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  • Is Your Business Buying an iPad Today?

    Posted on August 8, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    According to a study conducted by ChangeWave Research in February, nearly 85% of companies planning to buy a tablet are planning to buy an iPad!

    Now, are these businesses buying them as corporate gifts? Or are they simply making corporate purchases of iPads for business use?

    Perhaps it is both! Either the way, it is clear the iPad is dominating the tablet market. At least in the corporate world.

    If your company is one of the many looking into purchasing an iPad, your company may want to purchase an iPad case. If you're investing that much money into tablets, you better make sure those tablets are protected.

    StoryLeather offers a variety of leather cases for iPads, and we also offer special discounts! The discounts would be provided based on the size of the order. If you or your business is interested in purchasing these leather cases and taking advantage of our special discount, contact us at for a discount code.

    Customize Your Hampton Case Today!

    And if your company is one of the few buying a different kind of tablet? Well, we offer cases for them, too! And we can offer you a discount code on them as well :)

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