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  • Business Meeting Essentials

    Posted on June 27, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Every business meeting takes time and preparation, especially if you want to impress colleagues or potentials partners. All of the details matter at a business meeting and everything needs to be up to standard. The essentials needs to be taken care of during a meeting. Here are the top business meeting essentials that we’ve got you covered with at Story Leather:
    Folio Binder:
    How you are presenting your information and where it is being kept is important. You definitely don’t want to give the impression that your information is not organized or in a scattered environment which is the reason that the Story Leather Brentworth A5 Story Leather binder is at the top of our list. It is made of premium leather and has all the right compartments to keep your information presented in a very classy and organized business manner.

    Organization is key as we all know so in a business meeting, you’re going to need a planner and a place to takes notes with for future planning, so our next Story Leather essentials for business meetings is the Brentworth A7 planner. It is a custom made leather 6-ring journal folio with a patch pocket and inserts for paper storage. We love the design of this planner but the color can definitely be changed to a neutral or dark color if you wanted to go for a more relaxed look.

    iPad Cover:
    Technology is everywhere during a business meeting so it’s another details that needs attention. Whether it be be an iPad or any other tablet, we’ve got a premium selection for you. Apple just recently released the iPad Pro and it is nothing less than amazing. The idea of being able to write on the screen with an Apple pen is amazing. We’ve got a great selection of covers for all electronics and technology. We love the design of the Hampton Pro design for the iPad pro. It is minimal, business acute, and formal. This design has been a top favorite for our leather lovers, but there is an amazing collection to select from. So many great selections, we think you’ll want more business meetings.

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  • 5 Classy Leather Accessories for Men - Timely Post for Father's Day

    Posted on June 7, 2016 by Andrea Romero

    Leather –a material that speaks the language of quality! Not only does this material add a style to your wardrobe, but it is used in different accessories to give them a classy style. Here are 5 accessories for men that are not only stylish but also give protection to your things.

    iPad Cover

    Nothing adds more style to your iPad than a leather cover. It’s sleek and shiny exterior gives it a new look while giving your tablet the ultimate protection. What’s more, leather is available in different colors these days, so you can choose from a variety of options. While the usual black and brown add a touch of sophistication, colors light bottle green really gives your iPad an edgy and upgraded look. Custom Build a Professional iPad Cover

    Leather is known for the protection it provides. Laptop bags are simply amazing, when it comes to carrying things around. For businessmen, it is even important to have everything in order. Leather bags for laptops come with their own set of pockets for various purposes. So you can have everything arranged in order.Every time you go out, takes your leather bag in style.

    Belts make the look, as it is said. For every man who wants to look smart, leather belts are just what you need. With an embossed pattern and a gold or silver buckle, a leather belt adds a stylish touch to your appearance. They also come in handy when your jeans are a tad bit loose. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best leather belt to complete your overall look.

    When talking about leather accessories for men, you can’t forget leather wallets. These wallets are of the highest quality and they are considered to be more durable as compared to wallets of any other material. You can find wallets of different sizes and designs, so you can select from different styles and designs. And once you have a leather wallet with you, impress your friends every time you hang out. Custom Build a Wallet Here


    For those of you who like noting things down on paper, then having leather cover for your notebook gives it a unique look. Not only does it look smart, it also makes it easier to carry around. Strap with around with stretchable elastic and you can secure a pen to it as well. Jot down the thoughts that come to mind, or note the important points in a meeting, you are all set to go. Custom Build a Laptop or iPad Pro Sleeve

    These are top 5 leather accessories for men, which will not only add style to your wardrobe, but also provide ultimate protection to your belongings. There are so many ways in which leather can be used to add style to your wardrobe that you will enjoy having fun using them. Its texture is satisfying and its durability allows you to use it for extended periods of time. So, what are you still thinking about? Go now, and buy yourself exquisite leather accessories that speak of class.

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  • Customer Testimonial -- Thrilled with Story Leather in Chicago

    Posted on December 29, 2012 by Jerry Lee

    "Just received my leather iphone5 and ipad covers.  Long time owner of mobile devices and the various covers that go with them.  Your product is by far the most well made and perfectly designed I've ever used.  Absolutely excellent.  Perfectly engineered, elegantly styled and a perfect combination of protection and class.  Story Leather will be the first site I recommend to friends and the first I go to from now on for all my mobile protection needs.

    Thank you,

    Thrilled with Story Leather in Chicago."

    Mike via email (December 22nd, 2012) from Chicago, Illinois.

    Customer Ordered: Black iPad Smart Leather Case and Black iPhone 5 Leather Back Cover


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  • New Styles Added Styles for the Tablet

    Posted on November 4, 2012 by Jerry Lee

    We have added two new styles for customization for your new iPad (available for customization on all versions of iPad).  Please have a look and let us know your thoughts on these new styles:

    Quilted Pattern Leather iPad Case

    Quilted Pattern Leather iPad Case

    Woven Style Leather Case for iPad (all versions available for customization)

    Woven Style Leather Case for iPad (all versions available for customization)

    Christmas is just around the corner, CUSTOMIZE ONE AS A GIFT TODAY.


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  • Have You Ordered the iPad Mini?

    Posted on October 31, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    The iPad Mini is officially available - have you ordered on yet? If not, maybe you should! Though we must confess, they are a little pricier than most predictions.

    iPad Minis are available in six different formats. For the cheapest option, you can order a 16 GB Wi-Fi model for $329. For $100 more ($429), you can get the 32 GB Wi-Fi model; and for $200 more ($529), you can get a 64 GB Wi-Fi model. Of course, if you want to use the iPad Mini on your wireless network, the price goes up quite a bit. For a 16GB, it'll set you back a cool $459. Like the Wi-Fi only models, the price goes up $100 for each size ($559 for 32 GB, $659 for 64 GB).

    The Wi-Fi only models are available to ship within 2 weeks. The wireless models will ship in mid-November. Since you have some time, you may be interested to know that StoryLeather will be introducing some fantastic new cases for the iPad Mini!! Keep an eye out for them :)

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  • Our iPad leather cases were reviewed favorably by

    Posted on September 5, 2012 by Jerry Lee

    Review by

    Our Hampton cases were reviewed favorably by What is From their web site they are "a community where Dad’s talk about life, use products and review products. And by Dad’s we really mean – Dads, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents… basically anyone who is touched by children and now sees the world with a slightly different view".

    Thank you for your wonderful review and kind words!

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  • Is Your Business Buying an iPad Today?

    Posted on August 8, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    According to a study conducted by ChangeWave Research in February, nearly 85% of companies planning to buy a tablet are planning to buy an iPad!

    Now, are these businesses buying them as corporate gifts? Or are they simply making corporate purchases of iPads for business use?

    Perhaps it is both! Either the way, it is clear the iPad is dominating the tablet market. At least in the corporate world.

    If your company is one of the many looking into purchasing an iPad, your company may want to purchase an iPad case. If you're investing that much money into tablets, you better make sure those tablets are protected.

    StoryLeather offers a variety of leather cases for iPads, and we also offer special discounts! The discounts would be provided based on the size of the order. If you or your business is interested in purchasing these leather cases and taking advantage of our special discount, contact us at for a discount code.

    Customize Your Hampton Case Today!

    And if your company is one of the few buying a different kind of tablet? Well, we offer cases for them, too! And we can offer you a discount code on them as well :)

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  • Recently Delivered WHITE New iPad Hampton Folio Case

    Posted on April 25, 2012 by Jerry Lee

    One word to describe...WOW...the elegance white leather presents is amazing! The case is perfect for business use with 3 slots inside for business cards and 1 ID window for driver's license or ID card. Have a look...

    White Hampton Case for the new iPad

    Back Side of the Hampton Shows the Camera Hole

    Inside of the new iPad Case

    Close Up of the Case Inside

    Customize Your Hampton Case Today

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