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    Missing Something?

    Did you have a very merry Christmas? We hope so! We hope you and your family not only had a fantastic holiday, but also had your wish list filled! But sometimes getting everything you want doesn't mean you got everything you need. That new Kindle needs a protective cover, and the iPhone 5S you found under the tree looks naked...
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    Jumping on the E-Reader Wagon

    Do you currently have an e-reader? There seems to be 2 camps of bibliophiles out there: those who loathe e-readers and only want to purchase real paper books, and those who swear by their e-reader. But as time goes by, those in the "real paper book" camp seem to be slowly changing their tune. Sales of e-readers and e-books have...
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    Kindle Fire HD: Who Needs an iPad?

    The new Kindle Fire HDs were announced last week. There's the 7-inch screen for $199, the thicker 8.9-inch screen with either 16GB for $299 or 32GB for $349, or the ultra Fire HD with 4G LTE with either 32GB for $499 or a whopping 64GB for $599. Whew. That's a lot of options. For many of us, the idea of...

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