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  • The New Outlet-Free MyFCJaq Fuel Cell Charger

    Posted on February 2, 2016 by Diana Vlad

    Picture this. You’re on an important business trip to a foreign city and your phone is about to give up on you right when you’re expecting that important call. What do you do? Why, you reach for your portable charger, of course, because the days when you would otherwise panic in the absence of an electrical outlet are long gone. A great deal of progress has been made in this particular field, and the outlet-free Jaq fuel cell charger announced by MyFC during the last CES is certainly a step in the right direction. It’s quite small, stylish and very easy to use.

    Image source:

    The Jaq what…?

    The MyFCJaq is a fuel cell charger, which means that it allows you to charge your phone without the use of an electric outlet by converting chemical energy into electricity. It mainly involves two parts. The first is a rubberized sleeve roughly the size of a smartphone, featuring a Micro-USB cable socket by means of which it can be connected to your phone. The second and most important is a credit card-shaped “power card” or, in other words, a cartridge containing salt and water. When this cartridge is inserted into the sleeve and locked in place, the chemical reactions take place and you can juice up your phone simply by connecting it to the USB port. No outlet needed.

    How the MyFCJaq works

    Basically, the MyFCJaq uses salt water and oxygen to harness electricity from a chemical reaction. As the two reactants combine in the enclosed space, the saltwater hydrogen atoms pass to the fuel cell and are stripped of their electrons at the anode. These electrons are what provides the current to power up your phone. The entire reaction only results in a completely harmless by-product, water. This means that the Jaq does not only allow you to bring your phone to life in style, but it also takes care of the environment for you.

    The power cards are only available for one use, after which they become unable to produce the necessary chemical reactions. One cartridge produces about 2,400mAh before it becomes unusable, which means it can charge up a phone, an iPhone and even larger devices, like tablets.

    Advantages and worth

    The Jaq is not yet available for purchase, but credible sources suggest that the pouch will set you back about $99, while each cartridge would only cost $2. The producing company is also considering the implementation of a subscription service, whereby you would receive a given number of power cards each month for an advantageous price – say, $1 per cartridge. Multipacks will also be available for the same purpose. Of course, this isn’t as cheap as just plugging your phone in an outlet, but it costs just as much as the AA batteries you’d need for a portable charger and less than its Upp fuel cell charger counterpart.

    In addition, the Jaq is a beautiful thing to look at, with its sleek curves and glossy, bright colors. It is so small that it can easily slip into a pocket and you don’t have to remember to charge it in advance because it generates its own power. Finally, the Jaq cartridges are easily recyclable, combining a significant effort for the environment with a pleasant appearance and ease of use.

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  • Projector for Your iPhone

    Posted on October 29, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    One of the coolest things we've seen lately is this projector for the iPhone 4/4S.

    Made by Brookstone, the projector is incredibly easy to use! With an incredibly bright 15-lumen projector lamp, it projects up to a 50" image. And with the built-in .5W speaker, you can hear perfectly! There is also a focus adjustment to ensure optimum viewing experience.

    And bonus? The built-in 2100mAh battery also works as a back-up batter for your iPhone (when fully charged).

    Obviously, the picture quality will vary based on where you're using it. To get the best quality, keep the room as dark as possible. Of course, if you're using this to entertain your kids that won't always be possible. But for business presentations, definitely try to keep it dark.

    The projector is a little pricey ($229.99) but totally worth it!

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  • iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Rumors continue to swirl on the Internet about the upcoming iPhone 5 release! We've rounded up a few of the most legitimate (and interesting) articles for you today.

    Verizon Vacation Blackout - According to PC Magazine, Verizon has blacked out vacation for employees around the time of the rumored iPhone release (September 21).

    iPhone 5 Mini Dock Photo Released - This one is pretty self explanatory. Click through to see the photo from Slash Gear.

    New iPhone 5 release date, news and rumors  - This article by Tech Radar details more specific rumors that are out there (specs, photos of prototypes, etc).

    Apple's New iPhone: Everything (We Think) We Know - Even more details and photos are shared here, thanks to Digital Trends.

    And you know that when the new iPhone is finally release (whatever it is really called) Story Leather will have a custom case ready!

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  • iPhone 5 Rumors

    Posted on April 25, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Rumor has it we could see the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple chooses to call it - maybe just the New iPhone?) as early as June. But since that is only a month or so away, an October release is looking more likely.

    Why October? There are several reasons, but one is Apple's likely announcement of iOS6 at the WWDC in June. Apple typically releases an iOS beta a few months before the launch of a new iPhone - which would make October the ideal month.

    Now, what will the iPhone 5 look like? That is still speculation for now. Most people assume we will see a thinner phone, but that may not be the case if Apple chooses to focus on battery life. (An issue all iPhone users are familiar with.) There is also some talk of a unibody design, similar to the MacBook pro lines. (Basically, this means the phone will be made out of a one piece of material instead of multiple pieces.)

    Of course, we are also expecting a larger screen size. With the popularity of smart phones with screen sizes in the 4.5 to 5.3 inch range like the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note, most are hoping Apple chooses to bump up screen size from the current 3.5 inch span.

    Many also expect the iPhone 5 to come with 4G LTE connectivity, something that most new smartphones have as well. In fact, some companies are making only 4G LTE compatible phones now.

    one of the many mockups of a the new iPhone 5 - all hypothetical


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  • Customized Double Decker Case

    Posted on April 17, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant


    Yesterday we told you about the Mophie Juice Pack Boost. And while the Boost can be a lifesaver, it can be a bit inconvenient to keep track of.

    That's why you might consider purchasing one of these double decker cases. Initially designed to hold two phones, it is the ideal size to hold a phone and Mophie Boost.

    The Double Decker can be customized to meet your exact needs. Choose from over two dozen different exterior colors and patterns, from glossy black crocodile (above) to plain brown (below), you can find what suits you best. You can choose the perfect interior color to match. And one of the most useful options is the ability to choose the back cover. There are many options, from leather with metal belt clip to snap-on buttons with belt. However you prefer to carry your phone, there is an option for you.

    Once you have designed your ideal case, you can personalize it with letter or image stamping. (See below.) 

    Because this case will be customized just for you, feel free to share any special requests you may have. And don't forget to include the make and model of your phone (and Boost, if you would like) so the case will be a perfect fit!





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  • Mophie Juice Pack Boost

    Posted on April 16, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Most iPhone users will agree the biggest problem with an iPhone is the battery life. Each new version of the phone has improved, but it is still easy to drain the battery before noon.

    So what is a person to do? Carry around the cord to recharge it on your computer? Or from the nearest outlet? If you are working from a desk, that is no problem. But for the rest of us that use our phone while traveling, we need an alternative.

    And one of those alternatives is Mophie's Juice Pack Air series.

    One of the most popular items in this line is the Mophie Juice Pack Boost. This lightweight design is easy to carry with you, which means you’re always prepared for that dreaded "low battery" warning. Inside the Boost is an ultra-compact 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that more than doubles the battery life of your iPhone or iPod.

    There are lots of smaller, less expensive chargers on the market, but most don't have the power to charge your iPhone back to 100%. The Juice Pack Boost does. And it does it fast.

    One of the unique aspects of the Boost is its design. The battery can act as a base so your screen is displayed and your phone is easy to use.

    The Mophie Juice Pack Boost is compatible with all generations of iPhone and iPods. (It will charge an iPad, but not to 100%. For that, you'll need Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation.) And for only $49.95, it can be your lifesaver!

    And if you are looking for a case for your phone and Mophie Boost, check out our Double Decker case!

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