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  • Style Stories: Tesia

    Posted on January 28, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us here at Story Leather. We can't believe how fast January has already come and gone and now February is quickly approaching.

    That's why for this week we bring you a slight twist in our style stories. When we interviewed Meg Turney last week we got a glimpse into a very Do it yourself (DIY) person, she made some of her clothes and most of all she made her own costumes! So we thought we'd follow along with that theme and bring you Tesia Trisnadi, a DIY blogger who loves to show everyone the fun of doing things yourself. So lets take a peek into her world:


    SL (Story Leather):
    We love the whole look and feel of your blog, the DIY projects and recipes are some of our favorite. That being said, “How do you come up with these ideas?”

    Tesia: Thank you! I find inspiration from old book stores, walking around the flea market, kind of wherever I go! Anything that looks neglected (antiques, vintage) I immediately start thinking how I can revamp it.

    SL: In keeping with a DIY theme do you also make some of your own clothing to fit your style or do you simply find the pieces you like and mix and match from there?

    Tesia: I’m not a huge sewer, I stick mainly with pillows (haha) but for style, I like to dip my hand in multiple types of style. I can call in my inner grunge, then switch for a chic night look! I definitely mix & match, I don’t really like to stay in one style rut.

    SL: Do you have any recommendations for people looking to get started on their own DIY projects?

    Tesia: Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do. Try out any DIY’s that interest you. Some of the projects will fail & others will succeed! It’s just getting used to failure and rising above it. If one person can do that DIY, you can do it as well.

    SL: What got you started on the DIY projects? Did your friends or family play a role as to how you got started?

    Tesia: Mmm, I started doing DIY’s because I saw a few home décor items that are way overpriced and I thought to myself, “I can definitely make that myself”. From that one thought, it sparked my imagination for trying to recreate things in a different way, through my own style.

    SL: Our last question is just something I think is very fun to get people’s input on; “What are 3 items you think every guy and girl should have. Whether it be on them at all times or jus tin general?”

    Tesia: 1. A notebook & pen: to jot down ideas, sketches, & your favorite words!

    2. Agenda: whether it be on your iphone or an actual planner; organize!

    3. Chapstick/Lipstick: Just to put some color onto your face!

    SL: Thank you so much Tesia for giving us some insight into your DIY life!

    Tesia: Your welcome, its always great to share ideas!


    (Tesia and her pet dog Puggie)

    There are so many ways that we can express ourselves and its great when we're able to share those ideas because  someone somewhere might share in that interest as well. By sharing our ideas we're able to connect and learn more form each other and today we certainly learned a lot from Tesia and hoe she likes to experience life. We'd like to think that by sharing each person's stories we're able to help connect our readers to each other and help create an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged and grown.

    So as always "Tell us Your Story" and visit our blog to see all of our other stories and more.

    If you want to see more of Tesia's work you can visit her Blog, Youtube Channel, or Instagram for more info on her and her DIY tutorials.

    (All photos were provided by Tesia)

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  • Pop of Color for Your Summer

    Posted on July 12, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Getting bored with your current furniture in your home? Maybe it's time to add a pop of color!

    For a quick inexpensive fix, just paint the inside of a book case. Pink, blue, orange...whatever color you prefer.


    Want a little more than a pop? Paint a dresser or night stand a beautiful teal to stand out against a white wall.


    For a little more subtle color, paint the inside of the dresser drawers. A plain black dresser turns into a surprise work of art.


    This is probably the quickest and cheapest option to add color to your life. Use RIT dye to color plain clothespins. Add a magnet on the back of the clothespins to hang on the fridge, and your kitchen will really be colorful.


    Follow the links on Pinterest for full details on these projects.

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  • Travel Hacks: How to Make Travel Easier for Less

    Posted on July 9, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Tis the season for travel! So here are a few travel hacks to make your travels easier.

    Have you ever had a bottle of shampoo open up in your suitcase? Then you probably started putting all your liquid toiletries in ziploc bags to ensure your clothes stay clean and shampoo-free. But there is an easier and cheaper way to keep those bottles from leaking. Just place some plastic wrap under the cap, and screw the cap back on! No more wasted Ziploc bags.


    Going on a road trip? Buy a cheap remote control organizer from Ikea, and you have a handy organzier for your things!


    Many water bottles you can buy for travel contain BPA and other possible hazardous chemicals...and those that don't can be pricey! This blog tells you how to make your own travel glass and straw.


    Board games are fun to play, but rather difficult to play in a car! But this blog gives you step by step directions to make your board games travel friendly.


    And, of course, an iPad is always a handy travel tool...though it isn't exactly "for less"! But if you already own one, consider getting a custom case for it. The Hampton iPad case is customizable, and offers little extras to make it even better for travel.


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