Apple iPhone 5S

  1. 'Tis the Season for Gift Giving

    And a StoryLeather case is the perfect gift for your loved ones! We love the new Bookstyle for the iPhone 5S, and we have several in stock right now. What is the Bookstyle? A stylish side-fold leather case with a magnetic closure. It has room for one credit card and cash, allowing the case to double as a wallet when...
  2. We have our very own Apple iPhone 5S

    We have gotten our hands on the iPhone 5S and have done a thorough testing of our leather cases to ensure proper fitting and all port openings are precisely cut to fit the new 5S.    
  3. iPhone 5S To Have New Colors?

    We love the iPhone 5 and we are beyond excited for the upcoming release of the iPhone 5S. With many rumors circulating the internet these days, it't fun for us in the office to discuss which ones to believe and which ones to disregard. Only time will tell how Apple will handle the release of the new phone. Like we...

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