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  • Places Fashionistas Visit For Tips:

    Posted on June 1, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    Let’s face it, being a fashionista takes work and we love being fashionistas. We love being inspired and we know that our fellow fashionistas love to stay inspired too. With the growth of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and social media, it’s easy to stay inspired. Here are the three top places that we have selected for fashionistas visit:

    There has been so many changes at Story Leather and we love it! Our website went through some changes and has a fresh look and our love for fashion is being seen through our blog. We’re all about creativity and the fashion has no bounds wit our blog. The Story Leather blog has become a place to visit for fashion trends and this can be seen in our blogs that cover color trends and seasonal trends. Did you see the blog about leather handbags or coverage on the rose gold color, leather mini skirts, and Story Leather iPhone cases? So many fun things, so little time!
    InStyle Magazine:

    Many of our fashionistas will also visit InStyle for style inspiration and so do we! We loved seeing Gwen Stefani on their front cover back in December. We especially loved seeing her on the front cover because that woman can rock a red lipstick and leather look! If you’re not feeling InStyle, you can try GLAM. Just picturing yourself by the beach with a lovely leather handbag with your magazine in it. Live life freely and openly but fabulously of course.

    The visual creativity that comes as part of the Pinterest community is endless. We love that you are able to build visuals and dreams. It’s all about the power of vision and empowerment. You can take into any direction that you want and discover so many trends, styles, and start building your own visual go to of what you want your life to be like. Some our favorite accounts to follow are Pop Sugar Fashion, WhoWhatWear, BlogLovin’, and MISSHOLLY, among many others. Get to pinning and while you’re at it, pin a few Story Leather items or find something that you love and let us help you create it!

    As you know Instagram has taken social media by storm and is fun easy way to quickly get inspired. Instagram has a new and fresh look which is a nice way to get into summer! Finding the account that you love is key and we love following Gigi Hadid for fashion inspiration as well as Kourtney Kardashian for celebrity fashion inspiration but we also love Fashion Bomb Daily, Spring and Fifth, OOTD, and for luxury we love to see what FashionLuxuries has going on. Here at Story Leather, we love the finer things in life. Check out Instagram account too, @story_leather is waiting for you!
    There are many ways to inspired and we hope that you have fun staying inspired. It’s the best way to live because it allows for creativity. We believe in expression and fa-shion because it says a lot about you as an individual, it is the reason that we allow to our customers to run with an idea and create their own Story Leather items or choose from already inspired collection. Don’t be afraid to explore and see what websites, people, and places inspire your the most and start living the way that inspires you.

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  • Story Leather: Belt Clip Styles

    Posted on February 7, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    We hope everyone is doing well this week. It's hard to believe that the new year started and its already February.

    To wrap up this week I wanted to share another video our team did. The previous videos showed off the different phone case styles and how to guides. This time the team decided to make a video showing off the various back clip styles, although not all are belt clips.

    Without further delay, here it is!


    Without repeating too many details from the video:

    Our large metal belt clip is designed to accommodate standard 1.5 inch belts and is as sturdy as they come.

    The belt clip with anti slip is a special design that allows to a small belt clip to work in unison with a leather strap to add just that extra bit of security.

    For the fashion conscious our belt insert is a flushed design that allows for a sleek design .

    Lastly, the belt loop works just like the insert, but it allows a bit more maneuverability with a wider loop while maintaining a sleek profile.


    We hope you enjoyed this short video! For for info on our various phone case styles you can visit our website at To see stories like this and other stories we post you can check out our Facebook and Twitter!
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  • Showcase: Tech Shows You!

    Posted on February 3, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from Story Leather. Happy February!

    We thought we would do a showcase this week featuring TechShowsYou, a tech blog run by a duo of extraordinary friends, Keegan Donley and Abraham Zuniga. These amazing guys put a great deal of work into their videos, tech news, and their product reviews. In doing so they leave no details out as they meticulously go through every article, how to guide, or product review.



    In this post I want to go over some of the things they cover, but to get all their coverage you can visit their website

    One of the first things you'll notice is they cover a wide array of topics from MAC/PC, tablets, mobile devices, and all the way to any tech related news. They shine in their videos because they review some of the latest products including some products that some might not even know about, I believe they are looking a paint brush for tablets next? Their reviews are also very informative because they give a slight how to in all their videos.

    Another portion of their web content is on tech news, any and all. Keegan and Abraham do an amazing job at being up to date with all the tech know how and tech related products. Not only is their information top quality, but their work looks amazing. Their website and videos stem from a lot of hard work and dedication.

    To showcase their amazing work, we wanted to share a video they did on one of our cases, iphone 5/5s holster with our leather backcover.


    As you can see, their video's are precise in both information and workmanship. We look forward to to seeing more product reviews as well as coverage on new tech and accessories. Thank you to all of our readers and we'll be posting more later this week.

    To keep up with TechShowsYou you can follow their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Channel, or Website. If you're interested in the dynamic duo then you can follow Keegan's Twitter and Abraham's Twitter




    (Photo provided by TechShowsYou)

    For more info on our products you can check out our website at and for more info on our stories or anything interesting you can go to our Facebook or Twitter.
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  • Style Stories: Tesia

    Posted on January 28, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello from all of us here at Story Leather. We can't believe how fast January has already come and gone and now February is quickly approaching.

    That's why for this week we bring you a slight twist in our style stories. When we interviewed Meg Turney last week we got a glimpse into a very Do it yourself (DIY) person, she made some of her clothes and most of all she made her own costumes! So we thought we'd follow along with that theme and bring you Tesia Trisnadi, a DIY blogger who loves to show everyone the fun of doing things yourself. So lets take a peek into her world:


    SL (Story Leather):
    We love the whole look and feel of your blog, the DIY projects and recipes are some of our favorite. That being said, “How do you come up with these ideas?”

    Tesia: Thank you! I find inspiration from old book stores, walking around the flea market, kind of wherever I go! Anything that looks neglected (antiques, vintage) I immediately start thinking how I can revamp it.

    SL: In keeping with a DIY theme do you also make some of your own clothing to fit your style or do you simply find the pieces you like and mix and match from there?

    Tesia: I’m not a huge sewer, I stick mainly with pillows (haha) but for style, I like to dip my hand in multiple types of style. I can call in my inner grunge, then switch for a chic night look! I definitely mix & match, I don’t really like to stay in one style rut.

    SL: Do you have any recommendations for people looking to get started on their own DIY projects?

    Tesia: Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do. Try out any DIY’s that interest you. Some of the projects will fail & others will succeed! It’s just getting used to failure and rising above it. If one person can do that DIY, you can do it as well.

    SL: What got you started on the DIY projects? Did your friends or family play a role as to how you got started?

    Tesia: Mmm, I started doing DIY’s because I saw a few home décor items that are way overpriced and I thought to myself, “I can definitely make that myself”. From that one thought, it sparked my imagination for trying to recreate things in a different way, through my own style.

    SL: Our last question is just something I think is very fun to get people’s input on; “What are 3 items you think every guy and girl should have. Whether it be on them at all times or jus tin general?”

    Tesia: 1. A notebook & pen: to jot down ideas, sketches, & your favorite words!

    2. Agenda: whether it be on your iphone or an actual planner; organize!

    3. Chapstick/Lipstick: Just to put some color onto your face!

    SL: Thank you so much Tesia for giving us some insight into your DIY life!

    Tesia: Your welcome, its always great to share ideas!


    (Tesia and her pet dog Puggie)

    There are so many ways that we can express ourselves and its great when we're able to share those ideas because  someone somewhere might share in that interest as well. By sharing our ideas we're able to connect and learn more form each other and today we certainly learned a lot from Tesia and hoe she likes to experience life. We'd like to think that by sharing each person's stories we're able to help connect our readers to each other and help create an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged and grown.

    So as always "Tell us Your Story" and visit our blog to see all of our other stories and more.

    If you want to see more of Tesia's work you can visit her Blog, Youtube Channel, or Instagram for more info on her and her DIY tutorials.

    (All photos were provided by Tesia)

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  • Style Stories: Meg Turney!!!!

    Posted on January 21, 2014 by Jonathan Ly

    Hello to everyone from all of us at Story Leather. For this installment of our Style Stories we have the absolute pleasure to talk to the ever awesome SourceFed/SourceFed Nerd co-host, Slim-Jim girl, gamer, cosplayer, and everything geek....Meg Turney!!!


    (An awesome picture showing all of Meg's own creations)

    At the expense of waiting, lets take a glimpse at Meg's cosplay, work, and everyday wardrobe.

    SL: “We’re so glad you had some time to do this interview with us Meg; I think I’m just overly excited at a chance to not only interview you, but also a prominent cosplayer as well. So let’s get this going before I ramble. My first question is; what does style mean to you in general and what does it mean to you personally?”

    Meg: "I think my definitions of general and personal fashion are much the same. To me, fashion is a way to express yourself. It’s a way to add a pop of color to the grey. The beautiful thing about fashion (at least in my opinion) is that everyone has their own way of doing it. There are no rights and wrongs – it’s fluid."

    SL: “We know you love your anime and video games very much; how do you express that in your everyday casual wear as opposed to a nice night out (if you do)? We know you love Sailor Moon, would you dress up like a sailor scout everyday if you could or would you prefer Elizabeth from Bioshock?”

    Meg: "One of my favorite things to do is to dress up my anime/video game love. At work, I’m often just in a t-shirt and jeans and it’s easy to incorporate screen tees that scream nerdiness, but when you go out it’s a little more of a challenge. I have a few pieces that look just like regular decorative jewelry to people who don’t know, but when nerds walk up they’re like “Holy crap! Is that a Tower of Pimps necklace?!” I love that! I’d totally dress in the sailor fuku everyday – Elizabeth is beautiful, but corsets everyday? No thanks."

    SL: “Speaking of cosplay…when you cosplay, does that style reflect in how you make your costumes or does accuracy take the cake? For instance, I loved how accurate your Chun Li and Elizabeth costumes were, but your Mulan was amazingly interpreted because every time I think of Mulan I think of the Disney Version.”

    Meg: "If I’m just creating a character’s outfit that already exists, accuracy is put above all else. If it’s my own take on a character - for instance the Mulan I did was a superhero version, so I got to make up the design myself – I like to play and have fun with it. Lately I've been a little looser with accuracy for the sake of picking more character-accurate pieces, though. Like with Judy, I went with a snakeskin print on the leather fabric for the skirt because Judy’s such a flashy character and I thought it suited her personality a little better. I also opted for a linen fabric for the jacket instead of a plain cotton blend because I thought it felt a little more high class."


    (Amazing cosplay of Chun- Li)

    SL: “So aside from the awesome things you do on your youtube channel, you’re also a co-host for Sourcefed/Sourcefed Nerd. Seeing as how there are a plethora of awesome people as well as other co-hosts, how does your style differ from that of Lee, Trisha, or anyone else at the office of awesome?”

    Meg: "Everyone at SF has their own unique style. I probably dress the most relaxed of all the girls, but Trisha and Lee have convinced me to buy a skirt or three since I started working there. We’re always trading style tips or things we’re currently obsessed with. It’s super helpful."


    (Here's Meg covering the 2012 RNC)

    SL: “In keeping with the current times, we live in an interesting point where nerd and geek chic is in. What are some nerdy/geeky items you think that every girl or guy should have? What about an everyday wear item?”

    Meg: "That’s all up to what you’re into. My biggest suggestion is to go to etsy and find jewelry that reflects your interests. Don’t think just because you love Doctor Who that you’re relegated to plastic pieces that would never go with an evening gown. There are all sorts of gorgeous, classy designs that are fandom related, too! For everyday items, I think everyone needs an amazing hoodie. It sounds so silly, but I live in hoodies, so having one I love is important."

    SL: “Yes hoodies would seem to be very important because you always mention how the SF office is an icebox.”

    SL: “I can go on and on with questions for you, but alas we have to bring things to a close. So my last question would be; what advice would give to someone who is trying to balance mainstream fashion with their inner geek/nerd?”

    Meg: "I might sound like a broken record at this point, but look for a balance between nerdy and something you’ll actually wear. Also, I sometimes try to pick an outrageous accessory and build an outfit around it. So, don’t be afraid to get something a little flashier and most of all HAVE FUN!"

    SL: “Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life to talk to us about what makes you unique.”

    Meg: "Thanks so much for having me!! <3"



    (Hard at work while co-host Steve Zaragoza sends his love)

    We couldn't thank Meg enough for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her style and her amazing cosplay work. As with all our Style Stories we want to help give insight for those trying to find what's right for them. For some it might be a professional look, others might have a more laid back casual jeans and t-shirt feel, whereas another set might share Meg's Nerd and Geek fashion taste.

    Just remember, whatever you wear it's important to always feel comfortable and Meg put it best when she said; "The beautiful thing about fashion (at least in my opinion) is that everyone has their own way of doing it. There are no rights and wrongs – it’s fluid." We couldn't agree more.


    (Behind the scenes at a Slim-Jim Shoot)

    For more Meg Turney, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and for everything else you can find her on SourceFed or SourceFed Nerd

    Thank you Meg for being a part of our Style Stories and as always "Tell us your Story". From all of us at Story Leather, "Have an amazing day and a wonderful week."

    *All photos are courtesy of Meg Turney, Sourcefed/SourceFed Nerd, and Slim-Jim

    *Credit is also noted to Meg's co-hosts

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  • Style Stories: Tell us your story with Hailey Bright!

    Posted on December 23, 2013 by Jonathan Ly

    Christmas time is here! Well almost here.

    With the holiday festivities starting up we know its hard to figure out what to wear; especially when it comes to warmth and comfort. Well I think we might be able to help you out with that.

    We got the opportunity to speak with the ever so awesome Vlogger and Fashionista Hailey Bright! Hailey is an avid traveler, gamer, and sports fanatic. She's constantly tweeting, instagramming, and blogging about all the awesome stuff she does and finds.

    So we were thrilled when we got a chance to ask her some questions that we think might help some of you out when it comes to those last minute fashion decisions!





    Story Leather (SL): What does “style” mean to you? Does it always change or do you have a style that you modify through the year to fit each situation?

    Hailey Bright: For me, style is a form of expression- just like art. I am constantly changing my style to express how I feel. Sometimes I feel girly so I wear glittery headbands & other days I feel goth so I rock ripped black tights & high waisted shorts. I would say the only staple rule I follow at all times is to keep it classy. (Laughing) Stay Classy San Diego!

    Who knew a quote from Anchorman would apply in fashion? Anyways, even when I wear something edgy or risqué, I always find a way to keep it tasteful. As far as things I’m into at the moment- I adore prep school inspired ties, bold tights, & crazy socks. This winter I’m all about funky, fun accessories. The bolder the better!


    SL: Speaking of style, in a recent video post you were giving some helpful hints on how to dress for holiday parties, traveling, and keeping warm. Do you want to elaborate a bit more on that? For instance, we get a lot of questions about how to layer your clothing properly. On a side note, we loved the creativity of the video.

    Hailey: Of course! Layering in the winter is key.I think the biggest mistake most people make when layering clothes is trying to make them too matchy-matchy. For me it’s all about mixing contrasting prints & fabrics together to create a funky chic look. I love taking textured tights and layering fun socks on top- like polka dotted socks or glittery socks. Rocking that with a pair of plaid shoes and a flowing vintage mini gives you so many more fashion-forward options than sticking to a more standard look. Plus, like I mentioned in my latest YouTube video on Holiday Outfits, there’s so many great ways to wear this style. You can pair it with a plaid top that contrasts the plaid in the shoes & if you want to stay extra warm just add a baggy Japanese inspired sweater on top.The sweater is a nice layer because it’s warm during the day, and then you can take it off at night to reveal a sexy tank- making it perfect for a girl’s night out or fun date!

    Ultimately, layering is all about functionality- but throw is some flare and you’re good to go!



    SL: We love how you give suggestions on how to shop on a budget; what are 3 items, clothing or accessories, you think every girl or guy should have that’s wallet friendly?

    Hailey: I am so addicted to shopping on a budget! It’s interesting to me that people spend a lot of money on clothes- because it’s completely unnecessary- especially if you’re a girl! I mean our trends change so much every season that it makes more sense to splurge on a few staple pieces & keep everything else relatively cheap.

    Three budget friendly items that I think everyone should own are a pair of perfectly fitted jeans, a unique coat that goes with everything, & a dress (or top for men) that makes you feel sexy & comfortable in your own skin! Everything else you can focus on secondarily, but when you have a pair of jeans that make you look skinny or a dress that makes you feel like you’re the prettiest girl in the room- you radiate a certain air of confidence that comes from your true inner beauty & that’s priceless!


    SL: With a new year comes change and for some people it’s all about the new look they create for themselves. Are there some guidelines that might be helpful when choosing a new look?

    Hailey: For sure! When deciding on a new look I always start with putting together a style board. I cut out pictures from magazines (or download pictures) of outfits, hairstyles, looks, & accessories that inspire me. I put the pictures on my wall and create a board I can see every day because I find that being able to easily access the looks is part of what encourages me to try them. So – I highly recommend placing those images somewhere you will actually see them (hint: the inside of your closet door is a good place).

    Once you put the board together, look in your closet and see what items you can re-purpose, because there are plenty of things in your current line up that can work for your new look. Anything you don’t have, I recommend buying in a certain order.First, start at Goodwill & buy whatever you can. Then hit up local thrift stores like Crossroads Trading Company or Buffalo Exchange. After that, I’d recommend going to affordable boutiques and end your shopping trip at the mall. Luckily this time of year there are a lot of sales at the mall, so you should be able to score some great deals!

    I guarantee if you follow this shopping method- you will be able to buy an entire wardrobe for the same cost as 2 items from Bloomingdales!


    SL: It’s also no mystery that you love traveling. With all the holiday traveling what are some travel items that you think everyone should have and what are some of your personal favorites?

    Hailey: (Laughing) You’re right! It’s no mystery how much I love traveling, since I’m constantly tweeting about it!

    I think everyone needs basic organizational & compact travel items. One of my personal favorites is the fold-up travel toothbrush. It’s small and easy to throw in any bag for a quick breath refresher. Also, I always travel with a pair of non-bulky tennis shoes, a zip-up hoodie that I can easily take off in the security line, & a lightweight laptop.

    For women, the item I recommend most is the Snapin Travel Jewelry Case. I bought one randomly at Bed, Bath, & Beyond a few months ago- and it was the best $20 I've spent in a long time! The Snapin Case is a small jewelry organizer that has many foldout compartments for necklaces, earrings, and such. It also has common room on the top and bottom for larger statement necklaces and bracelets. I like this organizer over other ones I've used because it’s made of a soft fabric so you can stuff it into any bag, which is key when traveling.It’s such a simple item- but has saved me space & hours of untangling jewelry!


    SL: Our last question would be about your gamer side, we see you posting about “Assassin’s Creed” and “Call of Duty”, do you have any outfit ideas for our gamer girls and guys out there that will let them express themselves in a creative way?

    Hailey: Yes! I love buying handmade video game or movie related items from Etsy! I recently bought a Hunger Games Catching Fire Skirt that has Mockingjays on it. I've been wearing it for weeks! I also purchased a neat ring bracelet with the same symbol (which has a loop that goes around your finger and connects to a bracelet around your wrist). Items like this are great if you aren't super creative on your own- but want to own something that your friends won’t have.

    If you’re a more artsy person, I recommend hand painting a pair of converse with the Call of Duty logo or using a nail art pen to deck out your nails with the Assassin’s Creed symbol. Small things like this give any wardrobe a cool, geeky touch!

    SL: Thank you so much for taking some time out to help give some helpful holiday/everyday hints on fashion. Any last words before we head off for the Holidays?

    Hailey: Using fashion properly is like wearing makeup properly- it’s a tool to mold you into whatever you want to be.

    I have many outfits that cost less than $50 for the entire thing head to toe. It’s possible to spend very little money & create your own sense of style that is much cooler than the cookie cutter style you see everyone else wearing. I swear by Goodwill, thrift stores, & sales at shops like AEO & Hollister. They have literally become my best friends this year!!



    We wanted to thank Hailey again for taking the time give us these awesome Fashion gems. To see all the other awesome stuff that Hailey does you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Hailey also has a Buzznet column where she compiles all this amazing stuff into one.

    From all of us at Story Leather we wanted to wish everyone a safe holiday season and to always keep telling us your stories. As Hailey said it, "Keep it classy".

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  • Style Stories: Tell us your story with Alexandra and Briana

    Posted on December 6, 2013 by Jonathan Ly

    Happy Holidays from Story Leather!

    With the holidays approaching so do all those new fashion trends for winter and spring, but how do you pick and choose what to wear? Would you rather be comfy, trendy, simple or sleek? Why not all of the above! We got the chance to speak to Alexandra and Briana, the founders of Rack It Up, and got the chance to ask them about their style and what they thought is an essential in every persons closet rack.

    Five Questions For Rack It Up

    1)      How does your personal style differ from that of your business partner Briana/Alexandra’s? Is there any overlap?

    Bri: We do have very different personal styles. I would describe my style as very feminine & classic. I love bold colors and classic prints. You’ll rarely find me wearing a pair of pants over a dress or skirt or wearing a pair of flats over sky-high stilettos. Anything with a bit of sparkle or feathers or silk, I’m in love!

    Ali:  I love clean lines and simple styles.  I gravitate to neutral colors (blacks, grays, tans) and love a great pair of pants over a dress any day. I’m always looking to layer on the accessories to make a simple outfit pop.  But there is some overlap in our styles. We share a passion for the classics like a perfectly tailored blazer or simple LBD that can take you from desk to dinner.  And, we both love shoes; you can never have too many heels in your closet.


    2) What fabrics are worth splurging on and which fabrics can you “get away with” when it comes buying budget friendly alternatives?

    We’re all about finding everything on a budget but a girl has to splurge every once in a while! When we splurge it’s usually on genuine leather; a great handbag or pair of shoes- investment pieces that we can wear season after season. But if leather is out of your budget this season, there are other options that are more wallet-friendly like faux leather & vegan leather to help you achieve the same look.  It’s also about where you shop. A silk blouse, for example, may be pricey at a large name retailer, but there are many other stores that sell authentic silk blouses for much less.


    3) When it comes to men’s accessories what is the one item that men should focus to make a big impression?

    We love when our guys wear a watch. It looks mature and professional and polishes any look whether it’s a suit or simple jeans and a tee.  Also, a great pair of sunglasses can give any guy the “cool” factor they are looking for. There are so many options for guys they should have fun and find the right style for them.


    4) You’ve got some great jackets on your rack and in a recent blog post. What are three essential jacket styles for women and three for men? Beside these essentials what’s one outwear trend for those who want to stand out this season?

    For women we love three main jacket and outerwear styles. The first is a leather -or faux leather- jacket that adds a little something extra to any outfit you’re wearing. And for the colder weather, we love classic tailored coats for a more structured daytime look & feminine coats for a more fun and flirty date night look.

    For men, a leather jacket is another staple. It’s edgy and definitely sexy on any guy. We also love the quilted style for the preppier style guy and a classic structured peacoat never goes out of style. To stand out we’d recommend textures! Try fur or faux-fur collars, sherpa or shearling collars or leather trim and panels. The different textures will definitely help you look trendy & fashionable while staying warm this season!


    5) There are a few sites that are somewhat similar to Rack It Up but yours seems a lot more personal, how do you see yourselves in relation to other fashion sites and what’s the one thing that you value or focus on or try to do differently?   

    Before we launched, there were a few sites that offered sale alerts but they never quite satisfied us as consumers. We were disappointed by the lack of customization and the colder corporate feel of those other sites. When we decided to start Rack It Up, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to offer our users the most personalized and customized experience out there and really help simplify their online shopping & deal hunting process. In order to receive our sale alerts, users need to enter all of their personal criteria- their size, color preference and the prices that they are willing to pay. Rack It Up only sends sale alerts when all of these criteria are met for each user. We also felt it was important to offer a customized user experience on the site. So, the color themes change depending on female or male users and we’re also very present throughout the site. Any comments or questions come directly to us instead of a team or a technician. It was this personal connection that we felt other sites were really lacking.

    Rack It Up also has a large community feature so users can follow each other to see what their stylish friends are racking up, re-rack items in their own size and be able to share the deals that they find. This community also provides a lot of style inspiration. We hope the “Browse The Rack” section of the website, along with our blog and other social media sites, become places that people can depend on for their daily dose of fashion inspiration.

    There you have it, some great insight from Alexandra and Briana. To find out more check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. We know there are many others out there with a unique sense of fashion, so why not tell us your story?

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  • Buying Something Through Instagram?

    Posted on November 26, 2013 by Jennifer Bryant

    If you haven't experienced it, it might sound crazy. But buying and selling items on Instagram is becoming more and more common! From living room rugs to fleece lined leggings, you can buy almost anything on Instagram these days. Some are small pop-up shops while others are actual boutiques, but all make it quick and easy to shop while perusing your friends photos.

    One such boutique is Southern and Simply Classic, a daughter/mom owned boutique that touts affordable women's and accessories. They post pictures of the items available, and ordering an item from them is as simple as leaving the email address associated with your PayPal account in a comment! They then send an invoice to you, and once it's been paid they sent the item straight to you. It's really as simple as that.


    But it's not just boutiques. Every day people are using the app as a way to buy and sell products. Called "closet shops" or "pop-up shops", these accounts are similar to the boutiques; they provide images of the items up for sale in their feed and you simply leave your information in a comment to purchase. Of course, on one-of-a-kind items there can be a bit of a battle as to who gets there first, and if the first person doesn't pay the invoice fast enough...but other than those issues, this seems like a pretty easy way for us regular Joes to make a little extra dough clearing out our closets. Unlike eBay, there are no fees for this. You can sell as little or as much as you want!

    Have you purchased anything off Instagram? We've tried it a few times and have to admit, it's pretty convenient!








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  • Style Stories: What's Your Story?

    Posted on October 2, 2013 by cynthia

    For our first installment of Style Stories we spoke with Dani Shapiro, creator of The Daily Dani about her personal style, some do and don'ts and where she finds inspiration (Pinterest!). For more from Dani check her out on Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram

    Do you know a blogger with impeccable style like Dani? We'd love to feature them on the next Style Stories, contact for details.

    1) How would you describe your personal style in three words?

    Comfortable and trendy, with a touch of preppy.

    2) When did you realize you loved fashion and wanted to do a blog?

    I think I have really loved fashion ever since I got my first box of dress-up clothes for the holidays when I was 4 years old. I put on those plastic heels and itchy tutu and have been hooked ever since.

    I've always considered fashion and personal style as a form of artistic expression, and have enjoyed experimenting with different looks through my teen years and into adulthood.

    After I graduated college and started working, I started to have the underwhelming feeling that I was wearing cute outfits but had no one around to notice them - so I started my blog. By sharing my style with other women who were having the same experience, I not only found an outlet for my own creativity, but gained a great breadth of sources of inspiration as well!

    3) What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to hone their own style?

    I think the BIGGEST mistake anyone can make when trying to hone their own style is to completely copy someone else's style when it might not be right for them.

    Sure, you might love Jennifer Aniston's laid-back casual looks, but if you work a job that is more professional, you probably don't want to emulate those tank tops and boyfriend jeans. You might love Taylor Swift's vintage-inspired looks, but if you aren't stick-thin and 5'11", boxy button-downs and high-waisted shorts probably won't work for your body. Christina Hendrick's cleavage-baring, corseted gowns might make you swoon, but if you have a more boyish body type or live a life that requires a bit more modesty, you just have to leave it at that!

    Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities, websites, magazines, and bloggers, but don't go crazy trying to perfect it down to a T! Take the style elements that are right for you, and leave behind the ones that aren't! It's so much more personal and fun to create a style that is uniquely your own, anyway!

    4) What are some of your favorite places for inspiration?

    I am a major blog junkie. When I have the time, I can spend hours reading through my reader feed and pinning inspiration from my fellow bloggers. Speaking of pinning, Pinterest is a major source of inspiration. Not only do I file my own favorites there, but it is so easy to search for exactly what you're looking for - there are always so many options right at your fingertips! Looking for a way to style your a polka dot blouse? Do a Pinterest search and you will find hundreds of ideas! You can find my boards at

    Plus, it may be old-fashioned, but I am still a big fan of print magazines! I subscribe to many (InStyle, Lucky, Glamour... the list goes on) and enjoy reading through them, tearing and cutting out pictures, and pinning them on my real-life inspiration board to turn to whenever I need help out of a style rut!

    5) What is your biggest “do” style wise, and what is your biggest “don’t”?

    My biggest "do" is related to what I mentioned before - be yourself! Sure, camo print may be in style right now, but if you absolutely loathe camo print - DON'T WEAR IT!

    No one will notice that you aren't head-over-heels for a particular trend, but they will definitely notice if you feel uncomfortable in your skin. My biggest "don't" - aside from exposed bra straps and velour sweatsuits - is along the same lines - DON'T try to be something you're not. Don't wear anything that's not right for your body type, don't wear anything that you don't like (or love!), and don't wear anything that isn't 100% you.

    Be yourself, let yourself gravitate towards the pieces and styles that make you feel happy, and the rest will follow!

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  • New Vine Features

    Posted on July 8, 2013 by Jennifer Bryant

    We all know that Instagram now supports video - so what does that mean for our favorite video app, Vine?

    Well, the app recently added some amazing new features, including the ability to create stop-motion videos. The new camera features a grid option that can be turned on to help perfectly frame your shot, and it also has a new focus button for pinpointing an object in the frame!

    Another great new feature is the ghost feature, which is how users can create stop-motion videos. When this mode is activate, a small “ghost” appears in the last frame of your video and remains onscreen, allowing users to perfectly line up your next shot based on where your old one left off. If you've ever tried a stop-motion video before, you know that was virtually impossible before!

    But Vine didn't just enhance their video experience, it also made it easier to interact with other users. Instead of having to browse through a stream of Vine video or search through hashtagged ones, you can explore videos based on a particular category. There are 15 "channels" in total now: comedy, art and experimental, cats, dogs, family, beauty and fashion, food, health and fitness, nature, music, news and politics, special effects, sports, urban and weird. Choose your poison :)

    You can also add a category to your Vine video when you upload it simply by pressing a new button that sits below the area to add location information. And you can also toggle between popular and new videos within each of these categories.

    Another great new feature is the ability to "revine" someone else's Vine post to your followers, like reblogging on Tumblr. Don't want your posts reshared? Make your profile private and other users will need your permission to reshare.

    Want to update to the new Vine? You can now from the App Store. And tell us what you think!

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