods keep a delightful rose scent.

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  • Brand Profile - Mophie Iphone Cases

    Posted on March 4, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    How They Got Started

    Based in California, Mophie is a phone case company centers their design around charging while keeping phones waterproof. Two co founders started designing in 2006 and released the first JuicePack products, the original name. These were so successful they continued. The Mophie Rescue Initiative was an innovative advertisement scheme on their part, at the South by Southwest Festival, people would tweet in their dying phone, and winners had an interactive map tracking Saint Bernards that traveled through the festival. Once they found the dogs, they received a power reserve to charge their phone.

    Image Source:

    Case To Fame

    The two most innovative and acclaimed products in Mophie’s line are the juice pack and space pack. The juice pack is the first mobile battery pack that was certified by Apple, and the space pack is the first mobile charging case with built in local storage. These products were unique to the market and innovative at their release, which was what propelled Mophie to fame!

    Philanthropic Help

    Mophie is a unique case company because they are highly interested in helping others. In 2015 they partnered with (RED) a HIV/AIDs charity focused on ending the epidemic. This red juice pack air case was special, as all proceeds went to the foundation.



    While these cases come in a variety of colors, they are pretty standard on design. They are not too bulky considering the battery-charging element, but they keep the design minimal. The satin finished materials are sleek, but not luxurious. Most users of these cases are relying on the functional element, so this is most likely why the style is lacking.


    It does not get more functional than remote charging and local storage backup. These cases are unique and the first to introduce mobile charging. No matter where you are, their slogan #StayPowerful will have your back and keep you charged. The brand also carries larger portable chargers you can link to your phone with a cord for multiple charges. The most functional ability of the space packs and stations is the additional 128G of space you can receive in addition to charging. If you are busy and do a lot on your phone, this is definitely beneficial to you.


    While most of these cases are designed just for charging, there are military standard, rugged cases as well that keep your phone protected from water and elements and charged. The H2Pro line has cases that are completely waterproof while charging your phone. So if you loose your phone in the rain, when you find it, it will be charged and dry!

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  • Treat Your iPad

    Posted on March 2, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    You may deck out your phone in trusty cases and gear, but it is easy to forget about your Ipad. This device is just as useful in your daily life and deserves just as much love. Here’s some great options to encase your Ipad and give it new life. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want something with a different style for different uses. From just traveling, to running errands all day, to using it heavily for various tasks, there’s an option for you and you never have to compromise luxury and style for functionality.

    For The Busy

    If you’re quite busy and on the go with your gear, a back cover case is perfect. It keeps your case scratch free and protected, but it also keeps the bulk to a minimum. That way, you can easily slip your device into your bag and pull it out when you want to read or play a game, but look good doing it.

    iPad Pro Slate

    For The Heavy User

    Just because you use your Ipad frequently doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a genuine leather good to make it more luxurious. What will be most convenient for you is a case with a folding ability that allows you to prop your Ipad at different angles. Try one angle for reading, one for replying to emails, one for playing games, and another for watching movies. This is especially helpful for hands free reading on the go. Rather than holding your device, you can conveniently angle it to your desired level and then read. If you are taking notes, the propping feature is especially helpful to let your hands write while reading. These cases are durable and flexible for all your electronic needs.

    Smart Shell Pro

    For The Traveler

    If you travel a lot and bring your Ipad on the go, you may want a stylish storage case rather than a functional case. A portfolio style case to slip your Ipad into is the perfect option to take your Ipad and keep it safe in your luggage while you’re commuting elsewhere. You can even slide your keyboard in so you have less stuff scattered throughout. Pair with a matching pouch to hold cleaning supplies and your charging equipment.

    Courier Pro

    If you are using the original iPad, the iPad Mini, or the iPad Air, please click here to pick a style to customize a case fit your device. Customize Now

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  • Leather Types Used By Top Fashion Designers

    Posted on February 28, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    When you’re investing in a leather good, you want to know your item is of the highest quality. Top fashion designers use high quality leather with beautiful textures and colors. These are some leather types used by top designers on the market, including Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

    Box Calf Leather (or Veau Leather): This is soft, smooth, glossy, yet very sensitive to water. This leather is popularly seen in the Hermes Classic Birkin. Similar leather is Veau Tadelakt, but it is much softer and has no visible grains at all.

    Barenia Natural: This calf leather is originally used in saddles but has been applied to other leather goods, it is typically combined with white top stitch making it more durable, and is water resistant. This leather does patina.

    Clemence Leather: A broad and flat pebbled pattern made from baby bull, the Veau Taurillon Clemence leather is increasing in popularity. This leather is sturdy yet slouchy, and water creates blisters.

    Togo Leather: Togo leather is scratch resistant and easily repaired. Made from baby calf, the texture is raised, yet smooth and fine. There is a pronounced graininess and is finer than Clemence leather.

    Epsom Leather: This is a simple leather that is embossed, so the pattern is rigid and structure rather than naturally grainy. It is compressed, sturdy and holds shape, and scratch resistant. The exterior is also laminated and easy to clean. A similar leather is Veau Grain Lisse lightweight with less angular grains, also embossed.

    Fjord Leather: Made from A Vache, or adult cow, this wide and flat-grained leather is matte with a soft texture. It is sophisticated and heavy.

    Gulliver/Swift Leather: This fine grain leather is luminous and almost shimmers in the sunlight. This leather is great for absorbing dye and it reflects light making colors vibrant. It is easily scratched, but also can be polished away.

    Chevre de Coromandel Leather: This sturdy goathide leather is strong yet lightweight. The texture is soft and tough against scratches, and it is incredibly long lasting.

    Chevre Mysore Leather: This goathide leather is completely scratch resilient and has a defined, visible grain. Goatskin is one of the most durable leathers on the market, yet it is stiff and soft at the same time.

    Crocodylus Niloticus: This leather is from the Nile Crocodile with a very visible large scale pattern. This leather can come in both shiny finishes and matte finishes, which both allow the scale pattern to be distinct in different ways.

    Crodcodylus Porosus: This leather comes from a particular crocodile in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Singapore.

    Ostrich Leather: This is a very unique leather and stands out with the distinct pores scattered throughout a smooth background. It changes with contact on skin and in light.

    Empreinte Leather: Made from calfskin, this leather is supple and durable, also embossed.

    Epi (Saffiano) Leather: A trade mark of Louis Vuitton, this leather is water resistant and scratch proof, made from specially tanned leather treated with plant extracts.

    Lambskin Leather: This soft and smooth leather is like a baby’s bottom. The delicate, velvet like nature is also difficult to keep in perfect shape, it needs extreme caution. Caviar leather is similar but has a bumpier, rougher texture and is a bit heavier and more resilient.

    Deerskin: Cerf leather is pebble like, smooth, and not fully pronounced. This is weightier and flexible. Many deerskin leathers today are actually made from calf skin to replicate the texture but not be as heavy.

    Calfskin, Quilted: This Chanel staple leather is made from cow hide and is soft and smooth. The fine grain looks perfect with the quilted texture sewn into the leather. There is also an aged version that is more durable, yet ragged.

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  • Brand Profile: Lifeproof

    Posted on February 24, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    How They Started:
    Starting in 2009, Lifeproof cases were innovated by an Australian entrepreneur. These smartphone and tablet cases are both functional and protective in the water, snow, dirt, and to shock. In addition to cases, Lifeproof sells belt clips, headphones, chargers, connectors, arm bands, bike mounts, photography equipment, and flotation jacketing to equip the adventurer in you.

    Name Meaning:

    The name is indicative of the function in this case; these phone cases are meant to hold up to all of life’s challenges like water, dirt, and dropping, hence why they are lifeproof.

    Product To Fame:

    Lifeproof came to popularity through a demo at the LAUNCH conference, using demos and presentation to show the product’s abilities. An iPhone 4 in a Lifeproof case was dropped, smothered in ketchup and mustard, covered in dirt, and rinsed in a fish tank to look brand new again.

    Style - Besides color variation, these cases are strictly utilitarian. Though not completely bulky, these cases definitely look more protective than stylish. The rugged materials add to the utilitarian feel. There are some more feminine color combinations like pink and mint green, as well as a camouflaged print. If you’re looking for leather, designs, or sophistication, Lifeproof probably is not your best option.

    Functionality - These cases easily snap on in two pieces, and can be adjusted to activate waterproof features. There is a seal to put in the headphone jack to maintain the waterproof feature, as well as a hinged, gasket door to block off the charger port. The case is fully touch sensitive and does not impair the camera lens quality. The case is also not bulky, making it sleek and portable. There is also a charger case that will keep your phone charged and protected.

    Protection - As the name suggests, these cases are protective against the elements. All of the cases are tested rigorously before sale. They are tested for their waterproof nature and are thrown out if there is any leakage, being submersed in two meters of water for an hour. They also pass US Military Standards with the durability against dropping. These standards require devices can withstand repeated shock during transport and use. Additionally, the cases are circulated with dust particles for eight hours, assuring no dust reaches the electronic device inside. Although heavily test, Lifeproof recommends user tests the case against water before installing their device and subjecting it to the elements.

    Images courtesy of

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  • Story Leather Testimonial - I Love My New Blue Saffiano Iphone Case

    Posted on February 23, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    I just want to tell you that I love my new blue saffiano Iphone case.  It turns this slippery phone that I was always  afraid  I was going to drop into this elegant leather accessory.  I can't wait to get my new matching key fob.

    Kathy B from Troy NY

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  • The New Galaxy S7 Edge & Galaxy S7 are Here

    Posted on February 22, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    Over the weekend, Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge to the crowd at MWC in Barcelona, Spain.  On the surface the phone looks very similar to the S6 and the S6 Edge from last year, but underneath, there are a lot of refinements that makes this new phone a worthy upgrade:

    1. Samsung is bringing back the microSD card slot to extra storage!!
    2. The phone is now waterproof
    3. Bigger battery and software to control how quick the battery is drained in game-mode
    4. Wireless charging
    5. and the usual upgrades to CPU (read the full spec here on Samsung web site)

    Samsung really wants you to buy this phone as they are throwing in a free Gear VR virtual reality headset with a bundle of six games if you buy the new S7 between February 23 and March 18

    This is exciting time for Samsung and for all you Android users, the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are truly worthy of an upgrade.

    Image courtesy of

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  • How To Tell The Difference Between Real Leather and Fake (PU) Leather

    Posted on February 20, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    When shopping for leather goods, having a background knowledge in quality and authenticity is important for ease and an overall positive experience. When examining the item, there are a few important indicators that distinguish real leather from fake leather, or PU (polyurethane), or for animal loves - vegan leather. Leather is made from organic materials while fake leather is synthetic and much cheaper. Some fake leather items are made with part real leather and marketed as full genuine leather, so technically they would still be advertised as real leather and normally these are what are called bonded leather.
    Generally, real leather is going to be more expensive than synthetic leather. The source of the leather itself causes variation in price, such as buffalo leather being cheaper than cow leather. There will also be a distinct smell to real leather, one that is earthy. The texture will be rough, not smooth, and real leather will not stretch with force like synthetic materials. While synthetic leather may feel quite cool and hard, real leather is warm to the touch like skin and supple. As the product ages, there will be a glow and natural tanning of real leather, while synthetic materials always remain the same.

    Another way to test leather is through fire. If real leather is put to a flame, it will burn and smell like burnt hair rather than catch into flames. On the other hand, synthetic leather will melt easily and smell like burning plastic. An additional, more destructive test is through saliva. Real leather is absorbent, and a bit of saliva on the product will absorb while on synthetic material it will just bead on top. This test is a bit less reliable because some real leather has a weatherproof coating to prevent water from absorbing. One last extreme test is to scratch with your fingernail or pierce with a needle. Real leather will scratch easily and kick up a fine powder onto your nail. A needle will not pass through real leather as easily as synthetic materials. Although we are listing some ways to verify the authenticity of leather, we are not suggesting you to burn or put saliva on your Story Leather goods!

    Looking closely at the pattern of the leather and the assemblage of the product also reveals authenticity. Real leather should have a geometric, pebble like surface that is not uniform, the imperfections of the natural product as well as the random, uneven pores show the real nature of the leather. Synthetic leather will show uniform texture and even pores. At the seams, man-made leather, will be thin, plastic like, and have threads exposed. Real leather is thick and has rough, grainy edges. The lack of suppleness of fake leather will reveal needle holes, while real leather will have uneven holes close to the thread.

    The lining of the leather is important as well. Many products attach a small tag with their logo, so the back is the perfect place to check. A suede lining indicates real, while a cloth or plastic lining is a dead giveaway of fake materials. Real leather goods will feel heavy in your hand, never feather light.

    Sometimes, materials are made so well that it truly is hard to tell. In the end, it is best to buy your leather goods from a reputable seller to assure you are getting authentic, high quality, products.

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